Short quotes about sports

Short quotes about sports

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We are all looking forward to summer. After all, summer is a vacation, it is the sea and the beach. The only thing that can slightly darken our mood is the unpreparedness of our body for the summer season. To ensure that our reflection in the mirror always pleases us, there are many ways. Today I would like to talk about one of them, namely sports and fitness. Quotes about sports.

Exercise is not only beneficial for our body, it gives an incredible charge of vivacity, optimism, improves mood, develops perseverance and the ability to overcome difficulties. All this is aptly and accurately said in quotes and aphorisms about sports. Read more: Quotes about time.

Sports quotes

“Nothing depletes and destroys the human body like physical inaction” (Aristotle).

“Thousands and thousands of times I have restored health to my patients through exercise” (Claudius Galen).

“You must definitely shake yourself up physically in order to be morally healthy” (Leo Tolstoy).

“With diligent mental work without movement and bodily labor - sheer grief” (Leo Tolstoy).

“As the cloth workers clean the cloth, knocking it out of dust, so gymnastics cleanses the body” (Hippocrates).

“Gymnastics, physical exercises, walking should firmly enter the everyday life of everyone who wants to maintain efficiency, health, full and joyful life” (Hippocrates).

What is sailing and what is it to eat with? Share a cool quote with your friends - it will definitely surprise them! Sailing statuses that you can only admire.


What could be better than catching the wind and racing ahead? Quotes about sails and sailing that will impress you!

The sea is my life

Statuses about marine life, which not everyone is given to comprehend - share wise words about your hobby!

  • I'm not saying that life on the shore is boring and disgusting, but I would prefer the sea under sail!
  • The best sailboats go to those who yearn for the sea ...
  • Once caught in the sea nets - you can never be a land rat!
  • Those born to swim on the shore die ...
  • Speed, drive and a storm of emotions - that's what this is sailing!
  • Sometimes I just feel like it rolls over me ... the desire to quickly spread the sails.
  • I am a simple person, I don't need much ... A good yacht and an endless horizon is enough for me!
  • The tremor of the sails carrying you towards victory cannot be compared with anything!
  • Pre-dawn haze, you and your vessel - that's what I dream about on the shore.
  • An unbearable breakdown begins for yachtsmen on the shore. And nothing can interrupt this withdrawal. Alcohol helps, but not for long.
  • There are things that are almost impossible to describe in words. For example, love or a sense of victory. They just are, they speak for themselves, but they do not say anything. Sailing is also one of those things.
  • As you live your life, you are disappointed in many things that you passionately believed in 5-10 years ago. But you will never be disappointed in sailing!
  • Give up the mooring lines! We sail to win!
  • The sea is a dream. One big endless dream ... It is impossible to become a yachtsman without being a dreamer.
  • Raising the sails, catching the tailwind and racing towards victory is the best that a person can experience.
  • The sailors created this world as you know it. And now we just have to compete with each other in speed ...

Sports for all sports!

Quotes about sailing that you just want to share in your status!

  • A young man who is keen on sailing is a honey song for my soul.
  • When a sailor cries, not tears flow from him, but sea water!
  • If you are not sure that you can swim through all the failures, then you have nothing to do in the sea!
  • The sea speaks a language that intellectuals can never understand!
  • Sailing is a small life. The wind is the thoughts in your head. Sails are your knowledge. And the ship is yourself.
  • The smart will not go at sea, the smart will bypass the sea!
  • Sailing is more a team sport than you can imagine!
  • Sailing is a special image life. And believe me, such a life is much more worthy of a person than anything else.
  • On board your sailboat you can achieve much more than vegetating on the shore ...
  • Optimists expect a fair wind. Pessimists give up. And the realists are tacking!
  • Sea water flows in me, not blood. I was born to conquer the waves!
  • If you hoisted the sail aimlessly, it’s worthless for you and your sail!
  • The sea always knows where you messed up!
  • The sea is an aggressive world. Only the best survive here. Sailing is not for weaklings.
  • A good yachtsman always has fair winds.
  • The land exists solely so that there is where to build yachts!
  • Sailing in the sea before a storm is the only battle with God in which a person is able to win.
  • The difference between a sailor and a yachtsman is about the same as between God and infinity.
  • The yachtsman is an artist. He lives passionately and is not afraid that it might ruin him!
  • I hate the storm, but it is thanks to the storms that I find peace ...
  • The sea washes out the falseness from a person, everyone becomes who they are!

“When it's hard for me, I always remind myself that if I give up, it won't get better,” said world boxing legend Mike Tyson. We have selected the most motivating statements of famous Russian and foreign athletes so that you will never give up.

Mike Tyson

If a person gets up after a fall, it's not physics, it's character.

Mike Tyson has been helping older comrades to steal since he was ten, and was beaten at home. Mike decided to become a boxer when he was 13, and won his first victory in the ring at 15.

You are nothing without discipline! Someday you will meet a tough guy who can take your best hits. And he will continue to attack, because he is strong. Do not lose your fortitude and courage. This is where discipline comes into play.

Tyson will face problems with the law, he will be treated for alcohol and drug addiction. And yet, "Iron Mike" will become one of the most famous boxers in the world and set several world records.

The coach always told me: "You have to defeat everyone, you are able to do it, but what happens when they beat you, can you handle it?" And I know I can.

Mohammed Ali

The impossible is nothing.

Cassius Clay, better known as Mohammed Ali, flew to his first Olympic Games wearing a parachute - the future superhero suffered from aerophobia and refused to board the plane without "safety net". Then there was an Olympic gold medal and three world heavyweight titles.

The most difficult fight is when you have to fight for happiness with laziness.

Sports quotes

Big sport is not only a loss of the best years, but also prize money.

Big sport begins where health care ends.

Those who quit exercising often wither away, because the strength of their organs is weakened by the refusal to move.

Faster. Higher. Stronger. Cleverer.

A healthy mind is in a healthy body.

In the mass development of physical culture and sports, I see one of the best options in the battle for human health, his creative activity and longevity.

At the heart of sports is the idle interest of connoisseurs of unique fights.

Too little spirit fits in too healthy a body.

In sports, megalomania helps badly. But persecution mania helps a lot.

Sometimes in sports it seems like a clean victory, but you still can't wash it off.

As the cloth workers clean the cloth, knocking it out of dust, so gymnastics cleanses the body.

Karate is a martial art in which people, after many years of training, are able, using only their arms and legs, to create some of the worst films in world history.

Useful: Sports for life: Aphorisms about sports

“Motus vita est. (Movement is life.)

“Oh sport! You are peace, progress, joy, justice, challenge, nobility, pleasure, architect, fruitfulness. "

“The main thing is not victory, but participation.”

"For proportionality, beauty and health, not only education in the field of science and art is required, but also physical exercises and gymnastics throughout your life."

"Gymnastics is the healing part of medicine."

“An agile, fast man. Proud of his slender body. who has been in Sydney for a century, is subject to all flaws. "

“Be friends with gymnastics, always be cheerful, And you will live a hundred years, and maybe more. ikstours, powders - a false path to health. Treat yourself to nature - in the garden and in the open field. "

"A person who exercises in a moderate and timely manner does not need any treatment aimed at eliminating the disease."

"With exercise and abstinence, most people can do without medicine."

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