Swimmers' unconditional victory

Sports tourism in carpet

The Vladimir Region Swimming Championship was held in Murom, the Russian Sports Tourism Championship was held in Vladimir, and in Kovrov, on the basis of the V. Degtyarev passed the regional championship in grappling. Details will be provided by the "Sports Review".

The Championship of Russia in sports tourism was held in Vladimir.

Athletes from 13 regions of the country took part in the skiing competitions, which were held in the Druzhba Park. On the track - 90 athletes from all over Russia, including the Republics of Komi and Mari-El, from the Moscow and Sverdlovsk regions.

The Vladimir region was represented by four athletes: Dmitry Seliverstov, Anton Aksyonov, Sergey Lukashov (Kovrov, CDT "Azimut", head S. Zorin) and Sergey Iudin (Ameshkovo).

According to the results of the competition, the athletes of the CDT "Azimut" took the 7th team place.

On March 10 and 11, in the sports hall of the Zvezda Sports Complex, the regular matches of the Kovrov City Mini-Football Championship took place, which ended as follows: Major League: Olympic - Juventus 9: 5, FC ZiD-2 "-" Vympel "10: 4, FC" ZiD "-" Geyser "8: 4," Traktor "-" FK B "6:14. First League: Universal - Luch 5: 5, Standard - District 4: 7, Rodina - Impulse 2: 3. Second League: Leader - Magnus 4: 9.

From 6 to 9 March, the Polyathlon World Championship and Championship took place in the city of Sasovo. Pupils of coach D. Remkin with the following results:

World Championship:

6th place - Svetlana Novikova

World Championship among boys and girls, juniors and juniors:

Russian Ski Track

On February 13, a sports festival took place on the city ski track as part of the All-Russian mass ski race "Ski Track of Russia - 2021". The competition was attended by about 350 people. Boys 2003-2006 1st place - Yegor Smirnov 2nd place - Yegor Timaev 3rd place - Alexander Butylev

Girls 2003-2006 1st place - Yulia Mutsyleva 2nd place - Anastasia Tikhonova 3rd place - Yulia Khryukina

Men 1971 ... and older 1st place - Pavel Butylev 2nd place - Alexander Shashkov 3rd place - Andrey Sevastyanov

Women 1971 ... and older 1st place - Lydia Pavlova 2nd place - Svetlana Senkina 3rd place - Tatiana Kolesnikova

Women 1972-2002 1st place - Tatiana Lavova 2nd place - Yulia Chelysheva 3rd place - Galina Zhukova

Men 1972-2002 1st place - Artem Pavlov 2nd place - Mikhail Kolesnikov 3rd place - Dmitry Zhivkov

Boys 2014 and younger 1st place - Dmitry Bolotov 2nd place - Makar Cherkasov 3rd place - Egor Galaktionov

Boys 2015. 2nd place - Savely Amiyants

Girls 2014 and younger 1st place - Victoria Sadova 2nd place - Polina Kosheleva

Discounts for fitness lovers!

Discounts on subscriptions for those in love with fitness! Two subscriptions with a big discount only on February 13 and 14 for two: For a year: 14,000 rubles each. For six months: 7,000 rubles each.

Work on your relationships, shape and health in the State

8 919 002 18 18 derzhava33. u st. Lopatin, 4 - DK im. Lenin

Healthy fasting according to the IZOTON system History and benefits of Unloading and dietary therapy

History of healthy fasting and unloading diet therapy. Recovery and treatment. Why are they officially recognized by the Ministry of Health of the USSR and the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation not finding proper support from doctors? The history of medical fasting from ancient times to the present. Healthy fasting according to the IZOTON system as the most effective means for quickly getting rid of fat mass while preserving muscle mass.


SVPC Derzhava, represented by the director of the center Burov Ilya Vladimirovich, and the Laboratory of Sports Adaptology named after Professor V.N.Seluyanov, represented by the head of the laboratory sector, Andrei Vladimirovich Antonov, is recruiting a group of 15 people to participate in a commercial project on the use of healthy fasting in fitness in order to reduce fat mass, with minimal loss of muscle mass, and achieve pronounced health-improving effect, confirmed by blood tests.

Research program: The experimental group for 10 days carries out fasting on water, according to the program "Health-improving fasting according to the IZOTON system".

This program provides for the performance during fasting of daily strength training in the sports center "DERZHAVA" and a large amount of aerobic work and the intake of adaptogens according to an individual scheme in order to enter the state of "activation reaction", which is unique in terms of the general healthful effect of a nonspecific adaptive state of the organism, discovered by the Soviet oncologists DMN L. Kh. Garkavi, DMN M. Ukolova and DBN E.B. Kvakina.

The state of the body will be monitored by taking blood tests for a leukocyte formula (@medline_kovrov special cost 160 rubles for project participants) and filling out specialized questionnaires.

Before the start of fasting, a lecture will be held on the hygienic regime and physiological characteristics of a person's condition in a state of fasting.

The press service of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Kovrov Mayor's Office informs about the events in the sports life of the city this week.

From February 21 to February 24, the Central Federal District championship in hand-to-hand fighting among boys and girls 12-13, 14-15, 16-17 years old, juniors and juniors 18-21 years old was held in Ryazan. 501 people took part in the competition. The residents of Kovrov, the pupils of the coach A. V. Koshelev, took part in these competitions and won prizes in their categories: 1st place - Saina Ismatullaeva; 3rd place - Fedor Badaev, Andrey Linyaev, Daniil Trushkov received a prize for the will to win.

On February 19, in the sports and recreation complex of the city of Vladimir, within the framework of the Special Olympiad for children with disabilities of the Vladimir region, a mini-football tournament among girls was held. The competition was attended by 6 teams from Vladimir, Gus-Khrustalny, Kolchugin, Vyaznikov. The honor of the city of Kovrov was defended by the pupils of the correctional boarding school and coach LB Andreeva. At the group stage, our girls beat Vyaznikov's team and drew with Vladimir's team, but in the final they lost to their rivals from Gus-Khrustalny, as a result, second place. Anastasia Korotkova from Kovrov was recognized as the best player of the tournament.

On February 22, in the sports hall of the Vympel (Zvezda) sports complex, the first matches of the city stage of the All-Russian Football Tournament of Cities of Military Glory and Hero Cities "Combat Glory Field" among children's teams were held. and younger, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. Dobrograd beat Dinu with a score of 9: 2, and Degtyarevets beat the CHF-Champions team with a large score. The next matches of the tournament will take place on March 7th.

On February 22, in the sports hall "Sports Factory", the matches of the first round of the winter Kovrov City Cup in mini-football among adult teams were held: "VFD" - "Atlant-Ekograd", 9: 7; FC ZiD - Red Green, 11: 2; Atlant - Ascona, 5: 2; Juventus - Impulse, 5:11.

Upcoming matches announced: February 29th. 18:00 VFD - Red Green 19:00 FC ZiD - Atlant-Ecograd 20:00 Atlant - Impulse 21:00 Juventus - Ascona

On February 23, Dobrograd hosted a mini-football tournament "Stars of Dobrograd". Young men born in 2007-2008 competed. Fans of mini-football received a lot of positive emotions on this holiday. Stubborn and beautiful play of teams on every piece of the field added drive and intrigue in all matches.

Results of games: 1. "Ray-Athlete" (Vyazniki) 2. "Dobrograd" (Dobrograd) 3. "Edge" (Gus-Khrustalny) 4. "Dynamo" (Petushki) 5. "Atlant" (p. Melekhovo) 6. "Dyussh" ( Shuya)

Best forward Ilya Serov (Dynamo) Best goalkeeper Vlad Filomatov (Border) Best defender Maxim Nikolaev (Dobrograd) Best player - Dmitry Sergeev (Luch-Athlete)

Nobody was left without gifts. The teams that took 4th, 5th, 6th place received certificates and prizes. Prizewinners and winners were awarded cups and medals of various denominations.

From February 21 to February 23, a tennis tournament from the RTT series was held at the Orlovsky Park Hotel (Moscow). A resident of Kovrov, a pupil of the Vympel school, Nikita Vorobyov won 1st place.

On February 19-21, Moscow hosted a sports school championship in artistic gymnastics, dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day. The competition was attended by 10 students "SSh". Daria Mironova, 2012, took 2nd place in the individual championship (coach L.N. Popova).

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