Interesting places in Moscow

Interesting places in Moscow

There are not so many sports universities in the Russian Federation - but our country can be proud of the personnel they graduate. Since sports is one of the areas in which Russia is in no way inferior to the best world powers.

Learning Features

There are many specific differences between teaching in the field of higher sports education and in comparison with most other areas of higher education. And not only and not so much because they devote a significant share of time and effort to physical culture. The main difference is in the training program for those who, upon graduation from the university, will have to teach their pupils “to jump over their heads”. After all, they most often come to sports at a very young age. And it depends on what the coach of these boys and girls will be like, whether they will grow up as ordinary people - or as the new Alexandra Karelin and Elena Isinbayev.

As for sports professional training itself, in the leading universities the number of major sports reaches 30 in one university. From widespread and popular football and hockey - to much rarer types: kyokushinkai karate and parachuting.

In addition, in accordance with the requirements of the new Federal State Educational Standard, training plans for sports universities contain:


Among 25 universities (including their branches), for which physical culture and sports are the only profile, as well as 48 higher educational institutions with functioning sports faculties, the best should be called not only those from the walls which has the largest number of famous record holders and their coaches. But those who brought up the world's most famous sports doctors, contributed to the massive spread of sports tourism or compiled educational and methodological literature that contributed to the popularization of a healthy lifestyle in our country.

In this case, the palm of presence in the TOP-10 will have to be given:

These universities have already brought up and graduated from their walls hundreds of doctors of sciences, famous coaches, current players of NHL teams, St. Petersburg Zenit, champions of the youth ice hockey World Championship and many other famous people in the world of sports.

Quality of training

In general, the quality of education in sports universities in Russia can be called satisfactory, although in top universities its level is much higher. The reason for this is trivial - insufficient funding, which "takes" the best teachers to prestigious universities in the country or abroad. Nevertheless, the training of future specialists in the most popular specialty - a teacher of physical culture - is quite sufficient. True, it is difficult to attribute it to a prestigious sports profession - for the reasons indicated above.

Most Popular Specialties (Bachelor's Degree)

In the question of the most prestigious specialties, the specifics of the faculty play an important role - because, according to the Federal State Educational Standard, the specialties of future bachelors in diplomas are too generalized, and there are only three options: teacher, educational psychologist and manager on physical culture and sports. But the faculties of professional and Olympic sports prepare teachers (and, in fact, coaches) of a completely different level than the faculties of less prestigious ones - especially in provincial institutes.

You can play football at any age and from scratch. For adults, there are special sections in Moscow where you can practice independently or with a coach.

Amateur teams are formed in football schools, there is an opportunity to participate in tournaments. Here you will be taught ball control techniques, game tactics, practice shots, and calculate possible match scenarios.

We have compiled for you a complete list of football schools for beginner adults in Moscow. Classes are held in closed areas or in stadiums. On average, a one-time visit to the football section in Moscow costs 600 rubles.

Sports Arena "New Football" (CAO)

Group training led by professional trainers

Improve yourself in soccer practice:

  • The general level of physical fitness increases
  • Coordination of movements is trained
  • The technique of working with the ball is being honed
  • The correct exact and a powerful blow
  • Various scenarios in attack and defense are practiced
  • The coaches are real professionals with extensive experience
  • Only the best inventory of leading brands is used

3 types of workouts:

  • Technical-tactical
  • Speed-power
  • Gaming

More than 300 people are already training. Classes are held daily in the morning at 09:00 on the basis of the best indoor football arena in Luzhniki - train in any weather.

Football training for adults PROFOOTBALL (CAO)

In the cities that are preparing to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, active work continues on the preparation of specialized excursion programs, the construction of tourist facilities, and the renovation of museum expositions.

The country is preparing for the upcoming football championship. In eleven cities of Russia, at the stadiums of which hot sports battles will be held in 2018, work is in full swing on the preparation of cultural and excursion programs. On the site of future fan zones, multi-colored tiles are being laid, expositions dedicated to football are opening in city museums, and QR codes are urgently applied to monuments.


In the capital, the growth of inbound tourism is predicted after the Championship. The routes, which are now being actively developed in the regions, will acquaint guests of the country with sights that most foreigners have absolutely no idea about. The Federal Tourism Agency is expecting an increase in foreign tourists by almost 15 percent.

In the capital of Russia, work is underway not only to prepare excursion routes, but also to develop special travel packages addressed to corporate clients. During the Championship, English-speaking fans will enjoy free excursions around Moscow with visits to all the main attractions.

Preparatory work is underway to organize tours to the cities of the Golden Ring, Greater Moscow, and neighboring regions.

St. Petersburg

Given the enormous interest in the championship, seven new information centers are planned to be opened in St. Petersburg. In them, tourists will receive detailed consultations in foreign languages ​​- Portuguese, German, English, Japanese, Chinese. Guests of Northern Palmyra will be able to learn about city sports facilities, city attractions, leisure centers, catering points without resorting to the services of translators.

In information centers, foreign tourists will be presented with the original symbols created for the city on the Neva. The symbolism combines the theme of football and information about the most famous symbols of the Northern capital - the Hermitage, the Bronze Horseman, the Admiralty.

Nizhny Novgorod

The city has started implementing programs for football fans. They are directly related to football. The guests of the Championship will have the opportunity to study the history of the local football club and take part in sports quests.

Field excursions with visits to Chkalovsk, Gorodets, Semenovsk are also planned.

In Madrid it is almost impossible not to notice the so-called "match days". Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano are the three main clubs in the city's centenary football history, founded in 1902, 1903 and 1924 respectively.

The football fields of these three teams form a diagonal that practically crosses the city from north to south: from the center of the Chamartin district, where the Santiago Bernabeu rises, to the Wanda Metropolitano in the San Blas Canillejas district, to the more modest Vallecas stadium located in the eponymous working district of Madrid.

Football and cuisine

The strong links of the Madrid hospitality sector with this sport contribute to its development. The establishments located next to the stadiums host a large number of football fans before, during and after the matches. The majority of foreign fans during the Champions League or Europa League tournaments visit the numerous beer bars in the center of Madrid - in the Puerta del Sol and Literary Quarter districts.

Places such as Asador Donostiarra and Mesón Txistu have become favorite spots for the Real Madrid team and management. And since Madrid is huge, you can find groups of fans from almost all the teams in the Spanish League in the city.


The city's architectural monuments play an important role in celebrating the victory of a football team. To celebrate victories, classifications and other events, Real Madrid fans meet at the Cibeles Fountain, Atletico Madrid at the Neptune Fountain, Rayo Vallecano at the Asambla de Madrid Fountain. And if you forget about the rivalry, then the meeting place is Columbus Square, where the victories of the Spanish national team are celebrated.


The love of football is an integral part of the Spanish capital, and those who have been here at least once know about it. This sport has even found its own niche among museums. Both the Tour Bernabeu and the Wanda Metropolitano Museum, which also offer tours of the stadium's buildings, welcome more and more visitors every year. If you want to buy the official products of clubs, in addition to museums, you can do this in the Real Madrid stores (st.Arenal, 6; st.Gran Vía, 31 and st.Carmen, 3) and Atlético (st. Gran Vía, 47 and in the Plaza Rio-2 Shopping Center).

If you are not a fan of a particular team, a more neutral exposition is presented at the Madrid Wax Museum, where Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo are on the same playing field next to Andres Iniesta, David Villa and Fernando Torres. Outside Madrid, in the City of Football, Las Rozas, is the Spanish National Football Team Museum, at the entrance to which the so-called Football Doors are installed, a work of modernist art created in 1900. A visit to this museum can serve as a final chord in acquaintance with the history of Spanish football, from such famous figures as Ricardo Zamora, Sarra, Olivella, Iribar or Alfredo Di Stefano, to the modern players of the Red Fury, a nickname that is firmly entrenched in today's Spanish national team. on football.

Higher education abroad is no longer a pipe dream, but a reality of our time. And this applies not only to the exact and humanitarian sciences. Sports enthusiasts and professionals alike have many opportunities to study at leading sports colleges and universities in the world. We invite you to get acquainted with the best of them.

Sports education: Russia

This is the largest and most famous university in the field of sports in Russia and abroad. The university offers a large selection of different directions for admission, some of which are “Physical culture”, “Recreation and sports and health tourism”, “Physical culture for persons with disabilities” and so on. The sports and pedagogical department prepares future champions in various sports (gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, athletics, tennis and others).

Tuition fees vary from 64,900 to 127,470 rubles per academic year.

Graduates of schools with secondary general education are allowed to master undergraduate programs. And for the master's degree - persons with higher education of any level. Upon admission, you must provide a document confirming this. Moreover, a diploma or certificate can be both Russian and foreign.

The oldest sports and educational institution in Russia. The university includes such faculties as: coaching, pedagogical, adaptive physical culture, pre-university training and others. Sports work is carried out under the guidance of the best qualified trainers.

Tuition fees - from 78. 00 rubles to 114. 00 rubles.

Applications for admission can be submitted by Russian and foreign graduates of schools and universities. A certificate or diploma of completed education is required. Applicants can provide information about their individual achievements and awards, additional points are awarded for them. There are budget places for a number of specialties.

The V. Potanin Charitable Foundation holds a competition every year within the framework of the "Olympic Scholarships" program. The purpose of this competition is to provide an opportunity for the most talented applicants to get an education in the field of sports management, to master the theory and practice of holding international competitions of the highest class, as well as to acquire skills in managing sports organizations.

The Fund has developed two types of financial support:

  • tuition fees and monthly individual scholarships;
  • tuition fees with accommodation on the RIOU (Russian International Olympic University) campus and monthly individual scholarships.

The candidate must be selected for compliance with the requirements of the university and receive confirmation from the selection committee. This is a prerequisite for participating in the competition. Considering applicants, experts assess erudition, academic and leadership potential, motivation, initiative, level of English proficiency, and experience in public work.

Recommendations from the International Olympic Committee, sports federations and clubs, government and local governments, National Olympic Committees will be a clear advantage when considering an application.

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