Physical education crossword for children

Physical education crossword for children

I propose to conduct a small current control of knowledge on physical culture in the form of solving a crossword puzzle "Let's talk about sports."


2. Climbing hard-to-reach mountain peaks (Mountaineering) 4. What is the Greek word for wrestler? (Athlete) 5. A purpose-built indoor area adapted for a variety of sports. (Manege) 6. The action of an athlete or a team aimed at repelling an opponent's attack. (Defense) 9. Competitions in rowing, kayaking and canoeing, sailing (Regatta) 10. Climbing on rocks. (Climbing) 14. A sports game in which the participants send the ball through the net with the help of rackets. (Tennis)


1. Massive alpine ascent. (Alpiniada) 3. Sports ball game of two teams of six people each. Competitions consist of three or five games. (Volleyball) 5. A specially built indoor area adapted for practicing various sports. (Manege) 7. The ball is kicked out of the line. (Out) 8. Playing with a stick on ice. (Hockey) 10. A game of two teams, the goal of which is to score the ball into the opponent's goal. (Football) 11. Cast metal handle with two cast iron balls at the ends. (Dumbbell) 13. The art of wrestling, a set of forms and methods of struggle in order to achieve the highest result, victory

2a 1alpiniad 4a 6outbp 3volleyball 11gantelt 8hockeyi 12snz 9rk 7out 5manjaglao 14t 10footballanzn 13tacticansie

Crosswords for physical education

Physical culture is not only a culture of movement, but also theoretical knowledge. You can fix and check them using riddles and crosswords. In physical education classes, we introduce children to various sports equipment, sports equipment, and sports. Children receive a wide variety of knowledge. Best of all, memorization occurs in an involuntary form, poetic forms help to assimilate the material. And from rhyme it is easy to go to questions and riddles - say a word; continue the sentence; pick up a rhyme. So gradually children learn to guess riddles. logical chains are also contained in riddles, i.e. the logical thinking of preschoolers also develops. Riddles and crosswords are very relevant when conducting sports activities and holidays. They can also be offered in tasks for the joint leisure of children and parents. school age is the most wonderful time for all-round development, and physical education, play and literature are good helpers.

What is this game? Did the kids run? Who's chasing the ball faster, Who's hammering the ball, who's better. (Football)

If you won the match And threw the ball into the net, If the jump is the highest, What will you get, my friend? (Prize)

In the morning we are on scheduleAlways do ... (Exercise)

When spring takes its toll And the streams run ringing, I jump over it, And it over me. (Jump rope)

For the field, he always watches, So that there is fair play. (Judge)

Crossword on the topic "Winter sports" with questions and answers. The finished crossword puzzle consists of 10 words, suitable for children and adults. It can be used as an assignment for thematic matinees, quizzes, or as a physical education assignment to expand horizons. Below there are attached files so that you can download the crossword puzzle and print (two files, a separate file with questions and a separate file with answers).

Winter Sports Crossword

Questions for the crossword puzzle "Winter sports":

Winter Sports Crossword Answers


Horizontal 3. Rapid descent from the mountain 5. Sports equipment used by skiers to take off 7. Very low air temperature 8. Ski track 10. Dense crust of snow on the surface 13. Start of ski competition 14. A person using skis for various tasks 15. End of a sporting event

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Horizontal 3. Quick exit from the mountain 5. Sports equipment used by skiers to take off 7. Very low air temperature 8. Ski trail 10. Dense crust of snow on the surface 13. Start of the ski competition 14. A person using skis for various tasks 15. End of the sporting event

Vertical 1. A method that is used on a straight, rather steep ascent 2. Used by a skier to keep his hands from freezing 4. Cross-country skiing competitions 6. Rise, a snowy hill from which people ski 9. Skier's shoes 10. What should be worn under ski boots? 11. What is applied to skis in order to glide better 12. Flat wooden (or plastic) runners for walking, running on snow

Crosswords for junior schoolchildren on sports topics

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