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Organization of treatment in Israel

Treatment in Israel: the choice of a doctor and clinic. Consultations with leading specialized doctors of Israeli clinics, cost of procedures, patient reviews

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Foreign patients

Up-to-date information about treatment in Israel with Israel Express Medical ✓ More than 5000 inquiries per year ✓ Get a specialist consultation right now ➣➣➣

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international tourism

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How to plan a seaside vacation in Jordan

Rest and tourism in Jordan. Experienced advice: what is the price, where to go, what to see in Jordan. Safety, entertainment, cuisine, excursions. Bright photos and videos about Jordan.

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Spine treatment in Iran

We are glad to welcome you to the official Islamic site (Islam sites) Islam-Today. u. On the Muslim Internet site online you can read the answers to your questions related to Islam (Islam Dini) - the religion of peace and goodness. There is also an international forum for Muslims and Muslim women in Russia.

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