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Choosing a wetsuit

An overview of 5 types of phones, their structure, principle of operation, purpose and functions. Features, pros and cons, rating of the best models for the pool, for swimming, for spearfishing, for cold water, for swimming in the pool, for fishing, for women, winter, summer, wet type

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Boating Neoprene Wetsuit

How to choose the size of a diving suit for spearfishing: selection criteria and types. Water temperature and wetsuit thickness. What a wetsuit should include

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ecological tourism

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Resorts of New Zealand

Resorts of New Zealand In the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is located - an island country with a mild maritime climate. The territory of New Zealand includes two enough

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New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic corner of the planet, where you can stroll through the Bilbo village, see the kiwi bird, enjoy nature, and learn about the Maori culture.

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