5 of the best ski resorts in China

5 of the best ski resorts in China

The Chinese miracle cannot be explained only by the dense population of this country. Of course, it is easier to find talented athletes among 1.5 billion people than in countries where every citizen counts. But, on the other hand, the population of India has also already exceeded 1 billion, but there are no such sporting successes as in the Middle Kingdom. So it’s something else.

Path Up

The road to Olympic gold for the people of the Celestial Empire was long and difficult. China sent only one athlete to its first Olympics in 1932. At the next Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, 69 athletes already played for the PRC national team. Since 1958, for a long time, China did not participate at all in the Olympics and returned to the arena of world sports only in 1980. 30 years ago, a state program for sports development was adopted in the country, for which large funds were allocated. And since then, the successes of the Chinese team, previously very modest, have become astounding. It's not just about money, of course.

Children's and youth sports in China are prioritized by the state. Both in large cities and in the provinces of the Middle Kingdom there are a huge number of sports schools and other sports facilities. Therefore, 100 million children are involved in sports in the country. Even in general education schools, where children go from the age of three, every two lessons are followed by compulsory physical education. Sport is not just a popular activity for all Chinese people, young and old, but also an excellent social elevator: everyone can become people if they succeed in this field. After all, athletes have many social privileges.

Poor Elite

Olympic champions - high-class gymnasts, badminton players, table tennis and taekwondo masters, boxers, weightlifters, tennis players - are brought up in China from an early age. This happens in state sports boarding schools.

There are 300 such institutions in China, in which about half a million children, from 4-6 years old, live, train and study on full state support. Elite schools, which have the most modern equipment, the best coaches and psychologists, teach 50 thousand children - the most talented children selected by scouts throughout the country. Their parents' ability to pay is not important: in order to study for free, you only need talent and selfless work capacity.

Every young Chinese man keeps his place in the boarding school, because the screening of unsuccessful students from the school happens all the time. And, despite all the hard work, even the little ones do not want to go home. After all, it is prestigious and profitable. Parents of a young talent are paid $ 120 a month, and if the child is expelled, then mom and dad will receive compensation - $ 1200 for each year spent in the boarding school. From the age of 12, the athletes themselves already receive a salary, starting at $ 40 per month. Further more.

Sweat and Tears

But the path to the podium for young athletes is by no means strewn with roses and lilies. Studying in a sports boarding school is a huge and, frankly, not a child's work. They say that such institutions were created on the basis of Soviet circus schools and ballet schools. Drill and discipline there wow!

When most travelers come to China, they first think about visiting major cities like Beijing or historic sites like the Great Wall of China. Hiking trails in China are hardly a must-have for travelers.

But China has many unusual and beautiful forests and mountain ranges. Some of them are located near major cities, but there are some that will be problematic to get to. But believe me, these places are worth it. Here are some of the best hiking trails in China, showing that it is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. So, pack your bags and go!

Mount Hua (Shaanxi Province)

If you came to Sian to watch the Terracotta Warriors, then you can make your trip more dangerous and sharper several times. Try a night trip to Mount Hua or Huashan in Chinese. Adrenaline will be provided. By sunrise, you will reach one of the five mountain peaks. Each of them has a sacred temple. You will see how the first rays touch the edge of the mountain and gradually the light floods everything around. This is truly a mesmerizing sight. It is quite hot in the area in summer, so night climbing will be easier.

It should be said that this climb is not for cowards and the faint of heart. Get ready to climb almost 2 thousand meters. meters, including the passage along a narrow staircase on a steep ridge. On the sides there are only sheer ledges, rocks and an abyss underfoot. From another site, your hair can definitely stand on end - this is a path along a narrow wooden platform that adjoins a steep cliff. It is so narrow that you have to hold on to the fastenings made, turning to face the rock, and there is only emptiness behind.

Not everyone decides on such a trip, but it will definitely be remembered for a lifetime. The view of the rising sun from the eastern side of the mountain will fully pay off your efforts. The way back will be much easier. In two hours, a bus or train will take you back to Xi'an.

Jushaigou Valley National Park (Sichuan Province)

Jushaigou Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is best known for its colorful lakes with various shades of blue, green, aquamarine. The valley is located in southwestern China on the Tibetan plateau, which stretches from the borders of India through Tibet to the Chinese province of Qinghai. The park is located at an altitude of 1,800 meters and the highest point reaches 4,500 meters.

Here you can hike through the scenic Shuzhen, Rize and Zehawang valleys. You can take some food with you and go hiking. At the end of the route, a bus will be waiting for you, which will take you back. You will see mountains, forests, mirror-clear lakes with amazingly colored water and incredible waterfalls. In autumn, the forests here are also painted in different colors. Don't miss out, there is a fascinating article on our website about the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Getting to Jushaigou Valley is not easy. The nearest major city is Chengdu, to which there are bus routes and a high-speed train from Beijing. Once you are in Chengdu, you can take a bus or get there by car. By bus, the journey will take more than 11 hours, by car - 7-8 hours. You can also fly from Chengdu Airport to Jiuhuang Airport, which is 30 minutes from the park. In 2019, the construction of a high-speed railway from Chengdu to the Jushaigou Valley will be completed, which will significantly increase the number of tourists. So far, you will find solitude with nature there. Hurry up to visit this place before a large influx of travelers.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Hunan Province)

If you've ever seen strange elongated mountain spiers crowned with grass and trees in pictures, then this is Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. There are more than 3 thousand such spiers in the park. They are made from quartz and sandstone. This rock collapsed over time and was blown away by the winds, leaving long towers in the sky. If you look at the park from above during thick fog, it seems that these mountains seem to be hovering in the sky. One of the spiers is called Avatar. It was these mountains that inspired the director to create "soaring mountains" in the famous film "Avatar".

Hunan Province and the park itself are far from the main central regions of China. For a long time, few people knew about this place. Today the park is visited by millions of people, hotels and holiday homes are being built there. Zhangjiajie Airport was built. There are regular flights from Beijing, which also increased the flow of tourists to these protected areas.

The alpine skiing industry in China is developing rapidly: existing world-class resorts are growing and improving, and new ones are being built. This is because China is preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics. There are already over 700 indoor and outdoor ski parks in China. In this collection, only the best.

Yabuli Ski Resort

Name in Chinese: 亚布力 滑雪 旅游 度假 区 (Yàbùlì huáxuě lǚyóu dùjiàqū) Location: Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, Shangzhi County When to arrive: Mid November to late March Who can ride: Beginners to Professionals <

Yabuli is considered the best and largest ski resort in China. On its territory there are 9 tracks of intermediate and advanced level, there is a 5-kilometer Nordic track and a 500-meter track for beginners. The resort is well equipped: 9 lifts will save you from long queues. The park employs over 500 instructors, and many speak English.

What's Interesting: The resort's most impressive track stretches for three kilometers, making it the longest in Asia. And the vertical drop of 805 m gives her leadership in extreme conditions.

Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort

Chinese name: 哈尔滨 万达 乐园 滑雪 场 (Hā'ěrbīn wàndá lèyuán huáxuě chǎng) or 万达 娱 雪 乐园 (Wàndá yú xuě lèyuán) Location: Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, Song District Wanda Mall When to come: any time of the year Who can ride: from beginners to professionals

The largest indoor ski resort in the world opened its doors in Harbin in 2017. On its territory of 80 thousand square meters. m there are 6 tracks, two of the longest of which reach 150 m. In the center of the park there is a large space for playing snowballs, and a snow castle was also built there. Harbin Indoor Ski Resort has slopes of varying difficulty, and freestyle snowboarders will find many more interesting things there: the park is equipped with jumps and other devices.

What's Interesting: You won't find a single snow machine in this indoor complex, it falls right from the ceiling.

In the summer of 2019, the second such complex Guangzhou Wanda Indoor Ski Resort with an area of ​​75 thousand square meters was opened in Guangzhou. m.




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