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It was not by chance that we chose this place for our hikes. According to National Geographic magazine, Lofoten is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and we absolutely agree with that!

To make everything work out in the best possible way, we have carefully thought out a program that combines radial excursions to the mountains and walks in fishing villages, crossings on the Norwegian Sea on kayaks and memorable fishing, the format of camping in a tent that is familiar to many tourists or in the wild and getting to know a country with one of the highest living standards.

Photos and videos from our hikes in Lofoten from 2014 to 2019 can be found here. Here are dozens of albums of our instructors and hikers. Over the years, we have successfully completed about 45 hiking trips in Norway and tours in the Lofoten Islands. News and reports from the routes can be found in our VKontakte group.

To see Norway from the water and enjoy the daily panoramas, we will teach you how to operate a kayak. We will walk with you light on the trails of the locals to breathe the air of the beauty of Lofoten. We will spend the night at a wide variety of sites, from white seashell beaches to shores covered with a layer of algae. You will remember with great warmth your adventures and the new friends this route will give you!

The hike takes place on Winner Hug sea kayaks (fast stable plastic kayaks) with an escort boat that transports things. A spacious boat with two motors also provides insurance for the group on kayaks during sea crossings, facilitates the choice of a fishing spot and expands the geography of travel with excursions and walks to remote attractions.

The hike is available to everyone - 95% of our participants have never sat in a kayak before our hike and did a great job with it. A kayak experience is helpful but not required. We teach kayak control techniques from scratch and support the rowers throughout the entire route, choose the optimal speed for the group, select the sequence of stops so that everyone can get the most out of this route!

Want to practice before a multi-day hike or check if this travel format is right for you? We invite you to a three-day route along the Ladoga Skerries by kayaks. In addition, after Ladoga you can count on an additional 2000 rubles discount for this tour (summed up with the Club Card, contact the coordinator for details).

Group size from 5 to 14 participants and 2 instructors.

We live in tents for 3-4 people. Check with the coordinator about the possibility of double occupancy. We set up the camp at the foot of beautiful mountains and on the sea beaches. In case of winds, we leave for closed fjords or beyond the islands. In case of storms, we move to the leeward side of large islands or go to the mountains. At parking lots with fresh streams, we organize everyone's favorite tourist bath in a special bath tent (usually 1-2 times per trip). There is one parking lot at the campsite with hot showers during the route.

Delicious and wholesome hot meals on the hike are guaranteed - every year our instructors improve the menu to ensure that the varied layout supports all the adventures. We regularly replenish the supply of fresh water in settlements and mountain springs. Cooking on a portable gas stove, distributed on duty under the guidance of instructors.

To participate in this hike, you need to have a valid passport and a valid Schengen visa. If you use our transfer from St. Petersburg to Norway, add to the validity of your visa 1 day before the hike and 1 day after the hike. Agree on travel dates with the itinerary coordinator. Details below in the description of "How to get there".

Communication during the hike: the campsites are almost all wild, there is one campsite on the route with wi-fi. Second place with free Wi-Fi is Trollfjord. The rest is perhaps in cities, but the cellular connection catches regularly.

Upcoming hikes

Last place left, as not everyone has confirmed participation yet.

How to get there

We recommend using our transfer from/to St. Petersburg or driving your own cars to the meeting point with the group (the meeting point changes from hike to hike, you need to check with the coordinator!), because in previous years there were there are frequent cases of loss of luggage of participants in hikes (We are not responsible for the loss of baggage, and of course we are trying to help solve such problems.)

1. Our transfer (9000 rubles one way)

We will meet in St. St. Petersburg, at the Ozerki metro station, in the parking lot at McDonald's at 6:00 am, 1 day before the start of the hike !. Arriving Muscovites will just have time to get there from the morning trains. The shuttle bus starts at 7:00 am.

Approximately by 9 am we arrive at the border with Finland. After passing the border, we look at duty-free.

Then we travel through the forests of Finland, admiring the deer, now and then walking along the road, forests and lakes. We will drive next to the famous Lake Saimaa system, past many Finnish towns and villages and, finally, we will arrive at about 14 o'clock in a rather large port city by the standards of Finland - Kuopio, where we will make a long stop at 1-1. hours, here instructors need to buy food for our trip (included in the price), and you can walk, relax and have a snack on your own.

At about 20 o'clock we pass the oldest city in Northern Finland - Oulu, founded in 1605 and located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. By 21 we arrive at the parking lot, where we will set up camp, cook dinner, and have a pleasant time.

Wake up at 7 am, departure at 8 am. We cross the border with Sweden and at about 2 pm we reach the northernmost city of this country - Kiruna. This city is known for its huge reserves of iron ore, an interesting view of the cozy town, quarries and mesmerizing fields of windmills will open up. Here we will stop for 1 hour for a snack and rest.

Standard tours in Europe now do not surprise anyone, almost all travel agencies have such vouchers. But we offer something that will appeal even to sophisticated travelers who have already been abroad - active tours in Europe. On such trips, you feel not just an observer of various sights, but a full-fledged participant in a big adventure with elements of exploration and competition.

It doesn't matter how old you are, where you work or how much you earn. In hikes, all boundaries are erased, the participants become a single, cohesive team and communicate with each other at ease. We do not just walk in beautiful places. Each participant of the trip gets what he lacked in everyday life: lightness, positiveness, new discoveries, sincere conversations, beautiful landscapes. The mission of the Adventure Club is to make life brighter by introducing people to the culture of travel.

Types of European Tours

The choice is not just big - it's huge. More than 100 different routes in different European countries are waiting for you. Some are designed for experienced tourists, while others are suitable for beginners. Routes are divided not only by direction, but also by type of activity:

  • Hikers - tourists travel light, but on foot. During the day, the group goes 10-15 km with rest breaks.
  • Automobile - the main part of the route, participants travel by car, but short walking tours are also provided.
  • Aquatic - participants travel across the waters of Europe in kayaks, sea kayaks or catamarans.
  • Horsemen.
  • Combined - includes different types of activities (mainly hiking and water rafting).

The programs of selected tours in Europe include amateur mountaineering and/or speleotourism. A detailed description of each trip with a list of all the attractions along the route can be found on the tour page. There are also contacts of the coordinator who is responsible for organizing travel.

Popular destinations

We take the planning of every hike very seriously, regardless of direction. The instructors accompanying tourists on their travels know the language and mentality of local residents well and successfully communicate with them where it is necessary - for example, when checking into a hotel. The necessary general equipment (sleeping bags, tents, bowlers) is provided by us. You need to take only personal equipment with you - clothes, shoes, chargers, etc. The list of recommended personal equipment is in the description of each tour.

What is included in the cost of tours in Europe

Most of our travels are all inclusive, but this rule takes effect from the moment we arrive at the starting point of the route. Since the participants live in different cities of Russia, they get to this point on their own in the most convenient way for themselves. The price of European tours includes accommodation in hotels, hostels or campgrounds (depending on the type of travel), the services of an instructor who also acts as a guide, rental of general group equipment and all service payments on the route - for example, recreational fees in national parks or excursions - in museums.

As for food, on hiking tours where participants prepare food themselves, all products are already included in the price. On city routes, where overnight stays in hotels are provided, tourists eat in restaurants or cafes at their own expense.

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