Tchaikovsky's masterpiece will become a backup anthem of Russia

It looks like Katyusha will replace our anthem in sports

After the publication of the full text of the verdict of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), according to which the Russian national team was prohibited from using state symbols at major tournaments for two years, a meeting of the Commission of Athletes of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) was held. On it, among other things, the question was discussed what melody can replace the anthem in the competition.

As the head of the commission, the Olympic champion in saber fencing Sophia Velikaya, said in an interview with TASS, the majority voted for the song "Katyusha".

“We discussed the musical accompaniment. We had different versions of the anthem, even modern ones, but settled on Katyusha. This is a patriotic song, which is known not only to Russians, but also to the international community, children love it. So we proposed this song for consideration by the ROC Executive Committee, ”Velikaya noted.

Show business: this is a visiting card of Russia

The loud initiative, as expected, provoked a resonance - and found comprehensive support. So, representatives of the world of show business in the overwhelming majority spoke in favor of such a replacement of the anthem.

“This is a symbolic song for all our people and for those people who love Russian music, love Russian folklore. For 80 years now this song has been sounding like a visiting card of Russia all over the world, ”said People's Artist of Russia Lev Leshchenko in an interview with Zvezda TV channel.

This point of view is shared by the musician Alexander Pushnoy. In his opinion, Katyusha is the right choice in terms of recognizability.

“What does any foreigner associate with Russia? If you catch a Japanese or Chinese and start humming something to him, he will not recognize anything except "Katyusha". This is a kind of showcase. We have good songs related to sports, but it's unrecognizable for export. They chose both music and a recognizable brand. Nothing illogical, ”said Fur to the Championship.

The singer Pelageya, who offered her help in recording the track, was also pleased with the initiative of the athletes' commission.

“The song is wonderful, fighting. The main thing is what sounds in our hearts and in our athletes' hearts. Of course, I am ready to record a song that would become an anthem for our athletes for the next two years, if the Motherland calls, ”the artist emphasized in an interview with Sport24.

For enemies, she will be an irritant

In December, the anthem was taken away from Russia at the main sports tournaments: in the next two years, at the Olympics and World Championships, our athletes will perform without national symbols (for example, handball players have already started).

And if the absence of a flag can be compensated for with a form (tricolor colors are allowed), then what to do with the anthem? It seems that the Russian Olympic Committee has found a solution - to put Katyusha after victories.

Who suggested Katyusha?

Initiative - from the ROC Athletes Commission, which includes Elena Isinbaeva, Aliya Mustafina, Fedor Klimov, Anastasia Myskina and other champions.

“We have come to a consensus that the well-known Katyusha could become such a composition. Which, by the way, is often performed by the fans in the stands, supporting our teams. The song, in our opinion, is very patriotic, dynamic and recognizable. The majority of the commission members voted for this option. Now our proposal will be considered by the ROC Executive Committee, ”said Sophia Velikaya, chairman of the commission.

Why choose an anthem substitute at all? Are some of the old anthems of Russia/USSR banned?

Russia is not the first time without an anthem. In honor of the victories of hockey players and Alina Zagitova at the 2018 Olympics, the IOC anthem was played, and our best high jumper Maria Lasitskene at the world championships listened to the anthem of the International Athletics Federation twice.

Athletes on the podium greeted unfamiliar melodies coolly - and now Russia was allowed to find a replacement on its own.

Of course, the best option would be when the winner personally chooses the composition to which he will meet the victory. But it is impossible to arrange a concert on request - the regulations are approved in advance.

Handball players were the first to feel the decision of CAS - these days at the World Championships they go out to the anthem of the International Federation.

"This story is humiliating for us" The first exit of Russia without a flag and national symbols (the coat of arms was pasted on the uniform)

The court's decision emphasized that the anthem of Russia, as well as any other anthem associated with the country, cannot be played at ceremonies and other official events. For example, Mikhail Glinka's “Patriotic Song” is banned.

CAS sought a balance between WADA's requirement to abandon any connection with Russia and the rights of pure athletes, so the official symbols were banned. But what to do with folk attributes is not clear. "Katyusha" is one of the most popular songs in the world, it is directly associated with Russia and, probably, rivals the anthem in recognition.

In the event that the Russians are awarded in speed skating competitions, instead of the Russian anthem, an excerpt from Pyotr Tchaikovsky's piano concerto No. 1 will be played. They are forced to perform without a flag and anthem until December 16, 2022 due to the sanctions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

“Tchaikovsky's first concert, introduction - this piece of music was sent to the International Skating Union (ISU), today they received a reply that the music was agreed. It will be used when rewarding our athletes at the World Speed ​​Skating and Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships, ”said Varvara Barysheva, Executive Director of the Russian Skating Union (SKR), TASS.

According to her, the music was chosen by the athletes themselves. “We wanted there to be a good reference to our history, works associated with Russia. Something majestic that corresponds to the moment when the athlete stands on the highest step of the podium. This work resonated with our athletes, they did not even doubt it too much, ”said Ms. Barysheva.

On my own behalf, I will add that they will certainly perform the introduction to the concert (the first minutes), which has long been considered the unofficial anthem of Russian culture.

Yes, shame and the bottom at the official level. do you hear about the Russian "reserve flag"?

In general, it is a fierce disgrace to take part in competitions where the organizers prohibit you with state symbols.

It remains only to find out at whose expense these so-called independent athletes will go to the competition?

Will act as the Russian Skating Union.

How biathletes are now under the RBU logo

I believe that the state should not finance commercial sports.

what the fuck is the difference under what these terpily will receive medals?

If they say to suck, then they will suck for sure

The propaganda of homosexuality is visible to the naked eye. Tchaikovsky was homo, and the music of this idiot is played like a hymn.

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