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Permanent residence in the Bahamas through investment in a local business

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment in the Hospitality and Tourism Market

  • 12-03-2021 . 24 minutes
Yalta water tourism center

Hotel in Yalta "Atlantis" with its own water park Family hotel in Yalta "Atlantis" Crimea, Yalta st. Kommunarov 7A Main Promotions Restaurant Rooms and prices Standard with

  • 12-03-2021 . 13 minutes

rural tourism

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Etiquette rules in Poland
  • 12-03-2021 . 22 minutes
Jordan medical tourism
  • 12-03-2021 . 21 minutes

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Plot for maintaining personal subsidiary plots (LPH): what is it, how to choose, receive and register land

What and how can you build on the land of private household plots? How is this controlled by law? The list of objects permitted for construction on land for the introduction of the economy.

  • 12-03-2021 . 19 minutes
Nigeria's resorts: a West African country with lots of fun

Tourism in Nigeria is considered an important item in filling the budget, so the authorities are making every effort to improve the infrastructure, to offer new destinations for recreation. Despite the abundance of domestic problems, Nigeria attracts thousands of travelers every year, who come for rainforests, waterfalls, savannahs, wildlife and a variety of cultural and historical sites.

  • 12-03-2021 . 18 minutes