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Argamach-Palna archaeological camp

Argamach-Palna - a little-known corner of Russia

If someday the path of a traveler runs somewhere in the Lipetsk region, he will not be lazy and will look into a beautiful place called Argamach-Palna. A modern man in his life assigns too little role to unity with nature, and a trip to Argamach is a great chance to break away from urban everyday life for a few days.

Argamach-Palna - what is it?

Palna is a village near the town of Yelets in the Lipetsk region. Argamach is an archaeological camp, a tourist base, an open-air museum and just a good place near the village of Palna. In the summer, a children's archaeological camp is organized there, where children usefully spend time, mastering the profession of an archaeologist and developing a museum, excursions are made to pass a certain "Path of Health". In the rest of the year, you can come there in a company, settle in a yurt, take a steam bath and thus spend time with your soul.

In the lap of nature

In Argamach, it does not catch mobile communications at all, and if it does, it is very bad. But this is for the best - nothing interferes with a pleasant stay! It will also provide you with an informational detox.

The hotel complex is still under construction, and you can settle in a yurt during your rest. Those who have never seen such structures will definitely like to live there. A yurt is a cylindrical semblance of a Mongolian tent, but more adapted to our weather conditions. In the middle of the yurt there is a small stove heated with wood, which allows you to stay warm even in winter. It also has beds and a table - what else do you need for a comfortable stay? There is also a barbecue for cooking barbecue and the opportunity to visit the Russian (unfortunately, electric) bath. But even in it you can warm yourself up and take a steam bath.

As for the tourist goals, you won't be bored even here. The well-developed path of the "Path of Health" includes a hike through the forest, the endless hills of the Russian Black Earth Region, the passage of several shallow rivers ford to the healing spring and back. In total, this trip takes 6-8 hours of time. Of course, the path is not easy, but it's worth it!

You can also walk around the area and visit some interesting places:

  • Reconstruction of a Russian medieval city (under construction).
  • Several reconstructions of ancient people's dwellings.
  • A pagan temple.
  • Playground with Russian attractions. Particular attention is drawn to the carousel, which consists of a pillar and a wheel on it, to which ropes with seat boards are attached. Riding on such a structure is insanely fun!

As you know, we have been taking part in the opera about Tamerlane for a number of years. All these years we are terribly oppressed by the fact that we are like Tamerlane's nukers like a hedgehog to a crow. However, with the vigilantes of Fedor Yeletsky, the picture is no less depressing. Also, during all this time, the guys from VIK "Letopis" suggested holding an event on this topic. However, we had neither the opportunities nor a clear task, why do this besides participating in the opera. render completely. There will be no opera this year, it was decided to hold it in a year, and we managed to think it over in more detail. By the way, other wonderful guys arrived, archaeologists from NPO Chernozemye, who, by an incredible coincidence, not only unearthed a number of objects related to Tamerlane's invasion of our land, but are also currently building the Argamach-Palna archaeological park. These two vectors, united together, produced such an event. Colonological reenactment picnic Tamerlane's Boots ":)

Chief Tatar -. om/nickolkaaa, he is also the mastermind. And we will be in the wings and take over the entire technical side of the event. those interested, unsubscribe here, in the near future we will remake the group for an event and create a section on the ODUR forum.

A small report on the first part (September 7-10, 2015) of the second expedition to Altai in search of the most beautiful villages, gastronomic identity and selection of rural guest houses for the international association Accueil Paysan (Peasant Hospitality). There was a desire to upload photos and share impressions every day during the trip, but it turned out to be quite difficult, because we usually returned after 9 pm and there was not always access to the Internet. render completely.

It is rather difficult to explain from the first or even the second time what we mean by beautiful villages. We are offered preserved old houses, museums, churches and folklore. All this is certainly important, but we focus on the integrity of the original appearance of the villages. The second trip turned out to be more productive in terms of finding beautiful villages, but it made the trip itself more difficult. In 4 days we have visited 6 districts, visiting about 15 villages and villages and more than 5 guest houses. If last time we focused on the study of two districts - Charyshsky and Krasnoshchekovsky, this time we were looking more intensively and in a more focused way for villages with a significant heritage.

Our route: Barnaul - Srostki (homeland of Shukshin) - Krasnogorskoe - Topolnoe - Sibiryachikha - Makaryevka - Kuyagan - Tourak - Starobelokurikha - Verkh-Anuyskoe - Novopokrovka - Quick source (homeland of Zolotukhin) - Akutikha - Barnaul. Naturally, it was very, very interesting to visit the homeland of Vasily Makarovich, because Shukshin for the fans of the village is a legend and a genius. People everywhere are good and we are all very grateful for the warm welcome, but only as great lovers of delicious food, we were very impressed with lunch in Sibiryachikha. Shchi cooked in the oven (barley with meat), millet porridge with egg and bird cherry pie will forever remain in our hearts!

It is very sad that villagers usually do not notice, do not understand and do not appreciate the riches that surround them. They think they need five-star hotels, warm toilets and exclusively asphalt roads to attract tourists. But this is not necessarily the case, you do not need to try to become the second Switzerland, you need to remain the first Sibiryachikha or Charyshsky and it will be very interesting for tourists. No need to try to please guests by offering them the usual Caesar salad, it is better to cook a local dish, tell its history, add local legends, myths and other tales, and you will make an indelible impression. We see this problem everywhere - when asked about local recipes and food products that are the pride of local cuisine, we get the answer everywhere - honey, bread and maybe cheese. This is too corny, friends!

This time we managed to find a village that came close to applying for membership in the Association - this is the village of Kuyagan. In the center of the village there is a very beautiful building of the village administration, a former school and residential buildings, but next to the village administration there are towers with television antennas, which, unfortunately, greatly spoil the view.

Well, and, of course, a very pleasant moment of the expedition and its final chord was a trip along the Ob and an ear on its shore. Thanks to the leadership of the Bystroistok district and the guys from Akutikha!

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