Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines

How to train properly on the court in the yard

Today there is such a growing trend as outdoor exercise equipment. They do not exist in every courtyard, but they can be found in most cities. Recently, they have become very fond of many athletes.

The popularization of a sports lifestyle has led to the fact that in cities they began to massively replace old horizontal bars and parallel bars with whole sports grounds, where you can train each muscle group for free. And that's really cool!

Let's take a look at the main benefits of modern outdoor exercise equipment:

1. Possibility of regular outdoor sports.

2. Sports simulators help to develop and strengthen certain muscle groups, increase the functionality of various body systems.

3. Availability of exercise equipment for both adults and children.

4. The simulators are intuitive, so everyone can understand their operation.

5. The ability to use the equipment free of charge and at any time.

6. Classes are held in the fresh air, which is very beneficial for the body.

Based on the above, we conclude that there are many advantages. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this type of sports equipment.

Now let's move on to the five best, in my opinion, outdoor exercise equipment. Having worked out on such simulators, I decided to highlight the most effective ones. I made this top based on my sports experience. So, the top is arranged from last to first:

Stepper Number

Working on a stepper simulates climbing stairs, but the movements are smoother, thereby reducing the load on the joints. Popular with older people with leg problems, especially women. Excellent load on the quadriceps and calf muscles. Stepper exercises allow you to work out the gluteal and lumbar muscles, as well as the front and back of the thigh. This equipment trains the cardiovascular system, helps to lose weight and tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Which is the best machine for the home?

As you know, movement is life itself, but how to follow this truth if life itself does not imply movement? Most modern people are sedentary. Residents of large cities suffer from the lack of movement especially strongly: in the morning by car to work to the office, then in the afternoon - sitting on a chair, an evening drive home, going up to an apartment in an elevator ... it turns out no more than a kilometer! The norm of movement for a person per day is 5-6 kilometers, but most of us are limited to this very kilometer from the table to the car.

The result is a lack of movement and weight gain, pressure and heart function become unstable, the lungs cannot even cope with climbing stairs - the general state of health is gradually deteriorating, and the need to walk 5-6 kilometers is frightening. It is quite difficult to increase your own physical activity, especially if you do not have time to visit the gym. The solution is to select a simulator for the home. With the right choice, a home trainer can help you keep fit and solve problems with excess weight.

How to choose an exercise machine for your home?

What exactly should it be to provide sufficient workload?

First of all, you need to remember that a simulator for exercising at home should be of high quality, easy to use and suitable for use at home. It is best to choose a versatile home trainer so that all family members can exercise on it. But, these parameters are far from the only ones. Let's try to find out together what exactly you need to be guided by when choosing a home simulator.

Before choosing a home trainer, you need to decide what exactly you want to get in the process of training. There are two main types that are fundamentally different from each other: strength training equipment and cardiovascular equipment.

Cardio equipment is used to tone up and shed excess fat. If you want to lose a few pounds, improve your well-being and increase your endurance, then this type of exercise machine will certainly do. Below we will look at the main types of cardiovascular equipment that it makes sense to purchase for your home.

Cycling has a beneficial effect on the heart, respiratory system, and increased endurance levels. The exercise bike makes a ride on a bike, trains the muscles of the buttocks and legs. This type of simulators is quite popular for home use, as they occupy little space, they are easy to train and the level of efficiency is very high. About 1500 calories can be burned in a 40-minute cycle ride.

How to deal with the exercise bike? The most important thing is the regularity of training. Do not stop training, otherwise you will gradually lose the results that have achieved. The second rule - you need to train on an individually selected program, based on the level of your physical training. If you overdo it, engaged in a more complex program, then at best, you will feel uncomfortable, at worst - will harm your health.

Exercise bike refers not only to the cardio simulator group, but also aerobic simulators. Why do we need aerobic workouts? The aerobic ability of the body is the amount of oxygen, which it consumes in a minute during physical activity. Our endurance is limited to the ability of the body to supply muscles with oxygen. Increase the aerobic ability of the body - it means to develop endurance in particular such important systems as respiratory and cardiovascular. Regular energetic exercises can increase the aerobic ability of the body by 20 or 30%.

Exercise on the exercise bike is a rather strong physical activity. Even if you are absolutely healthy, while doing carefully listen to yourself. Pain in the heart or behind the sternum, the feeling of lack of air, strong shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, weakness, headache - any sudden deterioration of well-being meaning that the training should be stopped. If you suffer hypertensive disease with frequent crises, then before you start training, consult your doctor.

To easier to carry exercise, try to navigate your biorhythms. If you are "larks" - twist the pedals in the morning. If you believed to "Owners" - then you better train in the afternoon. But keep in mind that it is impossible to sit down on the exercise bike earlier than 2-3 hours after sleep. Evening workouts need to be completed 2 hours before sleep.

What are the simulator sites?

Most often on the streets of the city you can meet two types of sites - amateur and professional. And on those and others you will find simulators for cardio and power training. But there is one important difference.

On amateur sites that we usually see in the courtyards of residential buildings, there are simulators for working with their own weight. This means that controlling the load - for example, increasing or decreasing the weight of the shells to work out the pectoral muscles or biceps - will not work. These machines are great for keeping yourself in good physical shape. But making progress in muscle growth on them will not be easy.

More sophisticated equipment is installed on professional sites. Here you can already hang additional "pancakes" on the barbells or dumbbells. In Moscow, such places can be found, for example, at the FC Lokomotiv stadium in Cherkizovsky Park, in the Sokolniki and Raduga parks in Veshnyaki.

Types of Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Cardio equipment

They are used to warm up before the main workout, so you do not need to exercise until exhaustion. Walk at your own pace and monitor your heart rate and breathing. Shortness of breath and fatigue should not be present at the beginning of strength exercises.

Pros for any task

At the site you will find at least one of these cardiovascular equipment:

  • Elliptical
  • Stepper
  • Exercise bike
  • Pendulum

Strength Equipment

Muscles are pumped on them - the whole body at once or in isolation, that is, one group at a time.


They will help build endurance and strengthen muscles.

Exercise bike

An exercise bike increases endurance and develops Cycle training induces muscle hypertrophy and strength gain: strategies and mechanisms leg strength without unnecessary stress on the knee joints. Therefore, it is perfect for overweight people and the elderly. Health benefits of cycle ergometer training for older adults over 70: a review.

Also, exercise on a stationary bike contributes to weight loss. Pedaling at a calm pace will help burn Sprint interval and moderate ‑ intensity cycling training differentially affect adiposity and aerobic capacity in overweight young ‑ adult women up to 390 kcal per hour. And if you do interval sprints: alternate the most intense and slow work, you will lose weight even faster.

How to choose an exercise machine for home

There are vertical, horizontal exercise bikes and spin bikes. In horizontal, you work reclining - comfortable, but not so intense; on a spin bike, sit strongly leaning forward, like on a racing bike. If you are not preparing for a bicycle race and you do not have problems with the spine, take an upright one.

Belt-loaded exercise bikes are the cheapest. You can find one for 5 thousand or even less, but you won't be able to work properly on it: the load will be minimal.

It's better to buy a magnetic exercise bike. They cost from 10 thousand rubles, but they provide normal cardio training.

Many models have handlebar heart rate sensors, but the readings are very inaccurate, so don't take this feature too lightly.

If you want to train with your heart rate, in order to correctly select the load and know how many calories you burned, choose models with an electromagnetic system. You can connect a chest cardio belt to them, which accurately shows the pulse. In addition, they have different training programs. Price - from 20 thousand rubles.

You don't have to go to the gym to keep your mind healthy. Modern sports equipment with similar functionality can now be found in every courtyard. The most common question for beginners who are going to master outdoor simulators is how to properly train on them. Indeed, when working with each exercise, you need to adhere to a certain technique.

The benefits and benefits of exercise equipment

Outdoor exercise equipment is an alternative to the gym or purchasing expensive equipment for home use. In the yard, you can also do cardio workouts for weight loss or pump individual muscle groups. If you know how to exercise correctly, outdoor exercise equipment will bring tremendous benefits to the body:

  • Exercise in the fresh air burns more calories than in the gym - fat burning processes are triggered, metabolism is accelerated.
  • The work of internal organs is normalized.
  • The body is saturated with oxygen.
  • Muscles are strengthened, sore joints are developed, and the elasticity of connective tissues increases.

In order to get the most out of the simulators, it is worth exercising on the street 2-3 times a week, while exerting a load on certain muscle groups no more than 1-2 times a week.

The main benefits of outdoor exercise equipment include:

  • the ability to pump endurance at any age;
  • classes at any time of the day or night;
  • ease of use of simulators;
  • safety of structures (in the production of sports equipment it is taken into account that both children and adults will be engaged);
  • free physical exercises of any duration;

Outdoor exercise equipment on the ground can also build muscle. However, before you start exercising, you need to study which muscles work in certain exercises.

Before starting workouts, you need to know the main types of outdoor exercise equipment, their description, as well as their purpose. All sports equipment is conventionally divided into two groups. The first include equipment for cardio, providing long-term active movements, strengthening the heart muscle (step, pedometer). The second group is power, which pump certain muscles (bench press, deadlift).

Press Shop

You can pump the press on street simulators using a special shop. It is a fixed platform inclined to the ground, or horizontally to it, and two crossbars. Before starting the exercises, the athlete lies down on the bench, placing his knees on the upper crossbar, and grabbing the lower one with them. With the support of the legs on the bars, the process of raising and lowering the torso is simplified. Here you can do the following exercises:

  • lifting the torso from a prone position;
  • lifting the torso with its simultaneous rotation;
  • lifting the torso, in a lateral position.

The abdominal muscles are well developed during exercise.

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