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Kayaking down the Serena river - Kaluga region: description

All about kayaking. How to prepare for a vacation, prepare the necessary clothes, pack a bag, choose a place, we will tell you in this article.

  • . 14 minutes
From Baikal to Kamchatka

The Far East is a boundless coastline, charming Amur taiga and geyser valleys. Various birds, rare species of wild cats, artiodactyls, as well as several subspecies of bears live on huge areas.

  • . 11 minutes

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Silver springs, French parks

What are the natural features of the Volga Federal District and where do you need to go in order not to miss anything?

  • . 14 minutes
The dangers of swamps or why swamps are best not included in the tourist route

In this article I will tell you why it is dangerous to walk in a swamp, and how to get out of it, if, after all, an emergency happened and you got bogged down.

  • . 20 minutes
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