Dance is the best sport

Dance is the best sport

"A day wasted if I didn't dance" (Nietzsche)

Dancing is a beautiful, interesting and enjoyable pastime. With the help of dance, we express our feelings, emotions, share a charge of positive energy with others. But dancing is also a sport, you can start practicing it at any time and at any age.

Dance and sports are similar in many ways. Exercises to both make up for the lack of movement, restore correct posture, strengthen the body, and also help to learn how to perform precise movements.

Currently, there are a large number of dance styles, but we will focus on three - Latin American, oriental dances and polydance.

At the mere mention of Latin American dances, we imagine energetic, passionate, incendiary rhythms, the dancer's burning eyes and swaying hips to the beat. And all because the homeland of "Latin" is Latin America and is based on Spanish-Portuguese roots. This dance mixed various elements borrowed from other directions - samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha, jive, meringue and salsa.

Latin American dancing is an excellent cardio workout that increases endurance and develops the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body. It also helps burn excess calories, and therefore fat tissue. Moreover, it improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of tissues and organs, which means that constantly practicing Latin, you will always be in excellent physical shape and in a good mood.

After a few weeks of training, you will discover how the muscles of the abdomen and thighs have become stronger, as well as you will acquire a beautiful posture and excellent plastics.

Oriental dance is based on Egyptian female dance, influenced by the cultures of Turkey, India, Greece and Persia, into the modern folklore belly dance or belly dance.

Besides the fact that dance is undoubtedly aesthetically beautiful, it also carries a philosophy of health. During training, all parts of the spine are developed, muscle groups (for example, abdomen and thighs) are included in the work, many of which are not used properly in everyday life. Moreover, the internal organs are massaged and blood circulation in the pelvic area is increased.

Regular oriental dance classes contribute to weight loss, because muscles become stronger and the body becomes more toned.

The spectacular and sensual sport of Pole Dance or pole dance has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It combines all types of load - power, aerobic, stretching, even elements of acrobatics.

Despite the apparent ease in performing tricks on the pole, it is rather difficult to perform them without constant training.

Polydence trains endurance, agility and grace, and also significantly strengthens the muscles. This dance will allow you to find a magnificent figure, improve plasticity and flexibility, as well as strengthen the general condition of the body.

The best in the world

Any number of any discipline in sports dancing is an unconditional beauty, behind which there is a great deal of work. But sekway is a special story. The combination of sports and theatrical art transforms dance into a real performance with a storyline that makes the audience empathize. He is understood by the public better than others.

“The first block of the Russian DanceSport Championship is 3 days of competition between athletes who have been selected in their federal districts,” says Nadezhda Erastova, President of the All-Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock and Roll (FTSARR) ... - We see a lot of progress - if the competitions at the beginning of 2017 showed that the regions did not have much interest in the most difficult discipline - the sequoia, now everyone has strained for an excellent demonstration of the standard and Latin. So much effort was not in vain: our dance couples are world leaders. The world champions of 2018 have also played on this floor. "

Following the results of the past weekend at the universal sports arena "Aquarium" at the Crocus Expo in the Latin American sequay program, the championship title was confirmed by Muscovites Fyodor Polyansky and Dina Akhmetgareeva from the "Russian Club", again dancing their favorite dance "Pinocchio ". “Silver” went to athletes from Krasnodar “Style” Anton Aldaev and Natalya Polukhina, who performed the song “Symbol of Life”, and “bronze” went to representatives of the Irkutsk club “Baikal-Dance” Ilya Beloborodov and Victoria Kochkina.


Even a simple listing of the names of dance compositions makes it clear that the competition was multifaceted, with a variety of unexpected shades. "Swan Faithfulness", "The Myth of the Gods: Hades and Persephone", "Forrest Gump", "Breath of Passion", "Evolution of a Man", "Mask", "That which unites us", "Let`s fly", " I will live for you "...

The judges in the sequey evaluate the numbers in aggregate - from costume to dance gestures, movements, facial expressions. Everything should work towards a common goal - so that both the arbiters and the audience understand the idea of ​​the dance authors. The idea and implementation are absolutely readable and tangible.

“This is the first time we are taking part in a discipline that is new to us - sequoia according to the European program. And immediately the "silver" - this is insanely happy, - admit Muscovites Semyon Khrzhanovsky and Elizaveta Lykhina from the "Empire" club. "This is a very interesting experience for us, and the result will allow us to represent our country at the World Championships in December."

According to the guys, it is impossible not to get carried away with theatrical dance - these are completely different sensations and experiences. They invented their "Swan Faithfulness" together with the stage director Igor Alferov, and in the process they acquired many new skills for themselves. Inspired by the high place on the podium and remembering that perfection is infinite, Semyon and Lisa will laboriously work on all the components of the dance - emotions, sports elements, acting.

Permians Dmitry Pleshkov and Anastasia Kulbeda, representatives of the Duet club, unconditionally received Gold in the European program for the performance of the Let`s fly number. Their flight was solved by everyone, without exception - after all, each of us flew, flies and strives to fly.

“We have been dancing sequential for a long time, - say the winners, - so every new number wants to be better than the previous one. We are satisfied with our performance, but we are not going to stop there, we always strive to be even higher. The World Cup is ahead, and we have a lot to work on. "

The representatives of the Volgograd club "SSh Dream" Stepan Podduev and Margarita Sibeleva, who performed the song "Breath of Passion", became bronze medalists.

Remember your childhood? Parents taught many of us to do morning exercises, sent them to various sports clubs, creative circles. And those who have gone through such "trials" are now in many ways grateful to dads and moms. We learned to swim, run, dance, skate, and today we must help our children not be left without happy emotions.

Sport is an activity not only for gentlemen, but also for little ladies. The workouts will strengthen the baby's muscles, help develop the correct posture, and increase stamina and health.

Important! Scientists have proven that at the age of 5-8 years, the risk of developing diseases such as atherosclerosis and heart attack is determined. The more actively the child trains, the less the likelihood of ailments in adulthood.

The benefits of sports for your child

What are the benefits of sports sections for girls? It's very simple: training promotes:

  • Better health: regular exercise not only prevents the risk of a number of diseases, but also heals some diseases.
  • Formation of character: sport increases endurance, "hardens" the nerves, teaches to make decisions in crucial moments and never give in to difficulties.
  • Toning: Daily exercise will help your child stay alert, energetic and cheerful.

But which section should the girl go to? First of all, you should ask the baby what she would like to do. If the little athlete is confused and cannot choose any particular preference, the responsibility falls on the parents.

Important! When choosing a sports section for your daughter, focus on the baby's inclinations and preferences. An important factor is the age of the child.

The table shows the main requirements for the age of future athletes, put forward by the coaches of different sections:

Girl's age

Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, sports dancing, swimming

Martial arts, athletics, figure skating, tennis, team game (volleyball, basketball, football)

Skiing, sports tourism, golf, biathlon

Barbara is only 11 years old, 7 of them she is engaged in ballroom dancing.

She won international competitions in Russia, Denmark and Belarus. Not every sport provides an opportunity for such victories.

But ballroom dancing is an expensive hobby. The money will be needed to pay for training, studio rent, competition fees, costumes and hairstyles for the competition. I asked five mothers from Moscow and Kaluga about their expenses and found out how to save money.

This article is about ballroom dancing as a sport. You cannot succeed in it without many hours of training and serious financial costs. If you just want your child not to hang out in the street, take him to a regular school dance club.


Sports Ballroom Dancing is the generic name for 10 pair dance disciplines. This dozen is divided into European and Latin American programs.

In competition dancers are classified by age, 13 groups in total. For the youngest, children aged 6-7 years, there is a group "Children-1", for dancers from 61 years old - the group "Grand Seniors". There is also a classification by skill level, there are seven classes in total: E, D, C, B, A, S and M. For example, E is for beginners, and M is an international class.

If a couple wants to grow professionally and make a dance career, they need to attend major competitions in different countries. This is where dancers earn their name and fame.

The first step is to get a mastery class. In Russia, classes are assigned based on the results of competitions held by the All-Russian Federation of Dance Sports and Acrobatic Rock and Roll.

An athlete who has been assigned a mastery class also receives a classification book - this is the main document for a dancer. It contains the personal data of the child, in which club he is engaged, his sports category. The scores obtained in the competition are also recorded in this book.

The largest competition in Russia, where parents try to send their child at least once, is the Russian Open Dancesport Championships. Prestigious competitions abroad are held annually: Blackpool Festival in England, US Open Ballroom Dance Championship, Italian Open Championship.

Portal "Dance Element" - about foreign tournaments for dancers

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