Submariners are made here

Where to run in Obninsk: parks, routes, races

On the way to the Naval Training Center, where submarine crews are trained, I recalled a very bearded anecdote. The submarine has lost orientation, does not know where it is. The commander orders to raise the periscope and report the situation.

- 40 degrees from the port side - I see a merchant ship! - says the chief executive officer. “Two torpedoes,” the commander gives the order. - Now the "merchant" will start drowning, will give SOS, and will broadcast his coordinates. Write it down, but for the last time!

Underwater Laughter

Captain 1st rank Mikhail Volozhinsky, head of the training center, knew this anecdote.

- It has nothing to do with reality: it cannot be, because it can never be. But the anecdote is funny. And I have a good attitude to funny anecdotes. Including for practical reasons. On long voyages, laughter is very important for submariners, it keeps them in good shape.

- But seriously, what character traits are important for a diver?

- Seriously, apart from purely professional knowledge and skills, without which people don't take a boat on a boat, it is firmness, decisiveness, responsibility. Kindness and justice, without which it is very difficult in a closed team, when the boat goes under water for a hundred days. There is another category that is difficult to explain: reliability. There are well-designed mechanisms that can withstand double, triple loads. It's the same with humans. Well, I also need love for the sea. To the very sea, which submariners, as a rule, do not see at all during the trip. These are the people we train here. 17 to 24 crews annually.

Sea and Land

The Naval Training Center, 680 kilometers from the nearest sea (Baltic), was established in Obninsk in 1954. And it is no coincidence. Two years earlier, the party and the government ordered the creation of an atomic submarine fleet in the country, and the world's first nuclear power plant was operating in Obninsk. In those years, the task of the center was to train officers and foremen who were in charge of the nuclear power plant. Academician Aleksandrov himself, the second person in the country "by atom" after Kurchatov, gave lectures to the sailors at that time. After 10 years, already full crews began to be trained in Obninsk, including commanders, weapons specialists, signalmen, acoustics, navigators. To make it clear: the crew of the diesel-electric submarine - 60 people. The crew of the nuclear - up to 170 people.

Crews of two types get to the training center. The first is newly formed boats for newly built boats. The second - already put together and well-coordinated, on the boat of which the replacement crew left the sea. So that skills are not lost, they are also driven to the seventh sweat here.

Amateur running in Obninsk began to develop actively when the first Atomic Marathon was held. A group of enthusiasts, with the support of the administration, managed to organize a real celebration of running along the blocked streets of the country's first science city.

Street runners are ubiquitous today. Obninsk is a modern, compact city with a large number of green spaces, it is also called “a city in a forest” or “a forest in a city”.

Atomic marathon. Photo: Tatiana Polous

Guryanovsky forest

Not so long ago, the forest was put in order, cleaned out, and local lighting was made. And it has become a pleasant and safe place for the rest of the townspeople and for the training of athletes.

  • Area: about 37 hectares.
  • Circle length: 2.3 km.
  • Coverage: poured paths of fine stone, which perfectly pass water, you can run in any weather.

Attractions: playgrounds, various small architectural forms.

Where is: the geographical center of the city, near Lyashenko, Mira, Komarov, Guryanov streets. Landmark - Fedorovskaya meteorological mast 340 m high, it can be seen from everywhere.

Belkinsky Park

Traditionally, the park is kept in good condition, guarded and removed from garbage. It is convenient for walking with children.

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