Methodology for carrying out physical education in the senior group of preschool educational institutions

Sports leisure tourism

Movement is something without which the full development of a child is impossible. That is why in preschool educational institutions, in addition to the mandatory element of direct educational activity (GCD) - physical education classes, physical culture leisure activities are held. Let us dwell in more detail on the methodology for carrying out such entertainment in the older group (children 5-6 years old).

Goals and objectives of organizing leisure activities in physical culture

Leisure entertainment activities are among the most effective ways to organize outdoor activities for children. This form of work is of particular importance in the age of tablets and computers, which negatively affect the quantity and quality of physical activity in the younger generation. According to the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard (Federal State Educational Standard), games and tasks for the physical development of children as part of leisure activities in physical culture should have an indicator of motor density, that is, the ratio of the time allotted directly for physical activity to the total timing is about 85%.

Sports leisure is designed to give children positive emotions

In the preparation and conduct of physical culture leisure with children 5-6 years old, the teacher concentrates on teaching children to show initiative, as well as to creatively apply the accumulated experience. In addition, the goals of conducting leisure activities in physical education in kindergarten are:

  • ensuring the natural necessity of preschoolers in movement;
  • strengthening the health of children (including through leisure activities involving hardening procedures, if they are envisaged by the educational program, according to which a specific preschool educational institution builds its work);
  • increasing efficiency;
  • introducing the younger generation to sports;
  • raising the need for regular physical education;
  • the formation of a sense of the team, team.

To realize these goals within the framework of physical culture leisure in the senior group, the teacher solves the following tasks:

  • consolidation of the basic motor skills of kids (reaction speed, dexterity), the ability to navigate in space;
  • the formation of the ability to give expressive movements;
  • development of endurance, attentiveness;
  • mastering the basic concepts of festive culture (kids get acquainted with the traditions of sports holidays of the country, city);
  • education of organization (children are involved in the preparation, organization of the holiday, delve into it structural components, learn the order of building a script, etc.);
  • creating an emotionally positive climate in the team (the guys learn to help each other, rejoice not only in their successes, but also in the luck of their comrades).

Leisure activities in physical education teach children to act together

Types of physical culture leisure activities

Like any other way of organizing the activities of children, physical culture leisure can be of several types.

Table: types and forms of physical culture leisure

This is interesting. Leisure activities in physical education can be carried out by both a sports instructor and the main educator of the group, but subject to the advice of a physical education teacher.

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