Tahko Finland: what is this resort, useful information for lovers of outdoor activities

Active holidays in Finland: how to relax in an interesting and healthy way

Lahti is a Finnish city where you can breathe easily and live well! And for good reason: an important part of the urban identity of one of the leading centers of Finland, the “gateway” to the Lake District, is sports and sports events at the world level. In the city itself, all objects are within walking distance.

Among the professionals, Lahti is also known for its developments in the field of design and environmental protection, as well as cultural events organized at the highest level.

Sophisticated infrastructure and a convenient location just an hour's drive from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport make Lahti incredibly convenient for sports tourism.

Sports opportunities in Lahti

Lahti Sports Center: capacity - 80,000 people, year-round sports and mass events in winter sports, martial arts, football, athletics.

Lahti Exhibition Center: capacity - 10,000 people. 4 modern halls with a total area of ​​20,000 m² for exhibitions and competitions such as dancing, basketball and floorball.

Vierumäki Olympic Training Center: 5,000 people. Hotel and cottage accommodation, well-equipped facilities for sports training, organization of exhibitions and conferences.

Pajulahti - Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, capacity - 1000 people. Accommodation, equipped rooms for sports training, organization of exhibitions and conferences.

Opening 2018 - Kymi Ring Motor Sports Center - classic FIA/FIM racing track with support services.

The biggest sporting events in Lahti in recent years:

2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (all skiing world championships have been held in Lahti 7 times)

Extreme tourism 2019; and here's what you need to know

Tahko in Finland ranks high on the list of the best ski resorts in the country of the "northern lights". Moreover, it is the closest resort in relation to Russia. Not only our compatriots have a rest here, but Europeans are very fond of this resting place. It is located on a huge territory and in addition to a large number of ski slopes, it can offer other entertainment.

Every tourist in Tahko should:

  • Ride on a sleigh pulled by dogs or deer.
  • Take a snowshoe hike.
  • Go ice skating on a frozen lake.
  • Visit a local disco.
  • Experience traditional Finnish food.
  • Make a cold walk through virgin nature.
  • Go ice fishing.
  • Take a steam bath in the Finnish sauna.
  • Taste Finnish vodka and strong liquor.
  • See the northern lights.

Tahko is equated with the best resorts in the Alps and this justifies its popularity. A group of cheerful friends and people with families will like it here. It is unique in that it is visited all year round.

It is not far from Tahko that there is a famous arena that hosts an opera festival and other events. Nearby there is a no less famous island called Aholansari, which everyone can also visit. There is a unique museum there.

Directions Location

Tahko is located in the very center of Finland. The most common way to get there is via the city of Kuopio. The trip will take less than an hour. Therefore, if tourists do not have personal vehicles, then you can buy a bus ticket that departs from the bus station every hour. On the map of Tahko you can see well, ideal roads and no traffic jams. Experienced tourists are advised to visit this place by private vehicle.

Tahko Ski Resort, one of 75 places where you can ski, but many people choose this place because of the infrastructure and popularity. If you decide to visit it, then you should buy a ticket to Kuopio, and from there get to the resort by bus. Public transport also brings people to and from Silinjärvi to Tahko.

Weather Season

The weather in Tahko is snowy, because Finland is a northern country. For lovers of winter sports, this resort is available from November to April, but in other seasons there are many tourists. The temperature during the winter period does not drop below -15 degrees, which is an advantage for this harsh country. In April, the temperature reaches zero, but this does not prevent skiers from making quick descents and enjoying nature.

Note! Warm clothes and equipment can be bought locally. There are many specialty shops in Tahko. The product is of excellent quality and at reasonable prices. If you want to go ice fishing, buying a fishing rod is also not a problem.

Extreme tourism - in the last few years this direction has received its rebirth in Poland and other EU countries, for more details see the material

Active holidays in Finland are popular, despite the harsh climate of this region. Tourists flood this northern country all year round, but fans of the ski resort visit Finland in winter because there are a huge number of bases for practicing various types of winter sports. In the summer, the Finns also have a lot to offer.

Consider the famous outdoor activities in Finland:

  • Cycling.
  • Kayaks, canoes, rowing boats or motor boats.
  • Sap yoga.
  • Snowmobiling, dog sledding, skiing and snowboarding.
  • Birdwatching etc.

Note! In Finland there is also such entertainment as swimming in salt water while being in a glass capsule. The Finns call this unusual sport floating. Or, you can soar over countless lakes in a wetsuit and have a lot of fun and adrenaline.

You can rent a bike in Finland anywhere, even in the smallest village on the outskirts. You can buy this type of transport at any sports store.

In Finland, sports equipment is of excellent quality. You can just ride around the cities and see the sights, or you can join the marathons that are regularly held on Finnish territory.

Note! Visit the parks on an iron horse, stay overnight in comfortable hotels that will surprise you with their service and reasonable fees.

Kayaks, canoes, rowing boats or motor boats

Finland is a country of lakes and rivers, so it is not surprising that boating sports and entertainment are developed there. There are many safe routes that all tourists ride every year.

Remember that Finnish rivers have a lot of underwater boulders that can cause problems on the track. If you have little experience, then it is better to go down the river with an instructor.

Any type of boat transport can be rented in any national park. I would like to note the good service of Camping Juva, there are many rowboats and motor boats.

In the heart of Lapland is a favorite vacation spot for tourists visiting Finland in winter. Pyhä is a ski resort 130 km from Rovaniemi, famous for its characteristic northern atmosphere and a wide range of leisure options. Then you can find out everything important for a tourist who is planning a vacation in Lapland.

What a resort

Pyhä is a complex of relatively low, gentle hills in northern Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle. The place has always been famous for its incredibly beautiful landscapes and has attracted thousands of tourists. Since 1938, the Pyhätunturi National Park was opened there, which was then merged with the Luosto Park and received the name Pyhä-Luosto.

The resort was opened on the territory of the highest hill (500 meters), now it is a huge complex of various types of winter recreation. It is suitable not only for professional snowboarders and skiers, but also for beginners. It is curious that the Finnish skiing team trains here.

The season here runs from November to April. There is usually a lot of snow, it falls in November-December, further snowfalls are rare, but the weather is clear and frosty.

The complex includes 50 kilometers of ski trails, 250 kilometers of snowmobile tracks, areas on the slopes for professionals and extreme lovers. There is a possibility of skiing on virgin snow.

  • 9 lifts with a capacity of 11,000 people per hour, you can quickly and comfortably move from the foot;
  • children's area;
  • 14 slopes for skiing and snowboarding.

The Pyhä resort in Finland also has comfortable hotels for vacationers with different budgets, sports equipment rentals, restaurants and leisure areas.

Accommodation and meals

Ski-Inn Pyhätunturi is located right on the slope of Pyhä Hill in Finland, the most popular accommodation option for visiting tourists.

The hotel offers guests not only modern rooms, but also a Finnish sauna, free Wi-fi, a gym. Conveniently, there is a restaurant in the hotel itself, and nearby there are equipment rental shops and a ski school that organizes classes for everyone.

Only one and a half kilometers away is the Pyhan Asteli Log Cottages complex, which provides an opportunity to stay in wooden cottages. It is located on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi and is not only a place for tourists, but a whole complex. You can go skiing to the nearby hills, or go canoeing or fishing on the lake.

Polar Finland attracts tourists not only with fabulous Lapland, but also with winter resorts. In the absence of mountain ranges, the Finns were not at a loss, having equipped hills for ski slopes. They laid modern snow slopes, equipped a well-developed infrastructure, successfully coping with European competitors.


family resorts: relaxing, fun, interesting!

Family holidays in Finland can be fun and exciting, as there is plenty of fun for children of all ages and their parents. Before going on a real trip with your child, look at the resorts of Finland on the map. It should be borne in mind that this is a northern country, and part of its territory is located beyond the Arctic Circle. Therefore, in winter, the night in different regions can last from several days to two months, and in summer the sun disappears behind the horizon for a very short time. Usually those who love active winter holidays come here, because you can ski on well-equipped ski slopes from November to March. The review of resorts will tell you more about the peculiarities of this or that region of Finland.

The local cool summer will appeal to those who like to relax in nature, forget about all the problems away from the bustle of the city. Check out the photos of the resorts in this section, which reflect the Finnish flavor and unique northern beauty.

Why choose Finland

The map shows that a third of the country lies beyond the Arctic Circle. But the northern climate with frost and abundant snow does not scare guests who prefer active rest. On the contrary, the long winter is a huge plus that the Finns use to attract tourists.

Alpine skiing is considered a national sport in Finland. In a small northern country, 75 modern ski centers have been built. Reviews of tourists are full of positive. The slopes are generally gentle, wide, comfortable for beginners and intermediate skiers. There are also ski slopes for experienced athletes, where international competitions are held.

The peak of the season is from March to May, when the frosts subside and the weather is comfortable.

Tourists leave great reviews, and their choice is quite understandable:

  • No need to fly far, from Moscow to Helsinki 2 hours flight.
  • In comparison with the promoted resorts in Europe, ski tours to Finland are relatively inexpensive.
  • The ski slopes and service are of a very high quality.
  • You can combine skiing with a trip to Santa Claus for the New Year. Your children will be delighted.

The local exotic is also attractive - the polar night and the fantastic northern lights!

We present an overview of popular resorts.

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