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Active tourism on Seliger

Description of Lake Seliger and its environs, attractions, rest + 2 thematic videos.

  • . 23 minutes
Active tourism in Ukraine

Where to relax in Ukraine in the summer? Tourist routes in Ukraine. The best ideas for a summer family vacation and a romantic getaway for two

  • . 25 minutes

international tourism

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The development of tourism in the South Urals is hampered by restrictions on the lands of the forest fund

History of tourism in the southern Urals. Tourist potential of the Urals. Developed types of tourism. Major centers. Tour programs and routes. Winter Tourism Industry Introduction to the Russian Institute

  • . 19 minutes
Karelia in winter 2021: what to see, how to relax and what to do

The best guide to Karelia in winter: everything about the sights of the republic and active recreation in winter, tips, routes and recreation with children.

  • . 11 minutes
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