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Moving for free by car, you can not only get to a certain place, but also see new places, get acquainted with local sights, and also get invaluable experience of communicating with a wide variety of people.

This practice of movement has existed for quite a long time, and at first hitchhiking included moving only by car, today, in order to get to a certain point, you can stop any car and, if the driver agrees, drive to the place destination. Hitchhiking is still the most affordable because it eliminates the need to pay a fare. If you have a great desire to travel around your country or the world, but are constrained in funds - some hitchhiking rules will help you to travel even long distances.

Important Notice

Traditions of hitchhiking boil down to the following: a hitchhiker stands at the edge of the road and gives a signal to oncoming drivers. With the help of a raised hand with an outstretched finger, you indicate your presence and desire to get to a certain place.

With the help of hitchhiking, many travelers from all over the world have traveled to the most hidden corners of the globe, found new friends and became participants in not imaginary adventures.

Hitchhiking Principles

- Hitchhiking is not a freebie. It should be understood that this type of travel is a kind of mutually beneficial cooperation. The hitchhiker gets to a certain point, and the driver gets his share of communication. Thanks to a pleasant conversation, the driver not only distracts from the tiring driving, but also keeps himself in a vigorous state. Very often, many truckers try to throw up people on the road, because they can entertain them on the road.

- The basic principle of hitchhiking is trust, because the driver who agreed to let you down lets you into a rather intimate space of his car, so you should not be suspicious and insincere towards the car owner.

- Your appearance should speak about yourself. As you know, any hitchhiker can be recognized by a large backpack behind. Otherwise, it is quite dangerous to give a lift to a person standing alone on a deserted highway. Many hitchhikers wear brightly colored clothing that immediately catches the eye of drivers.

- Additional information. Many hitchhikers include the destination address on their clothing or backpack. Europeans, who are fond of hitchhiking, often use a plate as an identification and informative signal, which indicates the desired place of travel.

Tips for Beginner Hitch Hikers

If you have just started your journey and have never tried hitchhiking before, it is recommended to take the first "tour" with a group of friends. In a team, organizational issues are easier to solve, and besides, it is much safer than a solo trip. You should be prepared for the fact that you will be on the road all day, so you should not take a large suitcase with you or stuff your backpack with all sorts of things.

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Hitchhiking, known by some as "Hitchhiking", is a method of getting around by passing cars in the direction you want, and it has existed for about the same time as the transport itself. It is not necessary that the car travels to the point you need, but if it throws your body a certain number of kilometers, then it will already be good, because then you can catch another ride, and then another one, until you end up with a car driving to the city you need and take you on board. It happens that the right car comes across the first time.

In my first two trips across the CIS (in 2004-05), I had to wait 3-4 times for a car for 2-3 hours. But then with experience the waiting time became less. Nowadays, however, it rarely reaches 30 minutes (meaning - on highways with a good flow of cars). On average, 15-20 minutes - however, this is during the daytime (even at dusk, cars stop a little less often - but see about the "night stop" below).

At the same time, the average speed of a hitchhiker in Russia is 55-60 km/h (on a main highway with a large number of cars, like all experienced hitchhikers) - that is, it is approximately equal to the speed of a train. Of course, sometimes it reaches 80-90 km/h and even more - provided that the quality of the road and the speed of the car itself are good.

Much the same applies to other developed and developing countries. For example, to hitchhiking in Turkey (the link leads to my article on independent travel in that country).

This section of the road is not very good for hitchhiking (because there is almost no shoulder on it, but there are either hills or bushes), so I walked it on foot to a better position. But on the other hand, a funny sign for the road is drawn on the asphalt - "an arrow in the heart" with the word LOVE (love).

It should be in the place where cars go slowly (or at least NOT fast). The slower the better - because, the driver needs some time to comprehend the picture he saw with a voting man on the sidelines. Typically such good positions are:

I hitchhiked in Europe, Central and South America. Today I will tell you how to hitchhike safely and interestingly.

Plan your trip

Once you've decided to hitchhike, you first need to decide where to go. An experienced hitchhiker always determines the route first. It is best to plan a route in advance, purchase a road map, carefully study the settlements that will come across on the way. All of this will ultimately make a difference.

Personal experience: My travels are often spontaneous: plans may change at the last minute. Having learned about some "secret" place inaccessible to many travelers, I can easily get off the assigned route. But this has little to do with hitchhiking: staying overnight on the track is not the best thing that can happen, especially when there is no tent. Therefore, I reckon all movements so as to arrive at a new place in the evening.

Girls are better off paired with a male representative

There are three things I definitely do in company with someone:

- I go to the mountains; - I surf; - I hitchhike.

Hitchhiking is always risky. This is not couchsurfing, where you can see your profile and read reviews. Here you focus more on the first impression and intuition. However, for safety reasons, it is better to travel together and preferably in a pair with a male representative.

Look good

First impressions are always important. And it depends on how you look and position yourself whether the driver stops or not. After all, it is often difficult for a driver to understand that travelers are voting on the sidelines, and not vagabond wanderers ? especially at night.

I don't think it's necessary to say that girls should dress decently so as not to evoke unnecessary associations. If you vote at night, make sure your clothing is reflective.

Personal experience: I've met a lot of backpackers during my long travels. I love Rasta-style, travelers with dreadlocks, guitar, songs in the spirit of Bob Marley. But sometimes all the romanticism disappears when you feel that someone didn’t stop to take a shower :). This does not apply to our travelers. Everyone I have met looks very neat.

Choose the right terrain

She is 20 years old, but the whole of Europe is already behind her. Polina Ermolaeva knows how to relax almost for free. And before setting off to conquer another continent - this time Latin America - she shared her experience with AIF.

- I can't stand travel agents. They tell in advance how my vacation will go, what I will do, where I will go on an excursion. And I want to go where my eyes look, to stay in place until I myself want to leave. And so it happened that I hitchhiked around 14 European countries.

A good place is half the battle

My travels began in the small Belgian town of Malines, which is 30 km from Brussels. Leaving the city was ideal for hitchhiking: after the traffic light, the cars had not yet had time to accelerate, the drivers had a wide view, so it was almost impossible not to notice me, and there were empty parking spaces on the side of the road, so you can stop without violating traffic rules.

This time in the evening I expected to be already 700 km from here - in French Dijon. An ambitious plan! I had several advantages: I am a girl, I am alone, with me only a small backpack: a sleeping bag, a laptop and a couple of spare T-shirts - what else do you need? Three minutes of waiting - and I'm already in the car.

“How did you admit that Medvedev changed the Constitution, increasing the presidential term of office to 6 years? And your opposition is kind of helpless: Kasyanov, Limonov and Navalny - who else? " I listened with my mouth open. It's amazing how much this young guy in tattered and greasy jeans knows about Russian politics.

An important element of hitchhiking is conversations with the driver. I once heard a joke that if the conversation does not fit, you need to look out the window and say: “Oh, what the country has been brought to. ”, And the topic of the conversation for the next couple of hours is provided. True, this phrase works more likely in Russia. I deformed her a little: "Oh, it's good with you, but in Russia ..."

In Brussels, a young man dropped me off at the motorway entrance towards Luxembourg. He asked not to get into the cars of the Turks, Moroccans, blacks and other representatives of the national minorities of Belgium, and in general to be careful.

"Mandatory, must!" - I answered, and two minutes later I was driving in a car with a Turk. I cannot say that there were no suspicions at all. I was let down by the deceitfulness of the glasses - he looked very intelligent in them.

- Aren't you scared to ride like that?

There are many interesting types of travel around the globe, but we will focus on one of them - hitchhiking. Such an unusual choice of travel can open up many opportunities for you to get to a place that you have never visited and have long wanted to visit there. This is usually hampered by financial difficulties and therefore hitchhiking is a wonderful way out.

Moving to different parts of the planet in this way allows you to make new acquaintances. Hitchhiking is unpredictable and a little risky, but it provides an opportunity to get away from everyday life. There are tips to help newbies to hitchhike.

A neat appearance is the key to the success of a hitchhiker

A neat appearance increases the chance of stopping the car. It is unlikely that a driver will stop a person in a dirty tracksuit with a cigarette in his mouth and a bottle of beer in his hand, especially at night. So it's best to take your appearance seriously.

For a hitchhiker girl, it is advisable to dress modest, tidy and, if desired, comfortable clothes. A girl in short denim shorts and a defiant top, being on the track, often causes unpleasant analogies, and is accepted by the driver by no means a traveler.

In order to have a high probability of stopping the car at night, it is better to attach elements that reflect light to the clothes. If you decide to vote at night, bright little elements should become a permanent attribute for you.

Hitchhiking a girl paired with a man

Hitchhiking is always safer together. Despite its advantages, hitchhiking does not exclude risks. Girls who hitchhike a car alone often increase the chance of getting a ride. But alone, they can find themselves in an unpredictable situation.

Many are afraid that drivers don't like to give couples. Young couples voting on the tracks look pretty cute. And a married couple in a car will not refuse such fellow travelers.

Did you not like the company in the car you stopped? You can always use a simple method: find out where the driver is heading, and boldly say that you are not on the way. Then just stop another car.

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