Contraindications to sports tourism

Cons of sports tourism

Hitchhiking, or free movement on passing vehicles with the consent of the driver, appeared more than 100 years ago, as soon as the first car appeared. And to this day it has not lost its popularity. People treat this method of travel differently: some consider it suitable only for students and lovers of "freebies", others recognize it as a fascinating type of tourism and engage in it almost until retirement.

Hitchhiking originated in the United States and then spread throughout Europe. However, today in his homeland he no longer enjoys such popularity. First, the public mentality has changed: for many, voting on the road is out of their comfort zone. Secondly, road conditions are not conducive to such trips: toll roads, fines, etc.

In Europe, despite its nuances, there are no such problems, so they still hitchhike. True, the current geopolitical situation in the world, accompanied by terrorist attacks and a large flow of refugees, makes Europeans show great caution in relation to strangers.

Contrary to popular belief, hitchhiking has spread not only in Europe and the United States, but also in the USSR. Our tourists who travel in this way were respected, as were the drivers who brought them up. The exception is the 90s - at that time it was simply dangerous to travel in this way. Today, this type of tourism is gaining popularity and, above all, thanks to truckers - they are the ones who most often select travelers to have fun with conversation.

Despite the fun and, importantly, the opportunity to save money on the trip, this trip is not suitable for everyone.

If, taking into account all of the above, the desire to hitchhike has not disappeared, you should think about preparing for this event. First of all, you need to choose the right clothes and equipment.

Equipment should be warm, waterproof and windproof. In addition, you should not take a hefty suitcase with you: a couple of T-shirts for a change, underwear, a spare sweater - and that's enough. It is better to take a sports jacket - it is windproof and retains heat well. This is important because it is always windy on the track and you can get cold even in summer, especially at night. You should also grab a headdress - it will come in handy. But an umbrella is completely useless - a raincoat is better.

It is better if the outerwear is bright with reflective elements. But the main requirements for shoes are strength and comfort. In winter, it is better to wear boots that do not adhere to snow. Otherwise, drivers may refuse to take a kind of "snowman" into the cabin of their car - who needs extra dirt.

If you plan to spend the night in nature, then you will need a small tent made of waterproof material, which fits in a backpack, quickly unfolds and folds. You also need a sleeping bag and a mat, which is placed under it. If such an overnight stay is out of your comfort zone, you can stay in a hotel or guest house.

For eating you need a plate, knife, fork and glass, best of all made of plastic. Those who are going to cook their own food on a fire need to take a lighter or matches, or even better - a gas burner.

To vote, you need a headlamp and a reflector, then you must have a minimum set: a headlamp (preferably with a flashing function), a reflective reflector. During the rest, your favorite board game, for example, checkers or chess, will do. Some people also have enough digital gadgets - the main thing is to have somewhere to charge them.

A tourist's backpack should be roomy and lightweight. The tent and rug are usually attached to the top of the backpack.

A. Absolute contraindications:

  • - inappropriate behavior, a gross decrease in criticism and intelligence;
  • - a tendency to antisocial behavior, aggressive and expressive reactions;
  • - infectious infectious diseases;
  • - diseases, the exacerbation of which may lead to the need for emergency medical care in a hospital;
  • - diseases in which stay in a field camp can cause a pronounced deterioration;
  • - acute diseases;
  • - chronic diseases in the stage of severe exacerbation.

B. Relative contraindications:

- chronic diseases in the stage of compensation and subcompensation, which may worsen in the field camp.

B. Medical contraindications for participation in tourist activities accompanied by high physical activity:

- diseases that can worsen with high physical exertion; hypertension, glaucoma, arthrosis-arthritis, stomach ulcer, etc.

G. Medical contraindications for participating in tourist activities in special geoclimatic zones (highlands, desert, tundra, etc.):

- diseases that can worsen when a person enters an unusual geoclimatic zone. Let us emphasize that a person's stay in such zones is accompanied by a physiological restructuring of various body functions: external respiration, energy and heat exchange, etc. For example, high mountains, especially against the background of low temperatures, leads to an increase in pulmonary ventilation, a decrease in respiratory cycles, and an increase in tidal volume. The state of the cardiovascular system also changes (Bocharov M.).

Comment on contraindications. Even disabled people who cannot eat on their own can take part in health tourism activities. But in no case should you take people with severely disturbed criticism on trips to nature. The behavior of these people cannot be predicted, their actions are inadequate. It should be said that disabled people with moderately severe mental retardation without emotional disturbances (mental retardation, Down's disease), in the presence of accompanying persons, can participate in recreational tourist camps.

In some cases, situations arise when a disabled person or a pensioner with normal intelligence and intact criticism decides to go to nature, despite a slight exacerbation of his chronic "harmless" disease. In such situations, the head, in order to protect himself, should take a receipt from this person that he takes responsibility for all the negative consequences for his health associated with participation in a tourist event.

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