Excursion tour to Ingushetia

Excursion tour to Ingushetia

This summer, my friends and I managed to visit for the first time the place that is often called the pearl of the Caucasus. I think you have guessed what this is about. Yes, this is Kezenoy-Am.

I confess, initially I was skeptical. This place is quite popular and well-worn, and there are a lot of photos on the Web where almost every corner of the lake is shown, and I wanted to see something really new and impressive. However, what appeared before me and my friends surpassed all our expectations. And now, without a shadow of a doubt, one can confirm: this is indeed one of the most beautiful places in the Caucasus, and one must come here, since no photograph can convey this pristine beauty.

We decided to go to the lake when our colleague, journalist from the Tyumen region Natalya Basova, with whom we have been friends for a long time, came to us, in Ingushetia, on a private trip. We didn’t wait for any organized group and decided to go to the cross-belts. Leaving early in the morning from the bus station of the city of Sunzha, we drove to Grozny, from there we got to Vedeno by minibus, well, there we already caught a private taxi driver who also gave us a free excursion along the way.

Before talking about the lake itself, I want to say a few words about the road to it. Believe me, she was no less interesting, or rather, no less beautiful. The landscapes that flashed outside the window of our car, sometimes just demolished the roof, they were so mesmerizing! Since the lake is alpine, therefore, the road to it was alpine, but at the beginning of the journey we did not even know how high it would be.

With each new turn, the road went higher and higher, right into the clouds, and the slopes became steeper and steeper, which sometimes became really scary. But the lack of oxygen, which tourists are often warned about, was not felt at all, although we did experience a little dizziness.

Finally, we reached the very top of the mountain, strewn with small stones. There were only clouds above. And suddenly, in the midst of this silent silence from the top of the Harami Pass, a delightful view opened up in front of us: at the end of a wide valley lay a huge bowl of heavenly color. The question "was it worth climbing so high?" instantly disappeared when, after a long ascent along the mountain serpentine, in the gap between the peaks, the water surface of the unique in its natural beauty azure reservoir Kezenoy-Am, bordered by mountain rocks overgrown with picturesque forests, shone with incredible color.

You see, whatever I write now will not convey even a tenth of what we saw. The calm silence of the lake, in which the sun, sky and mountains were reflected, seemed to draw us to itself with invisible threads.

A small photo session on a steep slope, and now we are approaching the lake. As we have already seen from a height, the lake is not round, but winds between the mountains. At the entrance to the fenced-in area, we were met by guards and beautiful turrets, after checking the documents, the taxi driver gave us a lift directly to the hotel complex, which could be seen from afar. And here we noticed that without the magic of human architecture, all this miraculous beauty would not have looked so graceful and aesthetic. Tastefully selected architectural line, which includes small but very cozy wooden houses, lined up in a row, as if in unison, singing with large and stylish buildings located on the right slope of the lake, organically complemented the overall picturesque picture.

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Lake Kezenoy-Am for its unique beauty is considered one of the main attractions of Russia. It is not for nothing that this place was nicknamed the pearl of the Caucasus! In addition, it is the largest alpine lake in Europe, 1870 meters above sea level. Its appearance is striking: the reservoir is distinguished by the turquoise color of the water, which changes its shade depending on weather conditions, time of year and day.

According to the statements of many tourists, the beauty and grandeur of this natural monument surpasses even the famous Blue Lakes of Kabardino-Balkaria, and in the guidebooks Kezenoy is often referred to as "Caucasian Switzerland".

Having been here once, he will certainly want to come back here again, because Kezenoy-Am surprises not only with its beauty, but also with the purity of the air and fresh coolness. The thing is that many mountain rivers flow into this lake, the water of which has its own unique taste.

The presence of the white Apollo butterfly in these places also speaks of the purity of the air. This delightful creature is the most striking representative of this family of sailboats. This butterfly lives in the mountains and in the valleys, located at an altitude of about two kilometers above sea level. And only where there are limestone rocks.

The development of the tourism cluster is one of the main tasks of modern society

Excursion tour to fabulous Ingushetia

"City of the sun in the land of towers and legends"

Nazran - Magas - Armkhi - Tower complexes of the Dzheyrakh gorge

(3 days/2 nights at the resort)

The Republic of Ingushetia is the smallest constituent entity of our country (slightly larger than Luxembourg) Ingushetia is located in the central part of the northern slopes of the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Range in its central part. This is an unusually beautiful land. There are beautiful landscapes, the purest mountain rivers, mineral springs, extraordinary historical towers and architectural structures built before our era. And over all this splendor, the silent snowy splendor of the Greater Caucasus Range reigns.

The Dzheyrakh gorge of Ingushetia is rightfully considered the pearl of Ingushetia. This open-air museum will not leave anyone indifferent. There are 92 historical monuments here. Including the famous Ingush battle towers. And the unique natural and climatic conditions, undoubtedly, put Dzheyrakh on a par with such famous Caucasian resorts as Dombay and the Elbrus region. Fans of ecological tourism and outdoor recreation come here every year. In the unique in its beauty and climate Dzheyrakh gorge, an all-season ski resort Armkhi was built, operating on the basis of a health-improving complex

Discover ancient Ingushetia and appreciate its active development today!

Tour Dates: November 2 - 6, 2018

Tour program:

1 day. Departure from Volzhsky/Volgograd at 18.0/19. 0

Day 2. Arrival at the thermal springs "Ganakh-thermo" in the village. iragzang (optional entrance for an additional fee of 100 rubles) In the tea house you can have a hearty breakfast: coffee, herbal mountain tea, fresh pastries, national pies.

Backpacks are transported by road almost all the time. There are backpacks only on the second and partly on the third day. These days, you will need to carry backpacks with your belongings and some common groceries.

Security. To make our trip with you as comfortable and safe as possible, you should remember that we are going to the North Caucasus. The generally accepted rules of conduct there may differ significantly from the rules of conduct to which we are accustomed. The use of foul language and smoking in public places should be avoided. Alcohol consumption is excluded. You should be careful about your travel clothing. It is better to choose the option that covers the arms and legs. If you are going to photograph a person or group of people, be sure to ask their permission. Also, no one should leave the group and be alone anywhere. If you follow these simple rules, our trip will leave a vivid mark in your memory and bring maximum pleasure.

Chechnya and Ingushetia are now one of the fastest growing regions in Russia, and great efforts are being made to change stereotypical views on them. The leadership of the republics encourages the holding of all-Russian and international competitions on their territory and contributes to the development of tourism.

ATTENTION! Foreign citizens are required to issue a pass. Documents must be submitted no later than 2 months before the trip. Plan your vacation well in advance.

You can also visit Ingushetia in winter or celebrate the New Year.

Daily program


Meeting in the city of Vladikavkaz at 10 am on the square in front of the railway station.

We get into the vehicle and begin our journey to the Dzheyrakh gorge. From the very beginning of the journey, we will have an amazing view of the local nature. We are going to the village of Beini - under the slopes of Miat-Loam (Table Mountain).

We set up tents in the clearing. Dinner. An evening of acquaintance of the group.


Early in the morning we begin our ascent to the Miat Loam plateau (altitude 2600 m).

On the way we visit the ancient sanctuary of Myat-seli. The deity Myat-Seli was considered the patron saint of agriculture and fertility and brought general well-being to the house. An incredible view of the valley opens from the slopes of the mountain. The capitals of two republics are being viewed - Vladikavkaz and Magas. Admiring the highest peak of Ingushetia - Shoan. In good weather, a view of the local giant - Mount Kazbek opens up!

One of the most beautiful places in Russia - Ingushetia - some time ago turned out to be forgotten by tourists fascinated by foreign resorts. But the republic is generously endowed with natural beauty, rich in historical and architectural monuments and is famous for the hospitality of local residents.

In Soviet times, for example, the unique Dzheyrakh-Assinsky State Reserve, where historical museums, architectural monuments and places of pilgrimage are located, was the base of excursion tourism. The routes passing through the Erzi state nature reserve and the Ingushsky nature reserve were very popular, and the resort centers of health-improving and sports-health tourism - such as "Armkhi", "Erzi", "Muzhichi", received guests from all over a huge country. The guests of the republic, carried away by the history, with awe visited ancient mosques, the most ancient temple of early Christianity Tkhaba-Yerdy and many other sacred sights. Lovers of sports and adventure tourism, hunting and fishing came to the mountain rivers of Ingushetia, such as Assa and Armkhi.

But this was the case before, and then the hiking trails became noticeably empty. The situation needed to be corrected, and in 2012 the leadership of the republic adopted a state program for the development of this industry, setting the task of creating a modern, highly efficient and competitive tourist and recreational complex in the republic, providing ample opportunities for the development of ecological, extreme, cultural, educational and other types of tourism.

According to the adopted program, one of the most important tasks in the development of the tourism cluster is to create an appropriate material and technical base based on the rational use of natural, cultural, historical, health-improving and mineralogical resources. It is also planned to provide the industry with tourism business specialists, develop and master tourist routes, preserving natural and historical sites.

Significant funds have been allocated from the federal and republican budgets for the implementation of the program, active work has begun to attract investment in tourism in the republic.

The implementation of the state policy in the field of tourism was entrusted to the Tourism Committee of the Republic of Ingushetia. The construction of tourist facilities, infrastructure development began and the first results appeared: over the past five years, the number of tourists has increased sevenfold. "PEARLS" OF THE MOUNTAIN COUNTRY

What was the reason for the popularization of tourism in Ingushetia? First of all, these are new opportunities open to travelers in Ingushetia. Guests from any part of Russia and around the world were offered the most interesting routes that allowed them to see the wonders of the mountain republic, improve their health, enjoy the incredible opportunities of extreme tourism, go skiing or walk unknown paths through protected areas. A number of events are organized for them in the republic, attracting up to 10,000 guests to the republic. These are car races, Republic Day, film festivals, routes to places of military glory, various national holidays - bright and original.

One of the most relevant directions, which is promoted by the mountainous landscape of Ingushetia, is extreme tourism in the mountains: base jumping (skydiving), alpine skiing, rallying, mountain bike (off-road cycling), downhill (downhill bike). Returning from extreme routes, tourists bring a lot of incredible impressions, which they share with friends and relatives, attracting new tourists to the mountains of Ingushetia.

According to statistics, Ingushetia is a country of long-livers, and the Ingush are happy to share their national recipes for youth and beauty with their guests. This type of tourism is called ecological tourism and its popularity is growing all over the world. For example, there are routes that include tasting of national cuisine, which pass through the territory of the Assinsky Gorge, where there are seven healing springs that give longevity. Tourists try teas made from herbs collected in the Dzheyrakh region - a real elixir of health, breathe the purest mountain air and enjoy incredible landscapes, while horseback riding, cycling and climbing to the mountain peaks of the Caucasus energize travelers.

The all-season resort "Armkhi" in the Dzheyrakh region became one of the first facilities built within the framework of the program for the development of the republic's tourism sector. "Armkhi" offers ski slopes 1200 meters long, hotel complexes, swimming pools, saunas, cafes, paintball grounds, a sports base for base jumpers and much more. Comfortable sanatorium "Armkhi" is equipped with modern medical equipment. One of the most popular places for recreation is the Dzheyrakh gorge, recognized as an open-air museum and uniting more than 90 historical monuments of antiquity, culture and life of the Ingush. The most valuable and ancient historical rarities date back to the second millennium BC, and the Ingush battle towers of Vovnushka are considered one of the wonders of the world. The four-tiered stone towers with narrow loopholes, a high parapet and a flat roof were supposedly built in the 16th - 17th centuries for defensive purposes.

Tourists are invariably attracted by the Targim Valley, where the temples of Albi-Yerdy and Tkhaba-Yerdy, the architectural complexes Khamkhi, Targim and Egikal rise. Guests visiting the Dzheyrakh-Assinsky State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve discover the North Caucasus from an unexpected perspective. What else should you see in Ingushetia? This is the city of Magas - the youngest city that appeared in the post-Soviet era, originally built as a capital. The historical and cultural capital of Karabulak is a city that has united many historical monuments, museums and other attractions that will reveal the soul of the Ingush people to tourists. The largest city in the Republic of Nazran, the city of oil workers Malgobek. TOURISM IS THE KEY TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REPUBLIC

Development of the tourism industry is of great importance for Ingushetia as a whole. Thanks to it, transport, communications, trade, construction, agriculture, and the production of consumer goods are developing. In turn, this provides ample opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.

The emergence of new tourist sites creates jobs. The opening of only two mountain-tourist complexes "Tsori" (currently under construction. - Auth.) And "Armkhi" will provide jobs for more than 28 thousand residents of the region. Until 2018, it is planned to create 450 more jobs, thanks to the implementation of a project to create a tourist and recreational cluster "All-season tourist center" Ingushetia ". This project is funded under the federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011 - 2018)". Ingushetia is allocated more than 1.413 billion rubles for its implementation.

Come to Ingushetia, here you will relax from the bustle of cities, enjoy the dishes of first-class chefs, and the mountain air and walks will only whet your appetite.

Rest with cashback

Relax without losing your money - with cashback up to 15 thousand rubles from the Armkhi resort. The offer is valid for all the tours listed below!

Combined excursion tour from one person

Title: From the Dark Ages.

Dates of arrival: arrival every Friday/Saturday

Day/Night Tour

Sightseeing tour includes: 4 nights accommodation, 2 full day excursions, 2 short excursions (2-3 hours), 4 breakfasts, 4 dinners.

Price, RUB/person Double Double (St) Double (Eq) Double (St) + Extra "Armkhi" 25 10024 30022 73024 300 + 22 200 "Chaika" —22 300—— Book

Sightseeing tour duration: 5 days/4 nights

Meeting the station/airport. Accommodation at the "Armkhi" hotel. Departure from the "Armkhi" hotel, ascent by bus to the Melere monument, inspection of the tower, then the route runs to one of the largest medieval architectural complexes of Erzi. Hiking to the complex, excursion and inspection of the Erzi towers. Then a visit to the Olgetinskaya mosque. Dinner.

Breakfast. Excursion azran - agas. On the Georgian Military Highway through the town of Ladikavkaz, check-in to the town of Azran. The excursion begins with a demonstration of the square named after the founder of Nazran Kartskhal Ortskhoevich Malsagov, a visit to the Alley of "Eternal Glory" to those who died in the Second World War, the Ingush State Museum of Local Lore named after T. Malsagova. Visit to the shop of the firm "Shadi" - products from fish skin. Then stop at the Memorial Complex of Memory and Glory with a visit to the Museum of the Victims of Repression. Lunch is optional. A sightseeing tour of the "city of the sun" - Magas with a visit to the 100-meter Tower of Concord "Barta g1ala". Dinner at the Armkhi cafe.

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