Examples of advertising slogans of companies - popular examples of effective advertising

Beautiful sports slogans

Why are examples of advertising slogans useful for companies?

Despite its apparent simplicity, writing an advertising slogan is a hell of a job. Ideally, you need to fit everything in 3-4 words:

  • Benefit of the product for the consumer
  • Company philosophy
  • Stand out in the crowd of competitors
  • Evoke the necessary emotions
  • Make the company's products memorable

The main thing is that the slogan must be firmly ingrained in memory. Desirable in the subconscious. Call a strong association at the right time. In fact, it combines the incompatible: creativity, simplicity and informational content. Therefore, the simplest, at first glance, phrase, they come up with for days, weeks and even months. And then every few years they change to a more effective one.

Those who say they don't pay attention to annoying ads tend to lie to themselves and others. There are very few really important ones. When we stand in front of a shop window and choose, for example, toothpaste, we first of all remember the reviews of our friends. If there are none, then an advertisement pops up in memory. And along with visual images, this very slogan appears in memory. Trust arises: these are at least spent on advertising, or even some kind of no-name.

The aim of a slogan is to create a strong first impression. The clothes of the company that are met. Nokiaconnectingpeople. (Nokia unites). McDonalds. Iloveit. Don't slow down - snickersney. ’Oreal. You deserve it. Rafaello. Instead of a thousand words. Yes, one worthy slogan may well replace a thousand words. I'm not kidding.

examples of advertising slogans for Yandex companies

Of course, the ideal is the ideal that no one can achieve it. Even the most successful and large corporations can rarely boast of a really high-quality slogan, reaching the heights of success solely due to the quality of their product and successful advertising texts. In this article, I will provide some of the most successful examples of advertising slogans for companies.

Examples of advertising slogans for Apple

Let's look at examples of a slogan for Apple. Its main motto is “Think differently”. There is a special deep meaning hidden in these two words. After all, there is a special layer of people who want to show others that they are different from them. Thanks to its bet on feature, Apple has played on it, successfully taking 90% of its profits from the smartphone market. Now let's look at the examples of the slogan for the company separately:

IPhone. Apple reinvents the phone.

On the official FIFA website, the "Follow Hyundai" competition was held, within which the official slogans of football teams were selected that received the right to play at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Anyone could take part in the competition. To do this, it was enough to register on the site and be an adult. Slogans - the winners will decorate the bus of football teams. Send-UP has sorted all the slogans of football teams - from cool to boring.

Official slogans of football teams

In our opinion, Belgium is leading with the motto: "Red devils in business." We naively thought that the right to be called red was won by our ancestors and passed on to us by inheritance.

The second place is taken by Egypt with an ambitious slogan: "When the word" pharaohs "the world should stand up and listen"

In third place, Japan: Blue Samurai, it's time for battle! " - It sounds like the 2018 World Cup coincides with the second coming of Christ, and it was the Japanese national football team that had the honor to fight on the side of good.

Laconic slogans of football teams

England: Forward to Victory. Brevity is the sister of talent, and there is nothing more to say.

Poland: "Forward, Poland!" No one would have thought that Poles have such a bad imagination.

Saudi Arabia: "Knights of the Desert". Modest, but not without pride.

Slogans about the dream of winning the World Cup

Either they agreed, or their national mentality converged on the victory in the 2018 World Cup.

About once every 16 years, car companies revise their own emblems and slogans. New designers and marketers are coming and are trying to redefine the role and place of the car company in the global car markets. They think carefully about positioning concepts and pay large agency fees for the most vivid and capacious reflection of their strategy. Sometimes slogans work so well that they remain unchanged for several decades. Others change every three years.

Electric Strategies

Kia has unveiled its new logo and global brand slogan. The name began to be written in a new font with extended letters.

As stated in the disseminated information, the new logo should be the personification of change and innovation. It also symbolizes the desire to inspire customers and employees. According to Kia President and CEO Song Ho Sun, the industry is undergoing an era of rapid transformation and Kia is committed to adapting to these changes. As for the slogan, instead of the old "The Power to Surprise", Koreans now use the slogan "Movement that inspires".

The slogan and the modified logo, as conceived by the marketers, reflect the development strategy of Plan S, aimed at promoting new models in the electric vehicle segment.

The trend for logo adjustments was also picked up by the American General Motors. Americans also intend to pay more attention to electric cars. The General Motors emblem, consisting of two capital letters GM, has given way to a new one, which is similar to the General Electric logo, as it is now written not in capital letters, but in lower case.

To promote electric cars, GM marketers have come up with an advertising slogan "Everybody In", which literally translates as "Everything in. ".

Correctly the slogan can be translated as "Everyone is plugging in" or "plugging into an electrical outlet." You can translate the slogan and as "Inserts everyone". Although these options are also not as euphonic as in English.

German conciseness

German automakers have the most well-thought-out advertising slogans.

Audi has been using the phrase “Vorsprung durch Technik” for many years, which translates as “High-tech excellence”. However, in the original source, the meaning is different. It is more correct to translate it as "Advantage through technical development". Although this phrase is not as beautiful as the first one.

Base of slogans, mottos, slogans

Slogans, mottos, slogans: Sports

Burning with hearts. With glowing hearts. XXI WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES in Vancouver, 2010. Official slogan

Gateway to the Future. Gateway to the Future. XXII WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES in Sochi in 2014. Official motto, 2009

Making history together. Creating history together. EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2012, which will be held in Poland and Ukraine. Official slogan adopted in 2009

Drop the internet, get on your skis! KULTPOKHOD, web poster of Barnaul. The slogan of the banner leading to the page of Barnaul ski resorts, 2009

Young to old. DAY OF THE ORANGE BALL, basketball festival in Ufa. Holiday slogan, 2009

Let's celebrate the centenary with active longevity! FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, a sports event in Moscow for the elderly, 2009

Unleash your emotions! EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2008, official slogan

Just AikiDO it! MOSCOW CLUB AIKIDO IVAMA RYU. Slogan calling to practice Aikido Iwama Ryu, 2008

Better death than second! Personal motto of RAMZAN KADYROV. Used in advertising sports achievements of Chechen Olympians, 2008

One world. One dream. One world. One dream. XXIX Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Official slogan, 2008

New Beijing is the great Olympics. The slogan of the XXIX Summer Olympics in Beijing, under which China has been preparing for the Games since 2001

Slogan is a short emotional and tenacious phrase that strengthens your image and encourages you to buy.

If I say “Pause. ", In your head will pop up:" Eat Twix! " And if I say that “You deserve it,” most women (and maybe men) will immediately remember what it was about.

This is how the advertising slogan works. With its help, you can tell your clients who you are and how you are useful for them in a few seconds. What is a slogan in general, I think you understand. And in the article I will tell you what it is, what it consists of and, most importantly, how you create it.

don't confuse terms

In the process of brand building, business owners often confuse the concepts of company mission, motto, unique selling proposition (USP) and slogan. But it is important to understand the differences between them, so let's briefly go over the essence.

  • Mission. This is the philosophy of the company. It is formulated by answers to the questions: “Why do you work (except for profit)? What are the principles that guide your approach to business? " etc. The mission is often used as an idea for a slogan;
  • Motto. This symbol is more important for corporate culture and maintaining the spirit within the team than for advertising. It can be compared, for example, with the national anthem;
  • USP. Helps people understand: “Why choose your product? What problem will you solve? What are the benefits of cooperation? " Promotion is impossible without answers to these questions;
  • Slogan. This is a verbal expression of your mission, USP, or both. It is impossible to create it without their definition. This is a dialogue with a client, which means that it is the most powerful of the listed promotion tools.

Types of slogans

There is no single correct decision on what the best slogan should be for any business (for example, in terms of volume) - it all depends on the specifics of your brand and target audience.

As a rule, slogans are divided into types: by meaning and purpose; in form and language techniques. Below I will tell you about the types of each classification of slogans and show everything using examples of well-known companies.

- Classification by meaning and purpose

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