Inspirational classification of types and forms of tourism

Inspirational classification of types and forms of tourism

Statement of the problem. Klasifіkuvati, so that you order it, somehow, I know something, criterion, є one of the most important types of human performance. In the development of the description of the components, there is a sense of intelligence and structure of the day.

Not included in the tourism industry, as it has gone from the end of the last century to the current position of the arrival, some of the travel agencies in the new organizations in the popularity of the middle of the population 2020 will grow up to 1.6 -1.8 billion people per month, which means an increase in tourist services by 2.4 times since 2000. With all the income from tourism already in 2010, we will store 1550 billion US dollars , so that in 3.3 times to transfer the level of 2000 to rock, and by 2020 the rock is predicted to increase in income up to 2000 billion US dollars. [1, 11, 17, 18].

More than 200 million of them are borrowed from the sphere of hospitality of tourist complexes, with a warehouse of 8% of all of them. The creation of one workmanship in the tourism sector is 20 times cheaper, not less in the virobnastics sector, and even after 12-15 years in the tourism sector and in the summers it can be done, from 750 million robots to 500 to 1 million ...

Tsi hostile indicators, on our thought, have reached a lot in what the founders have formed great versatility of types and forms of tourism. For a skinny bag of earthly things in the surroundings, it’s easy to know what is needed for yourself in a wide variety of spheres (what is the organization of tours, a robot at the infrastructure of the infrastructure, and even the part of the travel events competent people with the phenomenon of the 20th century.

Classification in tourism is the beginning of the emergence of these forms and types in the main indicator - the criterion. [2, 8]

Evidence of the classification of types of tourism in addition to helping to thoroughly improve the development of tourism, of the type of changes in the main trends. It is of great importance for your practice, allowing you to organize your knowledge and to understand the essence of the tourist exchange, to see the problems of your territorial organization, to plan the development of the material base, to develop the tourism products and to drink In the wake of the change, it is possible to be presented before the service and the quality of tourist services, that with the appearance of new types and forms of tourist activity, the classification is constantly in the process of being refined and the residual cannot be respected.

Tourism is a foldable and sophisticated concept, at the connection with which it is important to achieve an important vision of a form and a kind of tourism in its pure view, it itself is dumb in the light of the single classical components of such modification.

A super variety of important meanings of the classifications of types and forms of tourism for the development of tourist galusies and not in the other world of coordinated and types of structures in our hour has been revealed, and it has spoken to us before development of suspension in the whole and tourism industry of zokrem.

Meta robots - at the stage of integration of the most recent literature, variants of the classification of types and forms of tourism and indications of the development of galuze, the proponation of the model is very good.

1. localization of contemporary views about the classification of types and forms of tourism and on the basis of proponenting the way and thoroughly; 2. Atystisliy describe the elements of the proponated model.

Methods for the message. Analysis of literary dzherels, methods of social science and system analysis, method of expert assessments.

Faculty of Physical Culture

"Tourism and sports activities"

Viconala: student gr. 8-ZFK

1. onyattya girskogo tourism 4

2. Tourism tactics: designation and classification 6

3. act of girskogo tourism 9

3. ... Development of the route of the folding hirskogo hike 16

3. ... The tactics of carrying out a folding hirskogo campaign 19

3. Special features of the stages of the girsky campaign. 23


Hirskiy tourism - tse, nasampered, nezabutnyu rise in the mountains, priceless vidpochinok.

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