Trekking or trekking (from the English trekking) is a type of hiking, which means moving or crossing a mountainous, rough terrain. Typically, this is recreational and not sports tourism unless it is part of a mountain climbing activity. In the latter case, trekking is a transition to the base camp of climbers under the mountain. [1]

Hiking from the English "hike" (long walk, hike) is a modern phenomenon that is developed in many parts of the world. Often, hiking is a hike with recreational and educational purposes, which takes place along well-equipped and well-marked routes, which allows you to independently choose your own route, its length, complexity and content and does not require special training and escort of a guide. The greatest development in Russia, hiking as a type of tourism, received in Krasnoyarsk. Several hundred kilometers of routes for walking and traveling around the city have been equipped here, maps of these routes have been built, a mobile application "Krasnoyarsk Hiking" has been created.

Tourist all-around is the most popular type of sports hiking in Russia, not only among adults, but also children. It includes overcoming obstacles using the acquired skills both on artificial and natural terrain.


Classification of walking tours and grades

The difficulty category of the route is determined by the presence of local obstacles, the geographical indicator of the area, the autonomy of the route, the intensity of the route, etc. Depending on this, the hikes are subdivided into:

  • weekend hikes;
  • hikes of 1-3 degrees of difficulty - in youth tourism;
  • category hikes from 1 to 6 difficulty category (c. page). The first category is the simplest, requiring a minimum set of knowledge; the sixth category is the most difficult and requires special and physical training, appropriate equipment.
Classification of pedestrian routes [2] and ranks [3] Route difficulty Length, not less than km Duration, not less than days 1 degree of difficulty 503-42 degree of difficulty 754-63 degree of difficulty 1006-8I category of difficulty 1006II category of difficulty 1208III category of difficulty 14010IV category of difficulty 17013V category of difficulty 21016VI category of difficulty25020Note:
  • tourists who have reached the age of 12 and have participated during the year in one or several hiking trips with a total duration of at least 5 days and a total length of at least 75 kilometers on foot, are awarded the "Tourist of Russia" badge; <
  • jun. - youth category; time. - adult category; CCM - candidate for master of sports; MS - Master of Sports of Russia: w - women, m - men.
  • for the passage of the hike of each category of difficulty, participants must have experience of participation in hikes of the previous category of difficulty, and the leader must have experience of participation in this category, and experience in managing the hikes of the previous categories [4]. To participate in 1 room. it is recommended to have experience of participating in weekend hikes (PVH).

Evaluation of the difficulty of the hike in terms of duration and length is indicative and not determinative. A more precise definition of the category of complexity of the route is given in "Appendix 1. Methods for categorizing the walking route" to the "Unified All-Russian Sports Classification of Tourist Routes (EVSKTM)" [5].

Tourist all-around

This type of hiking is rapidly growing into a separate sport. Tourist all-around (not to be confused with orienteering) involves overcoming obstacles such as a hinged crossing of various lengths and degrees of incline, descent along vertical rails, climbing a rock, as well as climbing vertical rails using hand and often in the absence of good physical fitness, leg clamps ...

Since tourist all-around requires good physical fitness and endurance, athletes can often observe special equipment, often borrowed by the latter from other sports, such as caving, mountaineering, etc. Often, athletes themselves make equipment that has less weight and giving the athlete an advantage over the competition. Often, such equipment, which did not pass due inspection and was made of cheap material, unexpectedly fell into disrepair, which led to fatal consequences.

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