What no one tells you about traveling to Cuba

What a tourist needs to know before traveling to Cuba in 2020

Cuba is a unique country, here time has stood still for almost 30 years. Tourists come here for impressions, amazing atmosphere and Cuban flavor. And there is also beautiful soft white sand and a gentle ocean.

In addition, Cuba has become one of the few countries with which Russia has resumed air traffic. Tour operators record high demand for this destination and, presumably, Cuba will replace Turkey in winter time.

What does a tourist need to know in 2020?

Where are we flying?

At the moment, the Federal Air Transport Agency has approved flights only to the islands - Cayo Coco and Santa Clara, the first flights departed on November 2. The most popular resort in Cuba, Varadero, has not yet received admission for the local airport, but there is a flight schedule for Azur air from November 8, so we are waiting for the latest news this week.

Covid Security Measures-:

Internet in Cuba

Many people know that there are big problems with the Internet in the country. This year, the Cubans have tried to resolve this issue in resort areas.

  • Now on the island of Cayo Coco, all hotels have free Wi-Fi, 4G in the city and on the beaches.

If you are at another resort, then the issue with the Internet can be solved in this way:

What currency to take?

About direction

The main tourist cities of the country

Havana is the administrative, political, cultural, scientific and main tourist center of the country, the city was founded in 1519 by the Spanish colonialists under the leadership of Diego Velazquez, and in 1553 acquired the status of the capital of Cuba. The capital of Cuba is located on the northwestern coast of the island, home to more than 2 million people, the temperament and traditions of different nationalities are combined.

Havana today is a cosmopolitan modern city that keeps pace with the times in its development. The modern capital of Cuba is the best place both for recreation and for holding conferences, all kinds of congresses and exhibitions.

Varadero is one of the most famous and most visited resorts in Cuba, a city where it is impossible to get bored. It is located 140 km east of Havana in the province of Matanzas. The sandy beaches of Varadero stretch for 36 kilometers on the northern side of the Icacos Spit, which is no more than 1.2 kilometers wide. The resort began to develop in the 30s of the XX century. Since then, every year new hotels and places of entertainment have appeared here. In 1992, Varadero beach was recognized by UNESCO as one of the three cleanest beaches in the world.

Trinidad is the fourth of the first seven cities in Cuba to be founded by the Spanish. In order to make sure that Trinidad is a city-monument, it is enough to walk along its stone pavements and see all the grandeur of urban architecture. Trinidad's palaces and residences, churches as well as small residential buildings offer a glimpse of the past.

Holguin is the fourth largest city in the country with a population of 300,000. Back in 1492, Columbus, having gone ashore at a place called Cayo Bariai, after a long and exhausting journey to India, uttered his famous words about the land, "which is more beautiful than the eyes of man have seen." One cannot but agree with the navigator: beautiful beaches, stretching in bays overgrown with lush tropical vegetation, coral reefs that are home to numerous inhabitants of the deep sea, and the splendor of the seabed - all this makes the eastern province of Holguin one of the most attractive places for tourists.

The province of Santiago de Cuba has two features that make it unique: hospitable, cheerful, carefree people and rich cultural and historical heritage. The main city of the province, founded in 1514, is distinguished by its great originality, and its most important feature is the magnificent bay surrounded by high mountains, over which the fortress of San Pedro de la Roca del Morro reigns, declared in 1997 by UNESCO as a heritage of humanity. A similar status has recently been given to a system of agro-industrial structures and the remains of hundreds of coffee plantations in the Gran Piedra mountain region, founded by French refugees. Santiago is called the most Caribbean of Cuban cities. Traditionally, there are two big folk festivals: the carnival and the fire festival.

Cienfuegos is a beautiful seaside town called the "pearl of the south" by the Cubans. Since its founding by French émigrés in 1819, this city has been distinguished by its smooth, intersecting streets, good taste and sophistication. The main city of the province of the same name differs from others: its architecture is dominated by late neoclassicism and the third largest fortress in Cuba is located here. Cienfuegos is firmly connected to the sea and offers visitors not only the warm waters of its beaches - Playa Inglés, Rancho Luna, Guahimico and other places suitable for snorkeling, but also the wonderful nature of the massive mountain range lying nearby.

Camaguey is the capital of the Cuban province of Camaguey, a city in the eastern part of the island, one of the largest cities in the country. Camaguey was one of the seven first cities founded by the Spanish conquistadors on the island of Cuba in 1514-1515, then it was called Santa Maria de Puerto del Principe.

Cayo Largo is an island that, from a bird's eye view, resembles the shape of a lizard. It is located in the heart of the Caribbean in the Canarreos archipelago, which runs along the southern coast of Cuba. In just 40 minutes, the plane will take a tourist from Varadero or Havana to this wonderful island. Cayo Largo is one of the favorite resorts for scuba diving and sea sports enthusiasts. The waters of the Caribbean Sea are warmer than those of the Atlantic Ocean off the northern coast of Cuba, resulting in a richer marine life off the coast of the island.

Transport accessibility of the region

We will tell you where it is better to have a rest in Cuba. A selection of 8 popular resorts for young people, families with children, elderly tourists and excursion lovers. Where are the best beaches and activities? Tour prices, pros and cons of resorts.

Look: How to travel to Cuba now - there you will find the latest reviews of tourists, conditions of entry in a pandemic, a list of available resorts and prices for tours. See also the list of open countries.

Tours to Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are currently on sale, so we put these resorts at the beginning of our review and indicated the actual prices for them. The cost of tours to other resorts was relevant before the start of the pandemic.

Look for last minute tours on Level services. ravel and Travelata - they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save money? Take a look:

Cayo Coco

Tourists love this island for its warm climate, peaceful atmosphere and great beaches. Cayo Coco is a real kingdom of doing nothing! The island is located in a nature reserve, so the sea and beaches in Cayo Coco are clean. The magnificent sandy coastline stretches for more than 20 km. The beaches are separated from each other by coral reefs. Most of them offer superb sunrise views. Tourists in their reviews are truly delighted with the beauty of the local nature. Find out more about your holiday in Cayo Coco.

Suitable for anyone. Despite the long flight, families with small children are happy to come to rest at this Cuban resort, because the entrance to the water is shallow almost everywhere. Also, the island is to the liking of elderly people and fans of diving.

Prices. There are good hotels on the island. All hotels offer all inclusive accommodation and have their own beaches with sun umbrellas and sun loungers. Tours for 7 nights from Moscow now cost from 110 thousand rubles for two.

Pros and cons. One nuisance - there are mosquitoes on Cayo Coco. Stock up on repellents!

Cayo Guillermo

The tiny island is a popular Cuban resort in the Caribbean. Cayo Guillermo is loved for its white sand, clear sea, high dunes and flocks of pink flamingos.

Suitable for anyone. A small piece of land stretches for 4 km. Here, connoisseurs of secluded relaxation and good beaches spend their holidays with pleasure.

I'll tell you about Cuba as it is, without embellishing or belittling anything, so that you yourself choose for yourself whether it is worth going to Cuba in 2020 or not. So. Cuba. First, you should immediately understand that Varadero on a tourist voucher and Cuba on a self-planned vacation are two different things. Tourist Varadero has everything. There is nothing in the capital of Cuba. Secondly, Cuba is a wonderful island for recreation, with great opportunities, but spoiled by the ideology that reigned there, and therefore an impoverished, depleted and corrupted local people.

In Cuba, there is still (yes, even in 2020) a shortage of everything, the terrible Internet is where it is, but everywhere it is still not. The locals themselves are very fond of their country, their way of life, therefore, in the next decade, Cuba, if it changes, will be quite a bit. Thirdly, in Cuba, there really are virgin and beautiful beaches that you need to go for, but which are really pleasing to the eye. Fourthly, Havana (the capital) is alive, distinctive and amazing. Imagine a society in which there is no place for despondency, aggression and indifference? This place is Cuba. Cubans are as happy and naive as children. Fifthly, be aware that most Cubans do not work, but only do what they sit on the street and smoke cigars or entertain tourists. Popular in Cuba and the corresponding saying "Holiday - yes, work - no" (Fiesta - si, trabajo - no).

Visa to Cuba per year

From December 21, 2018, Russians can travel to Cuba without visas for 90 days. Previously, the period of stay was limited to 30 days. So if you want to make yourself a three-month detox from gadgets and the Internet - welcome, Cuba is waiting for you.

What do you need to be prepared for before traveling to Cuba?

To avoid disappointments and unpleasant surprises, I will immediately tell you the main facts about the island so that you know what to prepare for. For a long time, right up to the present day, people here lived without gadgets, the Internet, recreation parks, and amusement rides. How to entertain yourself in everyday life? TV and endless talk. They love to rattle about everything in the world, and even retell the same stories several times in a circle.

So, facts that will help you better prepare for your trip to Cuba

  • The restaurants listed in the guidebooks may already be closed.
  • You will have to explore a foreign country with zero internet access.
  • Nobody needs your US dollars here.

Money in Cuba

There are really two currencies in Cuba in 2020: one for locals, the other for tourists: Cuban peso and cookies.

You can only come to the island with a euro or with a plastic card. There is an ATM at the Havana airport, in Varadero there are a couple of banks with ATMs. US dollars in Cuba are considered an enemy currency, so they are not particularly accepted anywhere and the exchange rate is super unprofitable.

Colorful Cuba awaits!

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Nice bonuses

Visa to Cuba

For citizens of the Russian Federation, a visa to Cuba is not required (for up to 90 days). Upon arrival, a stamp is put in the passport. For citizens of the Republic of Belarus, visa-free travel is valid for 30 days.

Coronavirus test upon entry

PCR test for coronavirus (Covid-19) does not need to be done in advance. Upon arrival in Cuba, tourists will have their temperature measured and a free test.

Last minute tour to Cuba

Tour to Cuba is on fire ? from 54 120 rubles/person Hotels 4 * and 5 *. Rum, cocktails and cigars! And what a stunning sunset in Cuba ... Departure for vacation from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities (check with our agents). Meals to choose from - all inclusive, full board, breakfasts + dinners, breakfasts. The tour includes: air tickets - direct charter flight (AzurAir), hotel, transfer, medical insurance (including from Covid-19). Verified tour operators: Anex, Pegas, CoralTravel, TUI. It is possible to take out travel cancellation insurance for Cuba.

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