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Sanatorium "Ukraine" (Essentuki) is located in the central part of the city, in close proximity to the famous mineral springs. In the circle of the resort green zone, away from noise and dust, this sanatorium is considered one of the best in the region. The windows offer a beautiful view of the shady park, not far away is the famous mud baths named after Semashko.

The history of the sanatorium dates back to 1973. This is one of the oldest health resorts in the country. In 1966, at the location of the organization, the first building of the health resort named after V. M. alinine.

As a result, several more buildings are being erected, and the central administration of the Central Committee transfers it to the Ukrainian branch of the party, which renames it "Ukraine". In 1973, the construction of the last building on the street. Pyatigorsk. Over the years, several reconstructions have been carried out in the institution, new modern medical equipment has been purchased.

Treatment and rest in the health resort is provided simultaneously to 200 guests. Guests are accommodated in comfortable rooms of different categories, which have everything you need for a pleasant stay: a bathroom, modern appliances, fresh renovation, upholstered furniture, a balcony.

The main medical profile of the sanatorium "Ukraine" Essentuki in 2019 is:

  • prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • disruption of the gallbladder and liver;
  • diabetes mellitus and obesity of varying severity ...

Associated profiles in treatment are: gynecology, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, urology, disorders of the nervous system.

The medical and service personnel are highly qualified, among the doctors there are candidates of science and honored medical workers of the Russian Federation.

The health resort has all the conditions for comfortable family treatment and recreation. On the territory there are fables, a fitness and sports complex. For those who prefer to spend their leisure time in silence, there is an extensive library, billiards, a beautiful park with walking paths and a fountain.

Advantages of the sanatorium "Ukraine" in Essentuki

Several buildings of the sanatorium are located in a vast park area, where guests are offered comfortable living and treatment conditions.

The institution has a half-century history and during this time has won great love from many residents of our country. This popularity is due to the many advantages of this institution:

Essentuki sports tourism

Essentuki, Fountain on Theater Square (Photo: Igor Strukov | Photobank Lori)

Essentuki is a balneological resort in the Stavropol Territory, 17 km from Pyatigorsk and 43 km from Mineralnye Vody. It is included in the eco-resort region "Caucasian Mineral Waters", offers guests ample opportunities for improving the body. On its territory there are 20 mineral springs, the waters of which are used for drinking, bathing, inhalation and irrigation. Tourists combine useful procedures in local sanatoriums and boarding houses with visiting architectural monuments, relaxing on the beach of the Big Lake and excursions to natural attractions.

This article contains information about Essentuki: the best time to travel, what to do, what are the prices, where to live, and how to get there.

When to go on vacation

You can improve your health in Essentuki throughout the year, but the best time for a trip is the period from June to September. The climate in the city is mountain-steppe continental, with little snowy winters and cool summers. The average temperature in July is + 20 ° C, in January it drops to -4 ° C.

Where to rest

Most of the tourists go to Essentuki for its salt-alkaline mineral waters, which help in the treatment of many diseases. You can stay at the resort in sanatoriums, which are located mainly in the Pobedy and Lechebny parks. There are many hotels and guest houses in the city. Most tourists choose hotels in the central areas, through which the main lines of public transport pass.

What to see

Upper mineral baths of Emperor Nicholas II (Photo: Ryabkov Alexander | Photobank Lori)

In Essentuki you can get acquainted with the ancient architecture, since most of the historical monuments of the resort are associated with water and mud therapy. Buildings of sanatoriums, galleries of mineral springs, decorative grottoes are interesting for viewing. We recommend diversifying your acquaintance with the city with walks in the picturesque Resort Park, riding a cable car, visiting museums or trips to the Tambukan salt lake.


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