Climbing Elbrus 2021: the best routes

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Reports on weekend hikes. 1. Report of the Netessovaya PVD 2. Report of D. Zemtsev. LDPE 3. Report of E. Larionov. PVD Video review of the event, prepared by Evgeny Larionov. . outube. om/watch? v = BwQhkQODwRk

Dear listeners, on October 3-4, 2020, a final event will take place at Luzhba, to which all students of the School are invited.

In order to receive certificates of graduation from the School and a certificate corresponding to the acquired travel experience, each student must prepare and submit by September 30, 2020 reports on the hikes. (The leaders of the hikes - reports on the hikes, the participants - the passport of any VDP (at their discretion).

A sample of a certificate on the passage of a tourist route. 2020_Infspravka_15. 1. 8 Sample Weekend Hike Report. Weekend Hike Report

We are grateful to Maria Netesova, a participant of the school "ABC of Tourism" for a wonderful video. "ABC of Tourism in Action"

From July 1 to 4, the rafting-seminar of the School "ABC of Tourism" took place. During the rafting along the river. Tom listeners learned how to build catamarans, the basics of floating control. means, ways of overcoming water obstacles: rapids, rifts, combs, etc. We learned how to sail off and dock to the shore, got acquainted with the features of the river. Tom.

Video from the rafting-seminar (Lecture by a coach about the basics of rafting on mountain rivers on catamarans, safety precautions) . e/yN6JDUDZIU8

Route books of the water tourist route:

You haven't been to Elbrus yet? Or have you already climbed to the top of this highest mountain in Russia and Europe, but want to repeat the experience? We are going to conquer Elbrus together! Just choose your route and join our mountain hikes.

Talented coordinators and experienced instructors will help you to fulfill your dream and make a successful ascent. A few important facts about the routes of climbing Elbrus:

  • History of Elbrus
  • Elbrus - how to get there
  • Climbing routes
  • Main features of Elbrus
  • What will come in handy during the hike
  • Accommodation on the routes
  • Why us?
  • Legends about Elbrus
  • Climate of Elbrus
  • Flora and fauna of Elbrus
  • Questions and Answers
  • Hikes to Elbrus since 2007
  • 2000 participants visited the summit
  • 400 reviews on the site
  • improved acclimatization program
  • 9 actual routes - for travelers from zero to advanced level.
  • affordable trekking basic mountaineering training
  • rental equipment

The conquest of Elbrus is an event that will remain in your memory forever! We offer different programs - choose the most interesting and convenient for you.

For beginners and hikers - two optimal routes to conquer the Eastern Peak from the South:

  • "Comfort-climbing" - overnight in cabins
  • "Classic Elbrus" - overnight in tents.

Routes of optimal and medium difficulty level - for experienced mountain climbers or beginners with good physical fitness:

  • "Conquerors of the North" - ascent to the Eastern peak from the North in complete isolation from civilization
  • "Heroes of Elbrus" - winter ascent from the North
  • <

For experienced mountain climbers:

  • "Kazbek + Elbrus: heroic conquest of two peaks"
  • extreme sports climbing.

For fans of active winter recreation of any level of training: "Snowboard and skiing - drive-resort Elbrus-Azau".

Check out the full lineup below.

Many travelers begin their first ascent of Elbrus along this route - in the summer-autumn period, from the South to the Western Summit (5642 m). An exciting 11-day hike to the highest point of Russia and Europe with a comfortable acclimatization program. The advantage of the route is the availability for tourists of the usual level of physical training. All the way through the most picturesque places in the very heart of the Caucasus we go with moderate loads, small backpacks and a charge to win. We get pleasure from a real camp life - we spend the night in tent camps and an alpine mountaineering shelter. In these places, time stops, the worldview is revised, and the soul finds the long-awaited balance. The conquest of the peak of the cosmic beauty of Elbrus is a personal achievement that you will be proud of.

Our club is a non-profit association created for the development of tourism.

Full name: Mountain Tourism Club "VERSHINA")

+ multi-day mountain hikes throughout the country (RF).

+ LDPE (weekend hikes)

+ scuba diving.

+ sewing and rental of tourist equipment.

We are always glad to new friends!

Dear members of the group, We have opened a set of instructors for the team! Anyone who is interested in this direction, write :)

The "Top" tourist club is looking for an instructor for tourism, mountaineering, diving (M and F). Important: -Experience in conducting tourist groups (for divers, the experience of scuba diving). render completely. - knowledge, understanding of maps and routes. - ability to be a leader in a team. - knowledge and possession of travel skills. - benevolence.

We are recruiting instructors throughout Russia (details in a personal)

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