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The riches of the Russian North - unique objects and untouched nature

The northern territories of Russia are ready to attract travelers from all over the world with unique tourist routes and the beauty of untouched nature, cultural, historical and sports facilities.

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What is happening in the center of an environmental emergency in Kamchatka

What is happening in the center of an environmental emergency in Kamchatka. RBC report “To everyone who does not believe, I propose to chip in money, send delegates to the [river] Nalychev and drink water - I will allocate a mug!

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ecological tourism

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Sebezhsky National Park, Pskov Region, Russia

Take a look at the farm In terms of tourism development, the Pskov region relies on rural and ecotourism Now, not only in Russia, but also in most European countries, they are moving away from such

  • . 12 minutes
What is the climate in North America? Description, types, map and table

North America lies in latitudes from arctic to subequatorial. On the coast, the climate is maritime, and inland it is continental.

  • . 9 minutes
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