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Altai ski resorts: when the season begins, a list of the best complexes

Climbing the peaks of Gorny Altai, he is a beginner in the pros from the Bolshaya Strana company. Climbing Belukha, Maashi-Bashi, Iikta, Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola, Janiikta, Irbistu.

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Active corporate rest

Types of extreme outdoor activities, a review from the author in-journey. u. 8 interesting types of extreme recreation are specially selected for you.

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international tourism

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Health tourism types

Health tourism has a long history. It has been customary to rule your health with the help of healing springs since the times of ancient Rome and Greece. Both the sick and the perfectly healthy aspired to healing places. • Magnitico. om

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Tours to Baikal

Tourism on Lake Baikal. Recreational resources on Baikal // Karnyshev A. ... Baikal is mysterious. You are here News ogirk. u Table of contents "Tourism on." in the news: Recreation

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