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Sokolova M

The main stages of the origin and development of tourism are considered. The analysis of the causes and preconditions of migration processes in the era of the primitive communal system, the emergence of the tourism industry in the Ancient East. The origin and genesis of tourist and excursion activities in Russia, the origin and formation of international tourism are described.

  • . 10 minutes
Presentation on the topic; Development of international tourism in the 70-90s of the XX century

Presentation for students on the topic "Development of international tourism in the 70-90s of the XX century" in geography. pptCloud. u - a convenient directory with the ability to download a powerpoint presentation for free

  • . 22 minutes

international tourism

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What is globalization: 5 main signs, pros and cons

In this article you will find the answer to the popular question: what is globalization? You will learn the 5 main signs of globalization, pros and cons, reasons, development history

  • . 12 minutes
The impact of globalization on culture

Rules for the development of the world economy. What is globalization, when did it arise and what is its scale. Which countries benefit from it. Positive consequences and disadvantages.

  • . 14 minutes
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