The most "athletic" cities in America

The most

What does "healthy lifestyle" mean in the minds of people? A lifelessly memorized phrase, or is it really a WAY OF LIFE? Shape magazine conducted a study and found out which cities in the United States are the most "athletic".

My heart senses that now hot discussions will begin about the fact that it is easier to live in the states, that the weather there is better, and that, in general, it makes no sense to compare. You yourself understand that these are all empty excuses. It should be noted that not all cities in America have warm, good weather all year round, and not all halls are equipped with the latest technology. But we must give credit that in America they have a really huge number of public parks and special paths for cyclists. Personally, despite my conscious age and ability to ride a bike, I can't imagine how you can ride along the road when there are only cars all the time. Or take the same sidewalk, it seems that there are no cars, but people are walking. True, I'm afraid to travel, and I'm afraid not so much to suffer myself as to cause harm to others (especially children). And to go with great things to remote, unsociable places, I'm sorry, is a complete mockery. So my "iron horse" is idle on the balcony. I guess I'm not alone. Forgive my lyrical digression, let's continue. Many Americans are active people with low rates of obesity, tobacco smoking, chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, or asthma.

For this study, Shape magazine partnered with the American College of Sports Medicine, which monitors health and fitness metrics across the United States annually.


Many people are surprised by the high rate of a healthy lifestyle among residents of Washington, however, the fact remains. This district has a very low percentage of smokers and chronic diseases, while more than half of the population consumes fruits and vegetables. Numerous parks, covering almost 1/5 of the city's territory, are full of locals walking or cycling. Public transport is the most popular means of transportation.

If you are staying at the Topaz Hotel, please ask to include yoga classes in the list of services provided. The price of the service also includes a mat, block and disc for training. If you wish, you can book a dedicated yoga room with ample space for a class or a sports room equipped with an exercise bike or treadmill.


Residents of the largest city in the state of Massachusetts, nicknamed "Beintown", use public transport 2 times more often than residents of other cities. It is quite logical that they spend more time walking and are 2 times less likely to get stuck in traffic jams. Boston is a relatively young city with a highly educated population, less than half of which have problems with being overweight, and more than 60% rate their health as excellent or very good. According to fitness manager Christie Discipio, busy Bostonians prefer strength training (training with additional weights (dumbbells/weights)). Infamous in the 19th century, Charles Street, where the prison was located, is now the famous site of the luxurious four-star hotel (jokingly referred to as the "Freedom Hotel"). Located at the foot of Boston's Beacon Hill on the banks of the Charles River, it offers free yoga classes on weekends, as well as bike and helmet rental, plus a 24-hour fitness center.

Minneapolis/Saint Paul

Long winters can give the impression that the inhabitants of the "twin cities" spend most of the year lying on the couch. However, studies have shown that the local population is almost 12% more active than the population of other cities. And the death rate due to heart disease is almost a third lower. Despite such climatic conditions, people are outdoors all year round.

Perhaps the undoubted popularity of hot yoga in this region can be left without further comment. Diligent students wipe off 7 sweats in a hot room with a sufficiently high temperature. A warmed-up body leads to high productivity of exercises, since the muscles become more elastic. Thus, while in a state of bliss, they simultaneously develop strength and elasticity.

Most physical activity in Minnesota is water related. Almost everyone lives in close proximity to water. Rachel Ostrom, 34, director of marketing, says his family spends most of the summer by the water, walking by the lake, cycling along the river or swimming in the pool.


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