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Center for youth tourism and excursions ka

Center for children and youth tourism and excursions of the city of Bryansk

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I want to become a patriarch

How a boarding school differs from an orphanage In modern society, problems related to street children and children living in dysfunctional families are being progressively solved. Also in

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mountain tourism

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Municipal budgetary institution of additional education

The Karpov case turned out to be scandalous - it turned out that the authorities themselves gave the orphans to the rapist and the sadist, gave them premises, and even financed them. The question arose: who will be responsible for this?

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Udomlya orphanage

Orphanage of tourism official website On the eve of the International Women's Day on March 8, a matinee - "Concert for lovely ladies" was held at the RGKU RDDI "Zabota". Preparation began long before

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