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Tourism in Germany - Tourism in Germany

Germany is the eighth most visited country in the world, with a total of 407.26 million overnight stays in 2012. This number includes 68.83 million overnight stays of foreign guests, most of which in 2009 came from the Netherlands, the UK and other countries. Switzerland (see table). In addition, more than 30% of Germans spend their holidays in their country. Germany is ranked 3rd out of 136 countries in the 2017 report and ranked as one of the safest travel destinations in the world according to travel and tourism competitiveness reports.

More than 30.4 million international tourists arrived in Germany in 2012, generating over US $ 38 billion in international tourism revenue for the country. Domestic and international travel and tourism combined directly contributed over € 43.2 billion to Germany's GDP. Adjusted for indirect and induced impacts, the industry contributes 4.5% of Germany's GDP and supports 2 million jobs (4.8% of total employment). ITB Berlin is the world's leading tourism trade fair.

According to surveys, the three main reasons tourists come to Germany are German culture, outdoor activities and countryside, and German cities.



The history of tourism in Germany goes back to the cities and landscapes that are visited for study and recreation. From the late 18th century onward, cities such as Dresden, Munich, Weimar and Berlin were major stops on the European Grand Tour.

Spas and seaside resorts in the North and Baltic Sea (e.g. Rugia and Usedom islands, Heiligendamm, Norderney and Sylt islands) especially developed in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when the main railway routes were built connecting the seaside resorts with city centers. An extensive bathing and recreation industry materialized in Germany around 1900. On rivers and in close proximity to natural landscapes (for example, in the valley of the Central Rhine and in the Saxon Switzerland) from the 19th century, many wellness resorts, hotels and recreation places were created.

In rural areas, the pastoral aura reigns, and in large cities, both modern and classic style is felt. Small and medium cities often retain their historical appearance, there are old cities with a wonderful architectural heritage - they are called altstadt in German.


The table below shows the distribution of nights conducted by national and foreign guests in each of the sixteen lands of Germany in 2017.

In general, in Germany in 2017 there were 178.23 million visits, of which 37.45 million accounted for foreign guests (21.01 percent). Most visitors in Bavaria, where 94.3 million nights spend in hotels, hostels or clinics. Mecklenburg-Front Pomerania, 18,472 nights per 1000 inhabitants, has the highest density of tourists to the population (median importance in Germany: 5,568 nights per 1000 people).

Sports in Germany is highly developed, and German athletes are real world stars. About 27 million residents of the country are consisting of any sports organization. In Germany, there are a large number of amateur and professional sports teams that regularly conquer prizes in national and international sports.

Germany is one of the most sporty countries in the world. 8 inhabitants from 10 have a bike. Locals often along with the family make cycling on various distances. In addition, the Germans are very loved by hiking, swimming and water sports. A huge number of hiking and cycling routes are laid throughout the country.


the real passion and national proudness of the Germans is football. The national team of Germany three times won the World Cup in 1954, 1974 and 1990. Twice the World Cup was held in the country - in 1974 and 2006

Internal matches are no less bright and epic than international. The confrontation between the various soccer teams of Germany is a very exciting spectacle. During matches, life is spinning only around football and conversations are heard everywhere only about this sport. The most successful football team of the country is the Munich FC "Bavaria".

Creative approach of football fans, Germany (photo © pxhere. OM/CC0 Public Domain) <


The oldest sport of Germany is tennis. It was especially widespread in Germany, when the number of members of the tennis organization reached 2 million. In the GDR, tennis was less popular, since it was considered a sport mainly for aristocrats.

Today, tennis in Germany is almost as popular as football. A large number of courts are open in the country, and the tennis organization has about 1.7 million members. This figure is the highest in the world.

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