How triathlon works in Cyprus

Cyprus: the most interesting

Active rest is adrenaline and bright bursts of emotions, overcoming oneself on the way to the goal, new thoughts, ideas, feelings, knowledge. This is a charge of positive emotions and impressions, and most importantly - strengthening your own health.

Currently, active vacation is one of the most popular and interesting tourism destinations in the world, preferred by millions of people every year.

Cyprus provides its guests and permanent residents of the island with a whole kaleidoscope of active recreation and entertainment.

Shooting & Hunting

There are professional shooting sports federations in Cyprus that promote and develop amateur archery and clay pigeon shooting.

Many hotels in Cyprus have their own shooting clubs and offer equipment and equipment rental. Such clubs fully meet modern standards and safety requirements.

Elias Country Club is based in the outskirts of Limassol, providing an opportunity to hone your archery skills and improve your level under the guidance of experienced instructors. Trap shooting is especially popular on the island, since almost every family in Cyprus has hunters, and in the modern world, shooting game and poultry is considered inhumane.

While on vacation in Cyprus and having a desire to engage in shooting, you can visit one of the shooting clubs of the island, where for a fairly low rent you can get weapons, equipment and the necessary instructions: Lefkosia Shooting Club and the Cyprus Olympic Range (g Nicosia), Lemessoss Hooting Club (Limassol), Larnaka Shooting Club (Larnaca), Pafos Shooting Club (Paphos).

Shooting clubs hold events with free admission for those who wish, within the framework of which Olympic shooting ranges from various types of weapons are organized, tests and demonstrations of hunting dogs, thematic exhibitions and seminars.

The pleasure of "shooting" in Cyprus costs about 12-25 euros, depending on the type of weapon (excluding the cost of ammunition).

Horse riding and equestrian sports

Communication with beautiful, wise and graceful horses, a soothing azure landscape, fresh sea air and the feeling of a light breeze on the skin, speed and change of panoramas - all this gives an avalanche of emotions and unforgettable impressions that horse riding will bring you ...

Cyprus Highlights

Cyprus offers an unforgettable and colorful travel experience

Cyprus is an ideal place to admire and enjoy the beautiful nature. Blessed with the most vibrant palette of nature, Cyprus landscapes unfold between sparkling shores, rolling mountains, scented forests and rocky headlands. Here you can admire flocks of flamingos, deep in the forest you can catch a glimpse of a mouflon - a timid handsome man wandering freely through the thicket, as well as wild sheep. Known for its beautiful beaches with crystal blue waters, Cyprus is included in the list of countries with the cleanest beaches in the world.

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From secluded coves to bustling resorts, and from sandy beaches to rocky lagoons, the island's vast coastline is home to a multitude of unique beaches of varying styles. Cyprus is promising for all kinds of tourism: sports, health, gastronomic, cultural and others. Many athletes and teams from all over the world, including European football teams, Olympic medal contenders, experienced medalists and amateur athletes, prefer to train in Cyprus thanks to the winning combination of services ...

This comfortable hotel is located in the tourist area of ​​Mackenzie, close to the resort's main attractions and close to many bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Cozy territory, elegantly decorated rooms, excellent service. Suitable for a leisurely beach vacation, outdoor activities.


The opportunity to play golf all year round amid stunning natural surroundings in a favorable Mediterranean climate - these two factors contribute to the fact that Cyprus is today becoming a leading golf destination and attracts amateurs and professional athletes to the island with its internationally renowned fields. A number of fields located in the most picturesque areas of Cyprus have been awarded for their excellent integration into the breathtaking natural landscape of rugged gorges, cliffs and sea views.

Some of the courses have been designed by some of the most famous architects in the field, who have put their signatures on challenging golf projects. An increasing number of patients are choosing the island for their treatment. Pleasure, holistic therapies, beauty treatments, and an overall sense of well-being help you focus exclusively on yourself without the stresses or distractions of your daily life. A great gastronomic adventure awaits tourists on this tiny island.

Luxurious hotel complex, located in the Pissouri area, on the seashore with a pebble beach. All conditions have been created for high-quality active family rest, including SPA procedures.


Triathlon island life before and after the virus. After the opening of the borders, we are going here

March and April are the most popular months for triathletes in Cyprus. People come here to train inexpensively and effectively before the upcoming season. Amateurs come to gain volume and hold the first starts of the season, even the Russian triathlon team holds training camps here before the spring championships.

One of the favorite starts of our compatriots is the triathlon in Ayia Napa on March 21-22. A week after it - Gran Fondo Cyprus, in April - Ocean Lava Paphos. This year, all these starts were canceled - the organizers suffered huge losses, and the inhabitants of the island are in quarantine.

Varvara Zverkova, coach of the JusTTri club, was in Cyprus when there were reports of coronavirus cases in Italy and Spain. On March 13, the base camp was supposed to start at the club, and 2 days before it began, it became known about the first case of infection on the island. Despite the news, almost all the participants of the training camp flew to Cyprus.

“Under the gentle Cyprus sun, everything went on serenely. Many athletes from different countries came to Limassol and Paphos to train instead of participating in the canceled starts. "

No one on the island thought about danger these days. Gradually, different countries began to cancel flights and the island began to empty. The number of cars on the roads has decreased, sports facilities and hotels have begun to be closed. It is good that the training camp could be held even without sports facilities.

“We did a pool workout once to work on wetsuit swimming technique. We easily replaced workouts in the gym with strength work on a bicycle, self-weight SPP and rubber for paddling. We can hold a training camp with the specifics of a triathlon in almost any situation - triathletes always have something to train and develop even completely at home, ”says Varvara Zverkova.

On March 23, air traffic between Russia and all countries was closed. JusTTri triathletes, having managed to change tickets on time, flew home. The next day, a strict quarantine was introduced in Cyprus. Now, before leaving the house, you need to fill out a special form about the reasons for moving.

This decision reflects the whole reality of Cyprus. Nikita Tikhonov, a spokesman for Nireas Triathlon, says: “Cyprus is one big village where everyone knows each other. This has its advantages, but in the case of a pandemic, it is rather a disadvantage. A quarantine is introduced, and the crowds still go to each other. “Well, I’m only for those close to me. "Is it okay that a typical Cypriot family has friends and relatives on half of the island?"

On March 21-22, Ayia Napa was to host a two-day start of Ayia Napa Triathlon at distances from sprint to semi-iron. This is the most popular start in the country and has been held since 2014 by the Nireas Triathlon team. The swimming stage takes place on the Nissi Bay beach in a quiet bay. There is a shallow azure sea with a sandy bottom, on the beach there is soft white sand, and the water surface is smooth and without waves, because it is closed from the wind. The cycling stage at all distances passes through the forests of the Kavo Greco National Park. At the start of this year, the organizers were expecting more than a thousand participants.

Cyprus is on everyone's lips, mostly known as a seaside resort and offshore zone. But that's not all! Cyprus is also a mountain with a forest of cedar (the highest point of Olympus 1952m), the protected Akamas peninsula, on which people almost did not manage for thousands of years, the picturesque Avakas canyon. Cyprus is wild sea bays with amazingly clear water, several Orthodox churches and monasteries with a history of more than 1500 years, where the relics of famous saints and unique icons are kept. And of course, Cyprus is the ancient Greco-Roman buildings (amphitheaters, tombs, fortresses, bridges ...) and places associated with the life of ancient gods. All these interesting things are included in the plan.

Cyprus Hike

Hiking in Cyprus is easy and comfortable, suitable for beginners and children from 8 years old. It is warm in Cyprus even in winter, in the mountains + 5 + 10 degrees, on the coast +20, water in the sea +18. It's hot there in summer. The best time to hike is spring and autumn. And the most wonderful time is March and April, when there is a lot of fresh greenery and flowers. However, there are always flowers here, at any time of the year something blooms. And of course, everyone's favorite oranges, tangerines, figs, bananas can be tasted right from the trees.

Flights to Cyprus are quite affordable, often you can take tickets up to $ 100.

Cyprus hiking route: Larnaca - Troodos Mountains - Caledonia Falls - Trooditissa Monastery - Chantara Falls - Venetian Bridges - Avakas Canyon - Lara Beach - Akamas Peninsula - Aphrodite Trail - Baths of Aphrodite - Polis - Paphos - Larnaca.

Conditions of the trip in Cyprus

To take part in a hike in Cyprus, you need to send an application. We will contact you, discuss all the details and tell you what to do next.

This is a real hiking trip. We carry food, equipment and personal belongings in our backpacks. We spend the night in tents, we cook food on a fire or a gas burner. The recommended maximum backpack weight for men is 18 kg, for women 12 kg.

The guide can change the route of the hike in Cyprus based on the weather, the condition of the group and other factors.

If the cost of the trip seems too expensive, choose a discount for yourself.

For those who have already gone with us, the hike will cost 180 euros.

For children 8-14 years old, the hike will cost 160 euros.

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