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Internet residents love Robert Pattinson not for his film adaptation of Twilight, but for his funny homemade photo in the kitchen. The snapshot is a template for a meme photo toad. Very often, the famous actor is compared to a Russian meme - a witness from Fryazino. Both heroes in ordinary clothes are photographed in a calm pose.


The actor looks too glamorous on his instagram and professional photo shoots. Therefore, the usual photo, where Pattinscon is not recognized, attracted so much attention. According to Know Your Meme, Josh Safdie, writer and director, posted a shot of the actor in the kitchen on social media (now removed from Instagram). Unshaven Pattinson wears a tracksuit and camouflage pants, looking like an ordinary person. The actor played a gangster in the movie "Good Time", hence such a ridiculous look. To better get into the role, Pattinson changed his image, got a job at a car wash and consulted with a former prisoner.


But the meme became popular only in 2020 at the end of summer due to quarantine and jokes about self-isolation. Since the actor reminded people of their relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and themselves, jokes appeared by themselves. First, a photo of Pattinson was posted on Twitter with funny captions like: "When your relative tries to explain to you the structure of the pyramids at 3 in the morning." Sometimes the actor was compared to a crime boss, a person who does not want to leave the party and spends the night in the kitchen.

In September, photo-toads went into action. The star was placed in a different location. In the shot, Robert stands in front of the front door with a CCTV camera. He is turned sideways and, as if, is waiting for his friend on the street.

In Runet, Pattinson travels to the weddings of classmates. The pose fits perfectly into any situation. For example, the actor's previous films fell victim to Photoshop: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Twilight. The photos and videos from the films include Pattinson in a tracksuit, which contrasts with the main plot.

Meme meaning

The kitchen Pattinson meme is a visual embodiment of everyday life. The main interest in social networks is due to the unusual transformation of the actor. He did not become a hostage to one role in teenage films, but tries new images and reincarnates beyond recognition. Becoming like a person who may be your neighbor, Pattinson makes fun of those around him. His image looks comical for a Hollywood star. The popularity of the meme is facilitated by the imminent release of a new film about Batman, where Pattinson plays the main role. Comic posters of Batman in a tracksuit appear.

If the Russian meme "witness from Fryazino" portrayed a man in a tracksuit who traveled through various pictures and hid, Pattinson is in the photo toads in plain sight. The witness personified the image of a man who was everywhere and saw everything. Pattinson depicts the average suburbanite who wears the same clothes, doesn't shave, and looks like a thug or a mechanic at a service station. It is easier for people to associate themselves with familiar images, and they are pleased that the star is somewhat similar to them.

Sport is not only life, but also an endless source of memes: fans, judges, coaches and athletes themselves regularly supply us with selected gags. Especially for you, we have selected the 16 best memes dedicated to sports - there are jokes about a football, and there are jokes about e-sports with MMA lulz.

Habib's Leap

The duel between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor was supposed to be the main fight of 2018: the fighters are in the top of MMA, they hate each other and periodically exchange direct insults. This fight had a long prelude, but the fight itself lasted only four rounds: Khabib put Conor down with a choke hold, then jumped over the octagon and attacked McGregor's sparring partner. At the same time, Nurmagomedov's second rushed at the Irishman himself, and the guards detained the Russian fighter amid the hooting of the crowd.

The scuffle resulted in a nine-month suspension of Khabib Nurmagomedov and a $ 500,000 fine, while Conor McGregor was suspended from fights for six months and fined $ 50,000. Oops.

Two type of people when Khabib jumped out of the cage ?. # UFC229 pic. witter. om/ofX84JooZR


For all his mistakes, Alexander Kerzhakov holds the title of the best scorer in the history of the Russian national football team - he scored 30 goals for the national team, won the Russian championship three times with Zenit, and won the Cup with Sevilla UEFA.

Signature: "You're a pacifist, aren't you?" Photo: vk. om/methadem

And his name is John Cena!

John Cena is the epitome of wrestling: in the WWE he won 25 championships, became a two-time winner of the show "Battle Royale" and grabbed a bunch of titles from the Pro Wrestling Illustrated edition. But we know John not because of the number of his championship belts, but because of the viral screamer that has become the hallmark of the American wrestler.

Neymar Simulations

Neymar's acting has become one of the main memes of the 2018 World Cup: fans calculated that the striker of the Brazilian national football team lay on the lawns for about 14 minutes, simulating the pain of collisions with other players. The athlete's pretense was so obvious that his simulations became the basis for challenges and commercials.

Fedor Emelianenko and knockout in seconds

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