Pps sports tourism

Pps sports tourism

The patrol and checkpoint service (PPS) of the police is rightfully considered the closest to the people, because 24 hours a day, in any weather, on bright streets and dark alleys, PPS officers protect order and ensure the safety of ordinary citizens.

Police patrol service: what is it?

The police patrol service is a subdivision in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, which is engaged in the protection of public order and the safety of citizens on the streets, as well as the prevention and suppression of criminal acts in public places.

The staff of the teaching staff are fighting crime on the front lines, they must be the first where help is needed. Not only order on the streets of the city depends on the coherence and clarity of their actions, they often have to save the lives and dignity of people.

The founding date of the PPP is September 2, 1923. On this day, the "Instruction to the guard policeman" was approved, which outlined the main provisions and duties of the employees of the guard service. Since then, the main principles and objectives of the teaching staff have remained unchanged.

What are the main responsibilities?

The main duties of the patrol and guard service are spelled out in the Charter of the PPP and are as follows:

  • Know the laws and other legal acts of the Russian Federation on issues of public order and security in order to require citizens to comply with them.
  • To prevent and suppress offenses, as well as to identify unfavorable circumstances that contribute to criminal activity, and within the framework of their authority to eliminate them.
  • Provide assistance to victims of crime or accidents, as well as citizens who find themselves in a situation that is dangerous to life and health.
  • Ensure law and order in the streets, squares, squares, train stations, airports and other public places.
  • Help representatives of government and officials within the framework of their rights to carry out their activities if they are opposed or threatened.
  • Carefully and carefully observe the legality of your actions. When arresting offenders and applying administrative measures to them, clearly explain why and under what article of the law this measure is applied.
  • In case of detection of a threat to public safety, do not allow citizens to enter the danger zone and immediately report to the operational duty officer about the need to involve emergency services and equipment.
  • Accept finds (documents, valuables) from citizens and hand them over to the operational duty officer along with a report indicating the inventory of items and information about the person who handed them over.

In addition to the main duties, the police officers perform additional functions that may be related to the specifics of the patrolled object.

What types of outfits are there?

A patrol outfit is a group of employees who are assigned to maintain order, ensure security and fight offenders.

Applied Fire Sports (PPS) was developed specifically for the professional training of firefighters. The exercise program is aimed at training professionals to respond quickly when fighting a fire. This sport is quite young: it originated in the USSR in the 30s of the XX century. What is the essence of training and how is the competition going?

Main types of exercises

Teaching staff assumes both individual and group tests. Therefore, the victory in the competition depends not only on the preparation of one participant, but also on the ability of the athletes to work together. The program includes 5 types of exercises.

Climbing the assault ladder to the window of the fourth floor of the training tower

This part of the competition is one of the most spectacular. At a distance of more than 30 meters, the athlete must develop the maximum speed and observe the technique for completing all tasks for a quick ascent to the level of the 4th floor.

The competitor must run 32 meters to the training tower along with the assault ladder. He climbs to the fourth floor, fixing the stairs alternately on the window openings of 1-4 levels. For a correct finish, touch the contact pads on the floor with both feet.

This type of program has a high degree of intensity. Often, winners and losers are moments away.

In general, storming the training tower can be considered a system of exercises, consisting of three points:

  • starting run;
  • moving with the ladder;
  • fixing the assault ladder to the windows of the training tower and climbing to the desired floor;
  • finishing.

It is no less difficult to climb a retractable three-knee ladder.

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