Miass sports tourism

Miass sports tourism

On May 26-27, in the Kyshtym urban district, regional competitions in sports tourism at walking distances were held (in the account of the XVII Spartakiad of students of the Chelyabinsk region "Olympic hopes of the South Urals 2018").

More than a hundred participants came to the competition. Athletes from cities and towns of the Chelyabinsk region fought for medals and certificates. (more ...)

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"SSHOR" Vertical "held city competitions in the technique of water tourism

On May 20, on the Miass River in the area of ​​the Mashgorodok quarry, traditional open water sports tourism competitions in memory of Yu. Kravchenko.

These competitions - in memory of the active organizer of water trips of various degrees of difficulty, as well as city competitions on water distances Yuri Kravchenko - were organized together with veterans of water tourism, friends and family of Yuri Alexandrovich, who tragically passed away in 1999 year.

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We invite you to the water sports tourism competition

Sports School of Olympic Reserve "Vertical" invites everyone on May 20, 2018 to take part in sports tourism competitions on water distances in memory of Yu. Kravchenko. The program includes competitions on deuces catamarans. The composition of the crews is not regulated.

Competitions will be held on May 20 on the river. Miass in the area of ​​the Mashgorodok quarry (for the a/z "Lukoil"), registration from 10. 0 to 11. 0, 11. 0 - opening, 12. 0 - start of the competition.

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Young tourists of SSOR "Vertical" took first place at the Championship of the Chelyabinsk region in sports tourism on walking distances

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Pay attention!

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On January 5-10, the All-Russian junior climbing competition "Christmas Tournament" took place in Voronezh. The competition was attended by 674 people from 40 regions of Russia, the city of Miass was represented by 21 athletes from the climbing department of MBU "SSHOR" Vertical ".

The competition program was opened by the qualification in the discipline "climbing for difficulty", this round took place over two days. On January 7th, eight sets of medals were played for difficulty climbing. The winner among junior boys was the leader of qualification Alexander Efremov, the bronze medal among juniors was won by Igor Bobrenev. Coaches both athletes - A. Tsvirenko.

Six sets of medals in speed climbing were played on January 8th. The final among the older boys turned out to be super spectacular. Here the rivals for the first place were divided by only 11 thousandths of a second: 6.595 against 6.606! Nikita Smirnov became the bronze medalist (coach - Ofitserova N.).

On January 9, the penultimate competition day of the "Christmas Tournament" took place. It's time for bouldering. In the standings of the strongest athletes (among juniors) in this discipline, Daria Garkina took 2nd place (coach - E. Uscelemova).

Dozens of the strongest climbers of Russia in their age groups included sportsmen of MBU "SSHOR" Vertical ": Lutkova Anna - 4th place in difficulty and 8th place in bouldering (coach - Butorina E.), Dengin Egor - 5 place in difficulty; Igor Bobrenev took 8th place in bouldering; Sophia Pomykalova - 10 places in speed and bouldering (coach - K. Zaznobina).

Victory Day is a holiday celebrated annually on May 9. This holiday is dedicated to the victory won by the Red Army and the entire Soviet people over Hitler's Germany in the spring of 1945.

Victory Day is the day that ended the Great Patriotic War, which began at dawn on June 22, 1941.

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School of romantics, seekers, athletes - years!

February 27, 1990 in Miass opened the Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Local History.

May 13, 2016 the institution received the status of the "Vertical" children's and youth sports school.

February 27, 2018 awarded the status of "Sports School of the Olympic Reserve" Vertical ".

On February 26, the Center for Children and Youth Tourism in Miass, and now the Municipal Budgetary Institution "Sports School of the Olympic Reserve" Vertical ", celebrated its 30th anniversary! Employees and veterans celebrated this significant date by climbing the mountain Obzornaya near the lake. Inyshko Miass. (a photo).

Big changes have taken place at the Miass Tourism Center over the decades. With the opening of the climbing department, the name and status of the institution have changed. Over the years, other sports have been added to tourists, orienteers and climbers. In total, 7 directions peacefully coexist in the sports school: sports tourism, orienteering, rock climbing, boxing, ice hockey, adaptive swimming, adaptive equestrian sports. And this is 20 coaches and 489 athletes.

Director of the sports school Elena Reshetnikova talks about the most important thing in the activities of the institution: (more ...)

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Sports Day dedicated to the anniversary of the development of physical culture in the city of Miass!

Last weekend, on December 19 and 20, hockey players from MBU "SSHOR Vertical" successfully performed at the Ice Hockey Championship of the Chelyabinsk Region. On Saturday, it became noticeably colder outside, the thermometers showed -20 degrees in the morning, there was a slight warming in the afternoon. Despite the frost, young athletes adequately represented the sports school on the first and second days of competition.

December 19 The championship was held in the Uchalinsky region of Bashkiria. The Zorya team confidently beat the Safarovo team with a score of 9: 1, the game was held among the athletes in 2010-2011. And on the second day of competition, December 20, the hockey players of the Zarya team (2008-2009) completely defeated the Stal team from Asha! The score is 15: 0 in favor of our hockey players. It was a lightning victory. From the very beginning of the game, the Zorya team confidently set the pace for the game and did not give a single slightest opportunity to "score" the puck to the opponents.

Congratulations to our athletes and coaches and wish you further victories!

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Choose the right path - an active and healthy lifestyle!

Passive smoking is dangerous for others!

Being healthy is living happily!

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Labor group of MBU "SSHOR" Vertical "-" The best labor group "in MGO

October 5-6, 2019 in the Korkinsky municipal district of the Chelyabinsk region, in the area of ​​the Korkinsky dumps, open city competitions in sports tourism at walking distances were held, dedicated to the memory of O. Semenova.

Delegations from the cities of Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk, Miass and Krasnoarmeisky district took part in the competition. Miass was represented by the athlete MBU "SSHOR Vertical" Danila Shchipachev (coach I. Tagirov) as part of a team with Nikita Strashnikov (coach M. Strashnikov), who took 2nd place in the group of juniors at the long distance of the bands.

We wish athletes many new interesting starts and successful performances!

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Five-graders baptism of fire

The school year is over, summer and hiking are ahead. Sportsmen of MBU "SSHOR" Vertical "smoothly moved from the competitive season to the hiking season. For junior athletes, coach Ildar Tagirov, the trip to Taganai is the first in their life. Mothers and fathers, the coach, the children are worried: how they will spend the night in tents, how they will carry heavy backpacks, how they will withstand the route, whether they will be able to make a fire and cook porridge on their own.

At the beginning of the hike, Taganay tested the children for endurance, patience, sociability, but the gloomy weather and coolness did not in the least darken the fighting spirit of the young athletes. Having overcome the difficult climb uphill with heavy backpacks, future five-graders managed to organize lunch and set up camp in a clearing near the shelter "Rattlesnake" before the rain. On the site of the bivouac, many peeled potatoes for the first time, learned to chop wood and make a fire, and cooked their own food.

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Traditional Boating Technique Competition

On Saturday, June 8, on the Miass River, in the area of ​​the open pit on Mashgorodok, a water sports tourism competition was held, in memory of Yu. Kravchenko, founder of children's water tourism competitions. These competitions are traditionally held at the beginning of the summer season. Crews of two participants competed in the speed and correctness of the distance. It consisted of 8 gates, into which the crew had to enter either with the bow of the catamaran, or with karma, according to the scheme. The difficulty was that some of the gates had to be entered against the current. The most agile took prizes in different age groups.

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