Reduction of arms in the butterfly trainer for pectoral muscles while sitting: which muscles work? Correct execution technique

Butterfly kick

The bear butterfly got its name from the appearance of the caterpillar, which is covered with thick hairs that resemble bear fur. Large fur lumps really look more like animal cubs than insects.

Features of family

All female bears are relatively large. They have a plump body. The front wings are triangular in shape, in most species they are brightly colored. The hind wings are smaller and often have a modest coloration. A calm or resting bear butterfly folds its wings into a house, hiding their brightness.

An important feature inherent in the entire family is toxicity. The blood of these butterflies has a bitter taste - this is for those who did not understand the signal of the variegated wings and nevertheless decided to attack. Most venomous creatures look catchy, as if warning predators about their peculiarity. It is difficult to digest such prey, it can cause irritation in the digestive system or allergies.

Young people are no less protected. The caterpillar of a bear butterfly not only has bitter poisonous blood, but also its hairs emit a strong irritating substance. Not only should you not chew it, but even touch it. Thanks to this feature, both adult butterflies and caterpillars have practically no natural enemies.


Before turning into butterflies, the caterpillars have a lot of work to do and an important task - to gorge themselves for the future. Therefore, they are omnivorous and gluttonous. Caterpillars eat shrubs and herbaceous plants, tree foliage. This damages the plantings.

Before pupation, the caterpillar weaves a loose silky cocoon. She weaves her own fallen hairs into the walls. The pupa is motionless inside the cocoon.

Bear Butterfly Lifestyle

Bears are distributed all over the world. Entomologists know about 11 thousand species representing the family of bears. At least 60 species of these butterflies live in the European part of Russia.

Most female bears are nocturnal or evening, but there are certain species that are awake during the day, although such a minority.

It is noteworthy that the female bears have no developed mouth apparatus at all. Adult sexually mature individuals - adults - do not eat food.

At one point, many people have a desire to start playing sports - this is very commendable, because sports are what makes us stronger, strengthens our body and spirit.

This article will tell you in detail about all the intricacies of physical exercise and introduce you to the technique of converging hands in the butterfly simulator.


For every big business, in order to make it a reality, you need the right attitude and your own special motivation, which will constantly move you forward and not let you pay attention to past failures.

As one wise philosopher said, "I see the goal - I see no obstacles."

First, you should ask yourself a question, what is my goal for starting sports, and what results do I want to achieve?

After you answer your question, visualize in your head the result you want to achieve and then start working on the result.

Machine setup

Before you start actively loading the body with physical activity, you should correctly set up the simulators, because your result will depend on them.

First, set the seat correctly where you will be doing the exercise. Set it in such a way that it is comfortable for you to correctly bring your hands together in front of your chest.

From an anatomical point of view, this is very important, because the correct position of the hands guarantees an even load on the muscles and, accordingly, their pumping.

The back of the simulator must be well fixed and not move, because during the exercise, each shift of the back to the side can lead to trauma to the muscles of the back or chest.

If you do not have the opportunity to lean on the back, then take an even position of your back and strain it as much as possible.

Butterfly expander is an alternative to expensive gym visits. With a minimum expenditure of money, time and effort, you can get sufficient loads on all muscle groups - they will give the body a toned and beautiful look.

Butterfly expander is popular among girls - often there is no time for active sports and visits to fitness centers. The trainer will help you stay in shape, and your figure will look stunning in any clothes.

What is an expander

You are probably familiar with the expander for training the muscles of the arms - it is often used by people whose work is connected with a computer. The butterfly expander covers and trains a much larger complex of muscles:

  • chest ,
  • back ,
  • internal thigh muscles,
  • press,
  • triceps.

The butterfly is easy to figure out and start training the same day.

The body will gradually begin to require large loads, but the disadvantage of the butterfly expander is that there is no regulation in it that allows you to increase the voltage.

How the expander works

Like any other simulator, the butterfly expander requires simple rules to be followed to achieve the effect:

  • Proper nutrition, light diet - do not deny yourself protein, but limit the use of unhealthy foods;
  • Regular exercise - do not feel sorry for yourself, devote more time to training, and soon you will feel the result;
  • For certain muscle groups, special exercises are needed - only if you perform them, the expander will begin to bear fruit.

Butterfly expander evenly distributes the load to the entire body. With it, you will keep your muscles in good shape, dispensing with expensive exercise equipment and visiting the gym.


The butterfly simulator is aimed at developing the pectoral muscles. Working in this machine is very similar to stretching with dumbbells on a horizontal bench or bringing your arms together in a crossover. The undoubted advantage of this simulator is that its design allows you to work with the pectoral muscles with minimal involvement of the auxiliary muscles in the work. An interesting fact is that the butterfly trainer is actually called a "pack-deck", and the exercise itself is called a butterfly because of the movement performed by the athlete, reminiscent of the flapping of the wings of this insect.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Butterfly Chest Exercise

For a gym newbie whose goal is to gain muscle mass, this machine is not a good option. It is not designed to build pectoral muscle mass. The pack-deck is an option for experienced athletes who work on muscle quality with the right volume, and, of course, for those whose workouts are aimed at losing weight or maintaining physical fitness, as well as women.

Of the significant drawbacks of the butterfly trainer, a fixed trajectory can be noted. This prevents the pectoral muscles from working at the desired angle.

What muscles work when mixing in a pack deck

The target muscles that work in the butterfly trainer are the pectoralis major muscles. The emphasis of the load falls on the central part of the pectoral muscles. Also, the anterior bundle of deltoid muscles and the anterior dentate muscles cannot be excluded from the work. If we really delve into the anatomy, then we can take into account the tension of the pectoralis minor, lats, trapezius and rotator cuff muscles, but their work in the simulator is minimal.

What types of butterfly trainers exist and what are the differences

Butterfly trainers (pack-decks) are available in two versions:

  • With forearm support, the exercise is performed more in isolation;
  • and working with straight arms allows you to better stretch the target muscles.

Technique of converging hands in the butterfly trainer

Before doing the exercise, you need to properly set up the machine. Very often, athletes work in it in the wrong position. With the correct fixation of the body, the torso and elbows should be in the same plane. Hands should not be located further than the pectoral muscles. This arrangement will not allow you to properly stretch the pectoral muscles. Once in a bench position, make sure that your shoulders are parallel to the floor and your forearms are perpendicular. A right angle must be maintained between them.

  • Adjust the seat height to get the correct position.
  • The movement is carried out with an emphasis on the back of the bench. The back and the back of the head should fit snugly against the bench surface.
  • The legs serve as support, so we put them as wide as possible.
  • We inhale and exhale, concentrate, smoothly, contracting the pectoral muscles, bring our hands together.
  • At the peak of the movement, we pause for a second.
  • Reverse movement is carried out smoothly and do not throw levers. The negative phase of the exercise is also important.

The eighth lesson of the Slenergy tricking school is devoted to the most important and most beautiful element - the butterfly. Of course, it does not quite resemble a light flutter, but our coach Maxim Rusanov will teach you how to perform it as gracefully as possible.

Max has a new student Vlad, they are on a new convenient site, and together with them you will master a new cool element. Get involved!

Learning to make a butterfly

Butterfly kick is traditionally considered a wushu element. However, she also enters into such areas as capoeira, gymnastics, figure skating, dancing, and has established herself well in tricking. The element will be necessary for you for further development in our favorite discipline and mastering, for example, such an element as btwist. The difficulty of mastering the "butterfly", oddly enough, is in its simplicity. It represents a rotation in a horizontal plane around its axis, rotation occurs due to a dynamic entry into the element, a sharp swing of the leg and the gained speed and height.

Warm up

For a high-quality performance of the element, it is necessary to clearly understand how to correctly approach, swing a leg and land. And this requires a specific warm-up and warming up of the desired muscle groups.

- Stand against a wall or bar, tense your buttock and swing your leg back, trying to raise it as high as possible, while trying to pull your sock. - Alternate legs.

- Tilt the body, while the shoulders should be straightened, and the gaze is directed in front of you. - At the same time, lift your body and swing your leg backward, while controlling the deflection in the lower back, tension in the buttock and the direction of gaze in front of you. - Alternate legs.

Lead Exercises

This exercise will help you understand how to get into the butterfly kick and swing the leg properly. The machine will help you coordinate movements and maintain balance.

- Stand with your back to the machine. - Lean the body forward and make it a semicircular motion.

- Grasp the machine with your hand and swing with one leg, land on the swing leg. - Grab with the other hand and swing with the other leg, land on the swing leg.

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