Walking, bathing, entertainment: description

Walking, bathing, entertainment: description

Hungary is a hospitable country full of its own unique flavor. Legendary goulash, thermal baths, lively folk music, delicious wine, ancient fortresses - all this will whirl in a round dance of happiness for any, even a sophisticated traveler. We are waiting for an active, educational, entertainment and health tour to this wonderful country!

We will eat in a cafe on the route.

Accommodation in hostels for 6 people per room, as well as accommodation in cottages for 6 people in campsites, amenities on the floor.

Daily program


Meeting with the instructor in Budapest at 11 am at the hostel, about which the coordinator will write you in advance so that you can arrive there a day earlier and have time to rest after the trip.

First lunch with the group and introduction. After lunch, we will have a boat trip along the Danube: we will paddle along the second longest river in Europe, admire the gentle green banks, and stop for a swim. The walk will take about 3-4 hours.

In the evening we will climb Mount Gellert, which rises 235 meters above Budapest, from where a stunning view of the city at night opens.


Visegrad is a quiet, cozy town that was once the capital of the state. It is located in a picturesque area on the Danube bend. At the top of the mountain there is a fortress, the preserved ruins of which we will visit, and here, on the territory of Vysehrad, there is a tower in which the famous Count Dracula spent 12 years.

After visiting the fortress, we will continue our walk around the city, thanks to the short distances, we will have time to get around all the sights. The trip to Vysehrad will take most of the day. We will go there and back by train (about 50 minutes) and ferry (15 minutes).

In the evening we will walk through the courtyards of Gozddu-udvar - the center of nightlife, cozy coffee houses and famous trash bars - we will explore this fashionable trend. The opening of bars in dilapidated premises began in Budapest, then this trend spread throughout Europe.


The situation in Hungary is not encouraging: along with the already familiar to people COVID-19, the country is attacked by a "British" mutated strain. The borders are under strict control of the border services, tourists are not allowed in, and arrivals are sent to quarantine with any PCR test. But you can still enter the country.

We will tell you whether it is possible to go to Hungary for non-tourist purposes and how to do it legally, as well as give an expert forecast for the date of the opening of the country's borders in 2021.

Current situation in Hungary with COVID-19. Photo: ncov. log

Current situation with the borders of Hungary

The authorities announced the closure of the borders back in March 2020. Several times it was planned to let tourists into the country again, but due to the spread of the coronavirus, they did not do this. After almost a year, the Hungarian government does not give any information about when the borders will be open to everyone.

Who can enter the country

The list of persons who have the right to almost freely cross the state border is very short. It is published on the website of the Hungarian Embassy in Moscow, and it includes:

  • Hungarian citizens with family and children wishing to return to their homeland;
  • foreigners with a residence permit, permanent residence or D work visa, upon presentation of the relevant documents;
  • persons who have received the right from the migration service to stay in the country for a period exceeding 90 days;
  • athletes and members of sports organizations entering Hungary after participating in international events;
  • employees of a cultural institution who enter Hungary after participating in a cultural event held abroad.

To participate in sports competitions in Hungary, it is important for a foreign participant and service personnel to have 2 negative PCR tests, which were done within 5 days and no earlier than 48 hours before entering the country.

Spectators will have to undergo a medical examination, show a ticket to the event and a negative test certificate made 3 days before entering the country in English or Hungarian. This category of persons is obliged to leave Hungary in three days.

In addition to the temperature, people who enter will listen to breathing and check their sense of smell. If a coronavirus is suspected, a person will not be allowed to Hungary. Photo: pixabay. om

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