Forge of Champions

Forge of Champions

How high are we going?

Olympic Reserve School No. 1 is a real forge of Olympic personnel No. 1 in the country. It celebrated its 45th anniversary this year.

It is difficult to find an educational institution that would more closely match its name. Its graduates have won 69 Olympic medals (including 28 gold, 17 silver and 24 bronze). Since 1976, the students of the school have won 2657 medals of various denominations at the championships and championships of the world, Europe and Russia. Many of these athletes are known today not only in Russia, but all over the world - for example, Aliya Mustafina, Nikita Nagorny, Ekaterina Kurbatova (artistic gymnastics), Alina Kabaeva, Yulia Barsukova, Olga Kapranova, Irina Chashchina (rhythmic gymnastics), Sophia Velikaya, Alexey Yakimenko, Karina Aznavuryan, Mikhail Burtsev (fencing) and many other wonderful athletes.

“The Olympic Reserve School No. 1 is a kind of model,” says Alexei Vorobyov, head of the Moscow Department of Physical Culture and Sports. - The educational and training processes are remarkably combined here. Thanks to the impeccable work of the school, there are so many winners and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, European and World Championships in our capital. ”

They always focus on the maximum result. This is as it should be: it is the Olympic champions that are trained at the Olympic Reserve School. All conditions have been created for this: open and closed sports grounds, a hostel and a canteen, an educational building and an excellent teaching staff. Teachers of the highest qualifications work here, there are candidates and doctors of sciences, professors. Some have been working since the founding of the school, such as, for example, the teacher of biology Tatyana Borisovna Ottesen. There are also many young teachers. In addition, the team employs graduates of school No. 1. Yulia Barsukova, Honored Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics, Olympic champion, - deputy director of the school and at the same time a coach, she works a lot with children, passing on her experience to them.

And the director of the school himself, David Musulbes, is a world-famous athlete, Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, two-time world champion.

Why raise the bar?

Both Muscovites and children from different cities of Russia study here. Coaches regularly "monitor" sports schools, clubs and provincial sections in order to select the best guys and raise them into champions who will subsequently defend the sporting honor of Moscow and Russia. So, for example, Kristina Sivkova got to the school - once at a competition in a distant regional center, athletics coach Viktor Vasyatkin noticed her. He saw her running and realized that the girl was incredibly talented. Of course, she entered the school, having passed all the necessary standards. Now Kristina is a multiple champion of Russia in track and field athletics, a bronze medalist of the European Championship and a record holder of Russia in the 100m race among juniors and, by the way, is an excellent student at the same time.

When students from other schools enter the school who have passed all the necessary sports tests, they often have to catch up with the local children according to the school curriculum. School No. 1 has a fairly high level of academic performance, so sometimes teachers have to bring up new students in general education subjects. But as a result, the graduates of the school receive a solid basic education. To the credit of the local guys, I must say that they themselves are set for high achievements. And this is correct, because if a person is motivated in sports, then in his studies he will strive for success. There are no idlers among the students, everyone is set to work. The guys are well aware that they are given a wonderful chance to get an excellent education and achieve high sports results absolutely free of charge. And they appreciate this opportunity.

What then, after victories?

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