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About Zelenogorsk

The city of Zelenogorsk was built on the site of the former village of Ust-Barga. The chronology of the city's history begins on December 14, 1955, when the final government decision was made to build a plant on the banks of the Kan River in the Rybinsk District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The status of a closed administrative-territorial entity (hereinafter - ZATO) until a certain period did not allow the development of tourism in the city of Zelenogorsk. Currently Zelenogorsk is positioned as a modern city with a developing innovative economy, favorable living environment, rich culture and history, with unique Siberian nature.

ZATO Zelenogorsk includes the following microdistricts - the city of Zelenogorsk, the item Oktyabrsky, the individual settlement "1000 yards", the item Orlovka, the item Ovrazhny.

The population of Zelenogorsk as of January 01, 2016 is 63 183 people. The average age of the city's residents is 41.5 years.

The infrastructure of Zelenogorsk includes hotels, a sanatorium-preventorium, a large number of catering establishments, a water and mud baths, as well as transport accessibility.

Zelenogorsk is not a transport hub. But the main highways connecting Zelenogorsk with other regions of Russia are within a 20-30 minute drive from the city.

Medical services for the city population are provided by the branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Healthcare "Siberian Clinical Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency" Clinical Hospital No. 42.

There are 9 daytime general education schools in the system of general education institutions. Little residents of Zelenogorsk attend 25 preschool institutions. The system of additional education of ZATO Zelenogorsk, which includes 9 institutions of additional education, provides ample opportunities for the identification and development of creative and intellectual potential.

The activities of 4 municipal institutions of additional education for children (children and youth sports schools) and the municipal budgetary institution "Sports Complex", which includes the pool "Neptune", the Palace of Sports " Olympian". The network of sports facilities includes 147 units.

The city has a well-developed cultural life. For residents of the city and its guests, there are 9 institutions that have high-level professionals in their composition.

The Zelenogorsk TV and Radio Company broadcasts daily television programs and broadcasts its programs on the Green City radio, TVIN and NTK TV studios.

The unique natural landscape, places for recreation, cultural institutions, and diverse sports facilities make the territory of Zelenogorsk an attractive and recognizable tourist brand of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Zelenogorsk sports tourism

The department has been opened since 1986 with the arrival of the director Grigory Yermolaevich Leonenko and at his initiative. Until that time, the winners and prize-winners of the USSR Viktor Veniaminovich Khokhryakov, currently the head of the department of physical training. the department employs 5 trainers-teachers of the first and the highest category. Among the pupils of the MSMK department, the region's record holder in the 50m race. Olga Shulikova. Record holder of the region in 100m running, champion of Russia 2011, finalist of the World Universiade 4 x 100m. (China August 2011) Master of Sports Yulia Kashina (coach Leonenko S.) During the work, the coaching staff prepared more than 40

Pupils of the first coaches of the department, leading athletes of Russia, are now passing on their professionalism to the guys. Since 1970, a large number of prize-winners and winners of the Regional Competitions have been trained. Among the graduates of the department are the winners and prize-winners of the championships of Russia: Yuri Stepanov, Yuri Boronei, Roman Zamostyansky. Sergey Smykov, three-time champion of Russia MS. SMK World Champion 2009, 2010 Vasilevsky Vyacheslav. on the initiative of urban boxing veterans, with the support of the city boxing federation, a memorial tournament of Siberian cities in memory of our compatriot Goroy Sovetsko is being held

Municipal budgetary educational institution of additional education "Children and Youth Sports School named after Hero of the Soviet Union Dmitry Feopenovich Kudrin" (MBOU DO CYSS) Krasnoyarsk Territory, Zelenogorsk, st. Kalinina 21 Phone/fax (39169) 3-34-03 E-mail: sportzelenogor @ yandex. u

The classical Greco-Roman wrestling began to develop in the city since 1970 by Yu. Pastukhov. He trained 5 masters of sports, USSR Cup winner A. Zuev, a large number of winners of prize-winners of regional and republican competitions. A great contribution to the development of this sport was made by A. Nepomniachtchi has been a senior trainer of the department since 1996. All trainers-teachers of the department are a pupil of Anatoly Vladimirovich. and for the last 5 years, the department has trained: 4 masters of sports, 32 candidates for master of sports, 35 athletes of the first category, transferred to the SHVSM - 15 pupils, 18 prize winners of Russia. dinner party

Among the graduates of the basketball department are masters of sports, players of the superleague and major league teams: Viktor Shirokov (MC), Irina Kozlova (MC), Natalya Doroshenko (MC), Natalya Brelkova (CCM), Roman Gantimurov (MC ), Maxim Mikhailov (CCM). Over the years, about 100 athletes of the Division have successfully played for the regional national teams of the zonal and final championships of Russia. basketball players can record their assets and the successes of rugby players, so Sergei Vasiliev became the champion of Russia in 200-2002 as part of the Krasny Yar team, and Roman Nikolaev took part in the World Cup in France. reenergos from

Cherkasov Matvey silver medalist of the semi-finals of the All-Russian basketball competitions

In Novosibirsk, on March 21, the semi-final (2nd round) matches of the 2007 All-Russian basketball competition among youth teams ended. ... and under the season 2019-2020. 6 teams took part in the competition. Our region in these competitions was represented by MAU "SSHOR" Krasnoyarsk ", the team included Matvey Cherkasov (coach Sergey Schegolev), a pupil of the D.Kudrin MBU Secondary School named after D. Kudrin. V. Promin with a score of 52:63 and thus won the honorary 2nd place, securing access to the final of the Russian championship. 16 teams will play in the final of the Russian championship.

Congratulations to Matvey Cherkasov and coach Sergei Schegolev on their successful performance in the semifinals of the All-Russian competition and reaching the final of the Russian basketball championship!

The Solopov Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament is over -

From March 13 to March 15, the XXVIII open city tournament in Greco-Roman wrestling among youths 2007-2008 was held at the Wrestling Academy. memory of ZTR A. Solopov. On account of the athletes from Zelenogorsk 3 medals: 1 gold, 2 silver.

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