5 unusual types of tourism for those who have already seen almost everything

5 unusual types of tourism for those who have already seen almost everything

Tourism and travel is a widespread entertainment, and many people have been able to travel to other countries, see a lot of interesting things. Nevertheless, the standard tourism options become boring over time and become something too familiar. Therefore, the following types of tourism may be of interest even to those people who have seen almost everything.


This word (jailoo) is called a pasture in the Kyrgyz language. On these pastures, people still live in authentic and rather harsh conditions. In this regard, there is some interest from the inhabitants of the civilized world, who want to experience the diversity of the harsh life of shepherds and not only.

In general, now jailoo-tourism is called not only staying in the natural conditions of Kyrgyz pastures, but in general any tourism that is associated with a trip to any conditions far from civilization. For example, traveling to the Pole is also a jailoo to some extent, but there are quite a few amenities that are inherent in civilization. For example, living in a tribe somewhere in the Amazon is much closer to a real jailoo.

Film tourism

An interesting option for fans of various movies. Of course, a trip to New Zealand, where the hobbits lived, immediately comes to mind, but beyond that there are many other options that can be interesting.

Please note. For film tourism, it is better to use proven tours from reliable companies, they are very expensive, but you are guaranteed to get a lot of fun.

Spiritual Tourism

Perhaps some of the readers have already tried various "spiritual tours" and the like, but there are really interesting options that not everyone attended. Perhaps the most legendary and amazing is the Kumbha Mela in India, in addition to this there is also an interesting annual festival of ascetics in Thailand and many other options.

Also, of course, you should pay attention to such travels that allow you not only to look from the outside, but also to become a part of this or that spiritual tradition.

Space tourism

Playing sports is a great opportunity to train your body, improve your figure and even calm your nerves. But someone prefers traditional options for these purposes: running, fitness, football, and someone chooses such unusual sports, which are sometimes difficult to believe in existence. Some of them may seem strange or stupid, but they all have admirers all over the world. Who knows, maybe soon one of these sports fun will be as popular as football or hockey.

Original Sports

Admirers of outdoor activities can always find something to their liking. But when traditional games and rules become boring, you can find alternative options that will help strengthen the body, get another dose of adrenaline, or just have fun.

Wives Carrying

Every July, since 1995, in the city of Sonkajärvi (Finland), numerous spectators come to watch a rather strange entertainment - the world championship in carrying wives. Every year there are about 50 couples-fans of this sport who come from different countries. The participant will have to run a distance of 253 m with his wife. In this case, the wife should be on her husband's shoulders, but in an upside-down position, wrapping her legs around his neck. There are several obstacles in the distance in the form of barriers and water pits.

According to the established rules, the wife cannot be under 17 years old and weigh less than 49 kg, otherwise you will have to add weight with weights. The main prize for the winners of the championship is the amount of beer corresponding to the weight of the wife.

Lawn Mower Racing

The first official lawn mower race took place on April 1, 1992 in Chicago, although exotic races were held back in the 60s in the American state of Indiana, and in the 70s in the UK even founded an international association of fans of this sport. The main condition for participation is that the car must be of serial production and be sold in free sale. It must also be free of all cutting devices during the race.

The "racers" competition is held in 4 classes, which differ in the technical parameters of the cars:

  • Stock 16 km/h.
  • Imow 32 km/h.
  • Prepared 80 km/h.
  • Factory experimental 96.5 km/h.

Lawn mower racing is quite an interesting sight. As well as on the Formula 1 tracks, here you can see overtaking and accidents, as the speeds are quite high. In 2009, Englishman Don Wales set a world speed record when driving a lawn mower - 141 km/h.

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