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The best walking simulators

A few years ago, a direction of so-called "walking simulators" appeared in the gaming industry - games in which there are no battles and puzzles, but there are beautiful locations that you can slowly explore, an enveloping atmosphere and a fascinating story. The ironic name "walking simulator" eventually became a household name, and the genre acquired its own masterpieces and their connoisseurs. We will tell you about the best contemplative games in this collection.

The Stanley Parable

A modification for Half-Life 2, which gained immense popularity and eventually became a full-fledged game. Here gamers will have to get used to the role of Stanley - a simple office worker who once became a participant in an amazing adventure. Or didn't ... Who knows?

The project gives players freedom of choice. They are waiting for two dozen endings, each of which depends only on their actions. The Narrator, who comments on what is happening, gives hints (which does not have to be followed), opens up more and more stories, will become a guide in this confusing story. Trying out The Stanley Parable is a must - at least for the sake of discovering new facets of storytelling in video games.


A beautiful sketch dedicated to the themes of loneliness, relationships and the fear of responsibility. The game tells the story of a guy named Henry, who escaped family troubles into the forest by hiring a summer caretaker at a fire tower. Around - kilometers of trees and not a single living soul, except for the voice from the walkie-talkie of her partner, who sits in the same tower on the opposite side of the forest. However, soon Henry will have to find himself in a mysterious and even slightly mystical story.

The charm of Firewatch lies in dialogues - in rare games, characters communicate so vividly: joke, argue, pour out their souls, awkwardly keep silent. Thanks to the choice of answers, the player can customize the character of Henry for himself, which contributes to a deeper immersion in the atmosphere. The second pillar on which the project rests is a bright, attractive picture: you constantly want to save local landscapes in the form of screenshots, decorating your desktop with them. The game takes place literally in one evening, but leaves behind pleasant memories for a long time.

What Remains of Edith Finch

A short but very emotional walking simulator that tells the story of a girl who, after a long absence, returned to an empty family home. Over the years, the mansion has overgrown with many buildings, turning into a kind of Frankenstein's monster, and has witnessed a huge number of events, both funny and not so much. These events and have to go through the players, getting used to the role of the main character.

The main strength of What Remains of Edith Finch is the way it illuminates the fate of the characters. Each story is a small adventure, during which the heroes turn into animals, end up on the pages of a comic book, and are transported into a fairy tale. All of them end tragically, but at the same time they do not frighten, but cause only slight sadness. All in all, the perfect game for a melancholy mood.

Life is Strange

An adventure game about a girl who gained the ability to rewind time. The developers managed to tell a very touching story of friendship and love, make the characters truly alive, and at the same time did not forget to fill the plot with elements of detective and mysticism, motivating the players to move forward towards solving the mysteries of the small town of Arcadia Bay.

Unfortunately, this year many fans of ski resorts will have to sit at home and, instead of skiing on snow-covered slopes, look at photos from last year's vacation. Nevertheless, even sitting at home, you can enjoy snowboarding and skiing in places you have never been. Or playing hockey for one of the world's most popular teams.

We present to your attention a selection of the best simulators of winter sports and outdoor activities.

NHL Series

Let's start with one of the most popular series of sports simulators - NHL from EA Sports. EA Sports has been producing ice hockey games for almost 20 years, and in this business it has no equal. If among the football and basketball simulators "Electronics" still have at least some kind of competition, then for some reason no one wants to get into hockey. As a result, historically, the studio has been delighting with high-quality hockey simulators since the inception of SEGA. True, today her games are only released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

In general, there is not much to talk about NHL, because it is just an excellent simulator of the most popular hockey league in the world. For so many years of the existence of the series, the developers have polished their project to a shine, and every year the NHL is only replenished with new players and modes. At the moment, NHL 21 has already been released, and it is from here that you can safely begin your acquaintance with a hockey simulator. If you really love this sport, then be sure to give it a try. Also, the NHL is ideal for those who are a fan of the league, but have never held a real club in their hands.

Winter Sports: Feel the Spirit

Despite the fact that the game was released 9 years ago, it remains almost the only simulator of several winter sports at once. At least in Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit you will find the atmosphere of a real Winter Olympics, in which you will definitely want to participate in order to win gold.

There are as many as 10 sports disciplines in the game, among which there are even such rare sports for video games as curling, speedway and ski cross. Naturally, it was not without snowboarding and skiing, but today these are more commonplace ways of using snow. Also in Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit you will find more than 20 available countries with different locations for races and about 30 unique challenges. You can play both yourself and in a co-op for up to 4 people. Even by today's standards, the graphics here are pretty good, so if you are crazy about winter sports and outdoor activities, then it is definitely worth a try.

A complete snowboarding simulator that has easily passed the test of time. At the moment, SSX is still popular among gamers, and despite the slightly outdated graphics, it is played by fans of addictive sims. True, it is worth noting that only snowboarding is waiting for you here, there are no other equipment for skiing in the game.

The project offers as many as 9 characters to choose from and the same number of peaks to conquer on its trusty board. For an exciting ride, you can choose one of the three available modes: Race, Trick or Survival. It is worth noting that in SSX your task is not only to drive along the track and reach the finish line first, but also to do cool tricks at the same time. If you love freestyle on the board, then instantly start looking for this game on consoles.


Here is a more advanced driving simulator on snow-capped mountains. The fact is that, unlike SSX, there is not only a snowboard, but also skis, wingsuit and a paraglider. The game offers dozens of different trails and places for active winter recreation. You can even visit the Alps, Alaska and conquer local peaks with your favorite board, or go free flight using a wingsuit.

About this game

Have you ever dreamed of sailing along the coast or among the tropical islands in the South Pacific?

Or would you rather challenge the raging storms of the southern seas?

Or do you just want to learn how to sail but don't have a yacht?

All this you can do with the Sailaway simulator - walk the seas and oceans online without leaving your computer chair. The best yacht simulator available for PC and Mac!

In Sailaway, the oceans have been recreated with unprecedented precision: it will take months to travel across the Pacific, as if you were on a real yacht. Thanks to the game world that lives independently of the presence of the player, you can configure the game so that your yacht will continue to move even when you are offline. Receive email notifications of your yacht's progress, but be sure to check back frequently - thanks to real-time weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in-game weather conditions can change in just a few hours.

Sailaway's digital sailing simulation is the best to date, with deep insight into weather conditions, winds and currents, as well as yacht and yacht simulations, so even the most experienced sailors will have to work hard. At the initial difficulty levels of the game, you can learn how to steer a yacht, and then a real confrontation between your skills and the forces of nature will begin, and there will be nowhere to wait for help. If you want to compete with your friends, you need to plot a course and keep an eye on the yacht's progress so that you can use any slightest advantage to win.

Sailaway has tons of carefully recreated boats that you can customize with hundreds of options, and upload your textures to sail the seas in a very special boat! Using the Steam Workshop, you can share your designs with other sailors.

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