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Environmental issues

K. Uzmin. Seven circles of hell of Russian fish

The author has fished in four dozen countries located on all continents. I communicated with both guides and athletes, and with many ordinary fishermen in the field. And I noticed that in the absolute majority of these countries, including those that are below Russia in terms of socio-economic development, the issue of poaching has been more or less successfully resolved, and it is easier to catch serious fish than in our country. Why is that? We need to figure it out.

Through native spaces

A. olomian. Withering lotus engulfed ...

Every year the author tries to spend some time on the famous Volga peals. And he goes there not for trophy prey, but because of the unique specifics of catching predatory fish.

N. ebedev. Khopyor chub. Rendezvous at the end of summer

Every year, when the author comes to the largest tributary of the Don - the Khoper River, he appears in a new guise. The once catching places are tightened with sand, the chub's camps are changing, so you have to look for new fishing spots. But this only makes fishing more exciting.

Northwest Fishing

M. ezhdanov. Alaskan Trophy - Comfortable Health

The author is testing a special suit for "near-zero" conditions, which appeared on the Russian market only this year. This is, in principle, a rare format for our country. Rather a European theme. But the past winter on the territory of the European part of Russia showed that this type of costume can be very relevant.

Fishing methods

Law is law

A. olomian. The dictatorship of self-isolation, or how I created my home body of water

When you want to go fishing, and it's high time for this, but everything and everyone is shackled by coronavirus restrictions, the author offers a simple way out that does not violate the prohibitions.

Northwest Fishing

K. Kuzmin. Another Kola

Two factions can be distinguished among Russian fishermen who practice long-distance travel. These are "southerners" and "northerners". The first are heading for Astrakhan or Abkhazia. And the second is nicer Russian North - Karelia, Kola, Taimyr. And although the author considers himself to be a "southerner", but still no, no, and he moves in the opposite direction - to the North. And there he is not waiting for salmon, no, but the princess of Kola - brown trout, swift grayling and a special local pike.

M. orovin. Kolsky. August. Trout

At the end of July, at the latitude of Murmansk, the polar day dies - the sun ceases to stay above the horizon for 24 hours. But until August 15, there will be another season of white nights. The most important time in the life of the brown trout is approaching - spawning. The fish is drawn to the spawning grounds, acquires a breeding color, and is looking for a mate. And you can catch it until September 1, and only later - the spawning ban.

Recreation center "Svirskaya": brilliant location!

Effective fishing in summer and winter in the Leningrad Region is the main strong point of the Svirskaya base. It is well located: Ladoga is the best fishing place in the Leningrad Region, and if you have never fished on the Svir River, you should definitely go here.

Market Watch

The Simms G4 2020 Collection

Fishing is not only a hobby and passion, an active form of recreation, but also an active sports activity. In Russia, sport fishing is a relatively young but rapidly developing sport. What is the difference between an amateur fisherman and an athlete?

The development of sport-friendly fishing societies began in pre-revolutionary Russia. The International Fishing Sports Federation has existed since 1952. More than 40 clubs from different countries of the world are registered here. Sport fishing adheres to the main philosophy - catch, release! Along with this, respect for the caught prey, without causing damage and helping to find freedom. Some countries practice the “catch-pay!” System, paying organizations a certain amount for the captured trophy.

Recreational and sport fishing

For an amateur, the process itself is important, when you can be alone with yourself, plunge into silence or spend a vacation with friends. The sports angler has a slightly different attitude towards fishing. This kind of sport requires respect for the fish. At the same time, for sport fishing, it is important to catch as many individuals as possible in number, and at the end of the competition, the catch is released back into the reservoir. This is the key difference between sport fishing and recreational fishing.

Sport Fishing

Professional sport fishing is characterized by passion for sports, and as a sport, it acts as an active process. It is not typical for an athlete to sit for hours at one location - the passive method of fishing is replaced by a constant change of places, fishing principles, and lures. How prepared an athlete is technically, what kind of experience and training he has - all this determines the position in the "standings".

In addition, athletes follow specific established rules and use permitted sets of equipment. One lure for spinning or a float rod with a jig - everything is determined by the organizers. Sports fishing does not allow any additional tools in the form of echo sounders, electronic lures and other things.

The sports angler must have perseverance, endurance, concentration and dexterity. However, these qualities are also typical for the amateur angler, but in sport fishing this is an integral part of victory. The angler-athlete develops a clear plan and strictly acts on it while the competition lasts.

Fishing Events

Sport fishing is gaining popularity at city, state, federal and national levels. Qualifying competitions are accompanied by the assignment of ranks and titles. There are several types of competitions:

  • Spinning is the most exciting type of fishing (with a twister, wobbler or lure).
  • Bottom and float fishing are classics of sport fishing. It is easy to fish here, and the tackle is not expensive.
  • Mugs - luring predatory fish with live bait. The bait is hooked onto a large wooden float.
  • Fly fishing is a relatively recent trend. The use of artificial flies, special fly rods and tapered lines is available here.
  • On the jig - a hook with a decorated sinker. It is carried out on winter fishing, similar to float fishing.
  • Lane - fishing is done from a boat. Here you can fish from any depth.

A dynamic developing life makes you constantly move, which includes recreation, travel, sports and fishing. The main thing is to hone your skills and become a professional in your field - and then why not share your abilities and acquired knowledge of Astrakhan fishing in the "Photo Album" section.

Northwest Fishing

F. ukharev, G. elyag. On the expanses of our northern seas

If you are a lover of romance, if you are attracted by the endless expanses of the sea, if you are not afraid of great depths, this article is for you! It is difficult to imagine the feeling of more freedom, more space than on a cod sea fishing. You realize that you are not just at sea - you are in the Arctic Ocean, of which the Barents and White Seas are an integral part.

M. Perov. Pike fishing in the Gulf of Finland in the post-spawning period

Where to start the spinning season early? On the Gulf of Finland, where, according to the current rules, there is no ban on pike at all. Yes, yes, there it is not ranked among the fish prohibited for catch in the spring. What is the reason for this? Perhaps because the Gulf of Finland is a salmon reservoir, and therefore the pike, as a devourer of salmon juveniles, was not included in the ban. But the fact remains.

Fishing methods

S. Akulich. Spring and late autumn "party meetings" of pike at the reservoir

Unlike pike perch and perch, which are often found in the vastness of reservoirs in flocks of various numbers, pike prefers to hunt alone in its isolated territory. But the author was able to identify two periods when the toothy can form quantitative accumulations of different sizes in local areas of the reservoir, which in fishing circles are called "party meetings".

A. Kolomiets. About hunting, chub, ultralight and fly fishing

When we fish with a float, we just wait for a bite. And when we see with our own eyes the object that we are catching, this is, excuse me, really hunting! And the author decided to tell separately about the hunting for chub with fly fishing and spinning of the ultralight class.

Tackle & Tactics

M. Yakhontov. Pulse spots

Fishing is very popular among the male population, and therefore, many prefer to organize special tourism. Some travel companies are happy to offer you a ready-made package of tours, which will include a variety of fishing spots and lodging houses.

Tourism and fishing

When organizing tourism on your own, you need to be well prepared and collect all the necessary equipment. Unfortunately, today's youth is not as keen on this type of activity as it was in previous generations, but now the standard of living is completely different. But if you belong to the category of people who cannot imagine life without this craft, then you should think about a trip to Finland or to your native land. There are an incredible number of lakes and rivers on the territory of Russia. However, European countries offer no less interesting places. And the main reason why fishermen go to a foreign country is to catch "overseas fish".

The Bundeswehr Flektarn Park will come in handy on your trip, using which you will be protected from the cold and feel as comfortable as possible. One way or another, you will have to move through forests or plains, and this will require additional devices. Numerous pockets will also be needed when fishing.

Tour features

Finland is known to have thousands of lakes and bodies of water, so you may be using boats and other means of transport. Going to a neighboring country, you should also take into account the laws, breaking which you face a considerable fine. It is worth noting here that fishing in Russia gives you more freedom. For example, in Finland, it is forbidden to light fires, and indeed in some European countries you need to buy a special fishing license. In the post-Soviet space, you can go anywhere and fish as much as you want.

As for the most popular places, Seliger has been attracting increased attention in Russia for a long time. If earlier only fishermen liked to rest here, today ordinary tourists also come here. And numerous companies build campings, cottages and simple houses for rent here. Also, tourist bases are being built, where there is all the necessary equipment for active pastime.

Traveling around the world can bring maximum pleasure, and no one bothers you to take your fishing rods with you in order to come to the lake in the evening and relax.

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