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Again by: why NGOs in the field of physical culture and sports remain without state support

Many sports organizations are not included in the registers of the Minek, because they generally cannot receive support as SO NPOs. Where can they seek help in times of crisis?

Physical culture and sports organizations during the pandemic turned out to be the most vulnerable category of SO NPOs. Most of them cannot count on government assistance due to the difficulty of determining the social component of their activities.

Usually, organizations promoting mass sports and promoting healthy lifestyles grew out of teams or formed around individual activists who simply loved their work. Unlike social service or human rights organizations, sports NPOs are not perceived as institutionalized systemic assistance organizations.

“There is a certain“ underdevelopment ”in the field of physical culture and sports as a full-fledged branch of the social sphere, - says ASI Vice President of the Russian Student Sports Union, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation Roman Olkhovsky. - It is precisely this lack of development that limited its possibilities in measures to support not just sports, but, first of all, socially oriented organizations.

“It is clear that the main goal of the NPO's activities is not to make a profit, but, for example, we have certain contractual relationships with coaches who, during the pandemic, we could not provide them with work and they still have not can get nothing, "- says ASI Artur Baltikov, director of the Association" Center for Physical Development "Athlete" (Surgut).

SO NPOs in sports

There is a clear division among sports SO NCOs, often from one name it is possible to understand how large and wealthy this structure is.

The smallest are local physical culture, sports and fitness organizations. These can be small clubs created to attract people to sports. There are quite a few of them in Russia, but they are practically not supported.

“I wanted to open a gym in the Moscow region and teach fencing lessons there for people with and without disabilities,” says ASI Lyudmila Vasilyeva, international master of sports in wheelchair fencing, member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Sports of Russia. - Not having time to register the organization, I came to the administration with a request to allocate a room for classes, I was refused. Without start-up capital, it turned out to be practically impossible to start a SO NPO, which does not imply the creation of an elite fitness club ”.

Private academies, such as a football or gymnastics academy, are most often in the form of an ANO. This form is convenient because you can choose the type of activity: either in the field of additional education for children, or physical culture and sports work with the population. Entrepreneurial projects also act as ANOs, but on a social basis. They register to receive grants and fundraising from sponsors.

The larger ones - sports federations - are authorized by law to develop various sports. Their main activity is preparation for competitions of various levels: regional, Russian, European, and world championships. A federation is a collection of people who work in sports or general education schools, although federations may also include representatives of private schools that separately develop a certain direction in sports. The Federation is interested in the area of ​​elite sports. However, according to the law, they must also involve the mass population in their studies.

“For example, the ice hockey federation is one of the largest in the country. She has separate buildings, a large administrative apparatus. A lot of money is spinning there, but at the same time it carries a social burden: it develops projects like the Golden Puck in Russia (an all-Russian tournament among children's teams). This is their commitment to the development of mass sports, ”explains Roman Olkhovsky.

Until April 12, applications are accepted from NGOs implementing projects in the field of physical culture, mass sports and sports reserve. The organizer is the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Grant competition of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation

Competition for the provision of grants to the federal budget in the form of subsidies to non-profit organizations implementing projects in the field of physical culture, mass sports and sports reserve, in order to implement the program of the Russian Federation "Development of physical culture and sports"


Non-profit organization - Russian, created in one of the organizational and legal forms of non-profit organizations, with the exception of: state or budgetary institutions, all-Russian, regional and local sports federations.

Competition Entries

The project is a set of interrelated activities aimed at achieving specific socially useful results, the Federal project "Sport is the norm of life", within a certain period and budget.

Grant nominations

Projects of non-profit organizations in the field of physical culture, mass sports and sports reserve can be submitted to the competition in order to fulfill the state program of Russia "Development of physical culture and sports". The goal of the state program is to bring by 2024 the share of citizens who systematically engage in physical education and sports to 55% of the country's population.

Nominations and approximate topics of projects

1. Projects aimed at facilitating the provision of sports and health services to the population over 30, implemented by NGOs that unite business entities that provide sports and health services to the population, operating in all federal districts and in at least 43 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

  • Information, consulting, methodological support of organizations that provide health and fitness services to the population over 30 years old, on issues related to the provision of such services, increasing their efficiency, increasing the number of people involved in the specified population ...
  • Development of a network of organizations providing physical education and health services over 30 years old, including scaling up successful practices, promoting such activities.
  • Revealing, summarizing and disseminating the best practices of organizations that provide health and fitness services to the population over 30 years old.

2. Projects aimed at promoting the dissemination of the best practice of attracting non-profit organizations to the provision of physical culture and health services to the population, implemented by NGOs that have experience in conducting research work on the provision of socially useful services to the population in the field of physical culture and mass sports and experience in organizing and conducting educational events aimed at improving qualifications and training personnel for the development of the sector of socially useful services in the field of physical culture and sports in at least 5 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Some trips have special meaning and specific purpose. Maybe a traveler wants to do research in another country, speak at a conference, or attend an important cultural event. There are many ideas, but there are not enough funds for their implementation.

In this case, an initiative person can receive a so-called travel grant, that is, sponsorship from a public or private organization. Some organizations help students, some require that the participant's interests lie in a specific area, for example, biology or environmental protection. One way or another, there are many opportunities to find a sponsor, and we will tell you about the most "tasty" ones in this article.

Grants in Russia

Among candidates for travel grants, young scientists receive the greatest support in Russia.

The competition from the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation is intended for senior students, graduate students and young teachers under the age of 35. The recipient of the grant can travel in Russia or abroad to participate in scientific conferences and seminars, internships in scientific institutions and work in archives and libraries. The competition is constantly open and participants are recruited throughout the year. The maximum grant amount is 100,000 rubles.

Send the completed application form to academ @ prokhorovfund. u.

Udmurt State University sponsors travel to Russian and international scientific conferences. Post-graduate students and young university teachers can take part in the competition.

The application is submitted to the Presidium of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences three months before the start of the conference. The application form must include a brief summary of the conference, details of the participant and justification for the costs.

Phone for inquiries: (343) 374-51-91

A competition for travel grants among senior students of Altai State University is held every year. The winners of the competition can count on the educational institution to cover all the costs of participating in a conference or scientific internship both in Russia and abroad. Learn more about how to apply and what documents to prepare here.


There are two options: to participate in a program that covers all travel costs, or to raise money for travel using a popular practice - crowdfunding.

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