Why school tourism is useful, said a teacher from Serpukhov

Ski resort

From Serpukhov to the far distant for fresh air

The regional weekly "MK in Serpukhov" continues to talk about interesting initiatives submitted to the competition "Our Moscow Region". This time our correspondent went to visit the teacher Inna Rychkova from the "Serpukhov" lyceum to talk about the "Tourist Campaign as Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle" project.

Participants of hikes with trainer Inna Rychkova (right). Photo: Tatiana Pichugina

- The name of your project is attractive, but I have never heard of it or read it in the news.

- We're in business, and we don't have time to even drop a line in the newspaper. The maximum that I have time to send photos to the school site and to our group "Vkontakte", through which the participants of the hikes keep in touch. We do not like showing off, the guys and I like to work a lot, this is the main thing for us. We have just returned from Karelia, tomorrow we are leaving for the Caucasus. Actually, in 2016, we won the competition for social projects (the full name is: "municipal and regional competition of projects and initiatives of educational organizations, public organizations and associations aimed at preventing neglect, crime and other juvenile delinquency" - ed. .).

- Where have you been in Karelia?

- We rafted down the Suna river, passed the route of the second category of difficulty. This year the crew was experienced, so we rowed for a day, rested for a day and covered the entire route in five days. Last year, the same route took us six days and a lot of effort.

Sports and tourist club "Ivanovsky Posad" is preparing for the campaign

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- Only the guys from the lyceum go on hikes with you?

- Of course not. Two guys from Dzerzhinsk are constantly walking with us. Relatives and friends of our students take part in the hikes. Last year, a graduate of the 3rd school, Alexander Osipov, came from Germany, who studied at the tourist club. He is now an ace in fishing.

- How did you get carried away hiking?

Tsargrad is a year-round resort near Moscow, located on the picturesque bank of the Oka River. The resort was formed on the basis of the country hotel "Tsargrad". Hotel Tsargrad is located in the Serpukhov District of the Moscow Region, 300 meters from an eco-trail with waterfalls, karst caves and springs.

Over the years, Tsargrad has been a venue for the Miss Russia beauty contest and the Moscow Film Festival. On holidays, large-scale festivities and themed parties are held here.

The Tsargrad ski resort has no official website. But on the website of the hotel complex there is a special section dedicated to skiing at the resort. Photos and a short description of the ski infrastructure are available on the website page.

Prices at the Tsargrad ski resort in Serpukhov

The cost of a ski pass for the Tsargrad lift depends on the age, day of the week and the number of ascents:

  • 1 rise: adults - 50/60 rubles on weekdays and weekends, children (9-12 years old) - 30/40 rubles;
  • 12 climbs: adults - 600/720 rubles, children - 360/480 rubles;
  • 30 lifts: adults - 1250/1500 rubles, children - 750/1000 rubles;
  • 50 lifts: adults - 2000/2400 rubles, children - 1200/1600 rubles;
  • Unlimited for 30 days: adults - 23,400 rubles, children - 13,900 rubles.

Ski pass card - 100 rubles. Renting a ski/snowboard set will cost from 600 rubles per hour and 1600 rubles per day.

Riding on cheesecakes in "Constantinople" is possible only when renting equipment on the spot. Prices differ for hotel guests and "one-day" guests of the resort:

  • Upon presentation of the hotel card: 1 hour - 500/600 rubles; 2 hours - 800/1000 rubles; 3 hours - 1400/1600 rubles; 1 day - 3000/3500 rubles.
  • For guests not living in Tsargrad: 1 hour - 700/800 rubles; 2 hours - 1200/1300 rubles; 3 hours - 1700/1900 rubles; 1 day - 3400/3800 rubles.

For an additional cost, you can order an individual or group lesson with a professional instructor. On weekends and holidays, you need to order the service in advance, by phone: +7 (930) 7995000.

The full price list for services is available on the official website of the Tsargrad hotel.

Winter infrastructure

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