DIY hunting or tourism knife

DIY hunting or tourism knife

Every tourist, hunter and fisherman always has a constant assistant with him - a knife. It is necessary for the equipment of the camp, for cooking, they resort to it in the process of fishing and hunting, because without it, as without hands. Therefore, you need to choose a knife for a hike very carefully, approaching this matter with all responsibility.

Why do you need a knife on a hike?

What do you have to do with a knife while hiking in the modern world? Let's consider the main tasks of this ancient instrument.

  • Cooking. Cut the products taken with you: bread, sausage. Peel vegetables, mushrooms, caught fish or poultry. Elementary: open canned food, which make up the bulk of a tourist's dry ration.
  • Breeding and maintaining fire. Fire on a hike is needed for cooking, for heating (in the cold season), for drying things (if they got wet in the rain). A knife is needed in this case:
  • in order to cut, chop wood and chips for lighting a fire;
  • to prepare slingshots for the hearth or for ropes for drying things.
  • Making fixtures. For example, sticks like skewers for frying mushrooms, fish, sausages. In case of injury, you can make a splint, crutch, or, in severe cases, a stretcher.

Basic rules for choosing a travel knife

The following tips will help the chooser navigate how to choose a knife for a hike:

  • the knife should be functional;
  • the thickness of the blade should not be thick or thin, so as not to break and be easy to use;
  • the shape should be simple, the handle is comfortable;
  • the knife must have a sheath;
  • the color preferably bright to be seen in the grass or snow;
  • the knife - this is a tool and should not be bought too expensive.

When choosing a knife for hiking in the forest or mountains, you need to pay attention to every detail.

Foldable or awkward?

This is the first question that comes up when choosing a tool. Which knives are best for hiking: small folding knives that fit easily in a pocket, or a fixed blade?

The folding knife is convenient for its small dimensions. But it is not very reliable and it has certain limitations in functionality. Folding knives do not have a very long blade, and they are not intended for power actions either. For example, it is not possible for them to chop wood for a fire. The hinge connection between the handle and the blade often breaks.

A more practical conventional knife with a fixed blade that goes deep into the handle. They can do almost anything they might need. And the scabbard attached to the belt will make such a knife more convenient.

Which tourist knife is better to buy

The most important tool in a camping trip is a knife. A good quality knife will always help you out in a difficult situation, while a bad one, on the contrary, will cause a lot of problems. It is widely believed that the best knife is the one you already own, and that with the right skills you can do a lot with any knife.

In the same situation, a knife may be ideal for a person with certain skills in handling a knife, but not useful for another person with completely different skills.

However, the best knives have unique characteristics that are not found in other models of tourist knives and are difficult to do without.

This is a quick guide to help choosing a knife for a hike.

You do not have to adhere to all the recommendations, as the choice of the correct tourist knife depends primarily on your personal preferences and conditions of the hike.

But I'll be glad to tell you about the main properties that a good tourist knife should have. Also read our roundup of the very best knives to match our recommendations for a good hiking knife.

The first thing to say from the very beginning is never be tempted by the knives you see on TV, such as those in the Rambo movies. These are almost always the most impractical knives you could buy. Due to their huge size, they are not suitable for delicate work, but they are also not suitable for work with larger objects.

Russian Knife Law

In Russia, it is prohibited by law to carry and store knives that are melee weapons. Therefore, you need to know which knife is considered a melee weapon and which is not. The certificate for a knife usually indicates whether the knife belongs to military weapons or to industrial and household tools.

Greetings, dear visitors of this site. And so I am writing another article from the do-it-yourself series, I think it will be useful.

And so we will talk about the knife, more precisely, about its manufacture. One day, I began to take things apart in the garage, and I caught sight of a piece of a rapid saw. And also several scraps of various antlers (elk, roe deer, deer). The idea to make a knife with your own hands immediately surfaced in my head by itself.

We process the tusk and the butt of the handle. We glue the tusk on epoxy resin.

After I glued the tusk (with epoxy resin), it needs to be processed, adjusted to fit the handle.

Then we process with sandpaper, smoothing the tusk and the handle.

Then choose the center for the blade. To do this, we use a Dremel engraver, adjust the hole, constantly measuring.

Fill the hole with epoxy, insert the blade, leave it for a day.

When the blade is fixed, we begin to process the handle, compare it with the level of the blade. we work on the handle and constantly try it on in the palm of our hand, as it lies in the hand, it is not convenient.

For now, finish the knife, no. Yes, and by the end of the competition I will not have time, but I want to participate.) I will describe the further sequence in theory, but when I finish, I will definitely edit the article and add a photo.

The next step is to sand the handle with 0 sandpaper, then polish it with wool. Blade processing and sharpening. Next, heat the linseed oil in a metal can and immerse the handle there, then dry it and polish it again with wool.

Well, in principle, the knife is ready. In the future, of course, there will be an article on the manufacture of a scabbard for it and a report on ease of use.

Top Ten Hunting Knives

For the correct selection of a hunting knife, you need to decide on how to use it during the hunt. If we exclude extreme situations, such as hand-to-hand combat, for example, with a hare, then a knife on a hunt is used to finish off a wounded animal, for flaying game, for camping, tourist and household kitchen purposes. In an amicable way, four different ones would be suitable for all this, in the first case it is better to use something like a dagger, in the second a small convenient knife with a long bend like a drop-point, for kitchen purposes any small, with a thin blade, and for hiking the forest, on the contrary, is a large survivalist or army cleaver. Because of all this, the best blades for hunting are either the best representatives of highly specialized blades, or partially universal ones with a combination of characteristics, since an absolutely universal knife for hunting, unfortunately, does not yet exist. What is convenient for chopping through thickets and chopping wood is not very suitable for peeling potatoes or skinning. Therefore, choosing a knife, the hunter must guess what kind of hunting he has to do, taiga search, ambush for a duck or command for a large animal, and what he will have to do. It is often better to have several of them than not one suitable one.

The Gerber company has an invaluable experience of almost a century of work on the creation of knife products and equipment. Several collections of the brand are dedicated to the product called "fishing knife". This specialized tool is intended primarily for fishing enthusiasts and the associated process of cutting the caught prey.

A fishing knife should not just perform the functions of a piercing-cutting tool - it should be easy, convenient and quick to remove scales and gut fish carcasses with it.

Gerber Fishing Knives

A special tool is called the fisherman's fillet knife and the famous brand offers several modifications of it. All of them are especially ergonomic, cut smoothly and precisely. The design feature of the fillet tool in a thin, long and flexible blade with parameters:

  • 150 mm.
  • 200 mm.
  • 250 mm.

The basic version of the fishing knife, like other fishing tools from the company, is made of special steel, resistant to the aggressive marine environment using the SALT Rx technology. The new line, released in the summer of 2018, will delight fans not only with the usual set of cutting equipment, but also with a novelty - a utility knife for fishing with a fixed blade. The collection has the same anti-corrosion properties and performance characteristics that make GERBER-branded products recognized as some of the best in their segment.

Folding Fishing Knives

Unique fishing folding knives are two-blade tools:

On the handle there are rubber inserts for a more stable grip, grooves for fingers, a special hole for the strap (to prevent the risk of slipping and losing the knife). The product is completed with a cover made of durable nylon (using "heavy" weaving technology).

High grade alloy steel for powder metallurgy blades for long lasting cutting performance. The locking mechanism creates a safe environment for the owner during active use of the tool.

The professional fisherman's knife is ideal for processing fish, sharpening sticks, cutting the thickest lines and other important tasks. Long experience in fishing or the absolute inexperience of a beginner hobbyist - it doesn't matter. Everyone needs good tools.

Where to buy a fishing knife

Our online store offers a large selection of fishing knives from the world's leading manufacturer Gerber. Thanks to direct cooperation with the company, the price of the products is inexpensive and affordable for all fans of the knife tool.


Survival knives

Most professional hunters, fishermen and lovers of long hiking trips try to use various products that increase the chance of an aggressive animal attacking.

Externally, the product is a non-folding knife with serious dimensions. Also, such models are distinguished by the presence of a large number of functions, due to which it is easy to overcome difficulties while being far from civilization.

In everyday practice, such knives are usually not used due to their size. Covertly carrying knives for survival in urban environments is unlikely to be possible.

But in the skillful hands of a professional hunter, the presented product will undoubtedly become the main tool at the time of the struggle for survival. Therefore, each user must take a self-defense course.

There is a serious assortment of survival knives on the Russian market, and here are some of them:

  • Pirat Knife Special Forces VD73B;
  • Fixed Blade Knife Steel Will Sentence 121;
  • Fixed Blade Knife Steel Will Sentence 122;
  • Campo Ratnik knife (6x9, civilian version);
  • Rambo-2 survival knife (Steel 65G, bakelite plywood) and others.

Among the numerous models, there are some quite interesting examples. One of these is the well-known knife, which was used by the hero of Sylvester Stallone in the fight against opponents.

With its help, every owner of the miracle knife will feel like a hero of an American action movie.

Key features of survival knives:

Functional features of survival knives

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