Kalix as a center for outdoor activities and tourism in Sweden

Kalix as a center for outdoor activities and tourism in Sweden

Kalix, a small town in the north of Sweden, has become one of Norrbotten's popular tourism centers in recent years. The city is located at the confluence of the river of the same name and the Baltic Sea. The commune of Lower Kalix (Nederkalix) itself has existed since 1862. Archaeological excavations indicate that people inhabited this area already in the time of the Vikings. The city church, which has been conducting services since the first half of the 14th century, is the northernmost church in Sweden, and the only skerry church with a bell is located on the island of Malören.

The commune borders on Finland, the population of the border villages speaks two languages, Swedish and Finnish. There is even a Kalik dialect of Swedish.

Kalix welcomes tourists with new facilities

In order for tourists visiting our small town to have a meaningful time, many new objects have been built in recent years: a bicycle park, an outdoor pool with heated water appeared on the river embankment, paths for pedestrians were equipped, as well as cycling, 8 bowling lanes, golf courses, beach volleyball.

The Sport City with gyms and swimming pool offers a varied exercise and relaxation program. A natural orienteering route (Naturpasset) has been developed for active recreation, acquaintance with the nature of northern Sweden.

This kind of rest is very popular here as rest "on wheels". On the E-4 road, which crosses the whole country, every now and then there are cars with trailer houses or cars-houses. Not far from the city center, on the banks of the river, there is a large camping site; several more campgrounds are located upstream of the river near nearby villages.

For lovers of reading, the city library can offer more than 1.2 million books, 15 daily newspapers, 130 magazines, films, sound books.

The City Tourist Office is called the Heart of Lapland. It provides information on tourist attractions throughout eastern Norrbotton, the cities of Kalix, Haparanda, Pajala, Övertorneå, Överkalix.

One of the memorable places of the city, which is a stone stele with an engraved inscription and placed on the mass grave of soldiers who died in the war of 1809, is called "Russian grave". The history of the appearance of this memorial stone is described in the article "Memorable place of Kalix - Russian grave"

Here a program was developed for visiting dozens of museums, 27 nature reserves, the stay on the territory of which is regulated by the law on the equal right of all (Allemansrätten), which provides the opportunity for free movement around nature, but at the same time requires respect to the flora and fauna.

The outskirts of Kalix - opportunities for outdoor activities

Along the coast there are ports for small vessels with the necessary range of services. Here you can rent boats of different types, book excursions along the coast or along the river.

Kalix as a center for outdoor activities and tourism in Sweden

Sweden is considered a shining example of a real European state with a high standard of living, friendly citizens and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The Scandinavian state attracts tourists with quality hotels, a variety of ski resorts and health resorts, well-groomed attractions and carefree Stockholm.

Country overview

The homeland of Volvo and Abba is located in the southeast of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Most of Sweden's territory is covered with beautiful forests and mountain ranges, which provide unique, scenic views and opportunities for the development of the tourism industry. The state can be correlated with Norway, although it has some differences.

At the moment, Sweden is considered a multinational state, and many immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa are accepted. As for religion, a special branch of Christianity, Lutheranism, is preached here. It is noteworthy that the kingdom, together with Norway, was Christianized by the very last on the continent.

Sweden is under the influence of a temperate, maritime climate zone that becomes continental. In January, the thermometer drops to -16º, while severe frosts often occur in the north, and rises to + 22º in July. The swimming season lasts only 2 months from July to August, while the ski season lasts from November to April.

How to get to Sweden from different CIS countries

From Moscow and St. Petersburg to Stockholm, there are regular direct flights and flights with a transfer in Riga or Minsk. The average journey time is 4 hours. Flights from Moscow to Gothenburg with connections in Belgium, Finland, Germany, and from St. Petersburg - in Stockholm. There are flights to the city of Malmö, but many travelers fly to Copenhagen, from where they get to Sweden in 20 minutes by train.

Kiev regularly operates both direct flights to Stockholm and flights connecting in Riga or Katowice. Some Ukrainians fly to Katowice, from where they travel by bus to Gdansk, after which they travel by ferry across the Baltic Sea to Sweden. Belarusian citizens can get to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo directly by Belavia plane or with a transfer in Finland, Latvia or Russia.

Ski resorts in Sweden

The largest ski resort in the country is Åre, located 7-8 hours from Stockholm. The ski season lasts from December to April. The resort has many easy and medium difficulty slopes. Tourists in Åre can go skiing, snowboarding and slalom. The tourist infrastructure will delight you with a developed network of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The Idre Fjell Ski Center is popular with ski lovers and families with children. A feature of the resort is the proximity of ski slopes to cozy and comfortable houses. The center of Hydre Fjell is interesting for its large sports complex with a tennis court, bowling alley, gym and adventure pool.

Funesdalen is famous for its excellent slopes and the best flat trails in the country. The ski season lasts from November to April. The resort includes three ski centers. In addition to skiing, in Funesdalen, tourists can go dog sledding, sleigh rides, ice fishing, ice climbing, relax in Spa salons and have fun during a seal safari.

Swedish health resorts and ecotourism

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