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Business idea for organizing bike tours

Business sports is a market for productive activities for starting a business from scratch. To navigate the sports field, you need to analyze the situation in the service delivery market. Starting a business with an emphasis on sports topics is detailing, the appropriate design of the institution, and design solutions. For the profitability of the business, competition is excluded; opening a sports cafe or section depends on the direction of the head's work.

To develop a business, a thorough analysis of the development of types of sports business is required.

What is the potential of the sports food market

Business in the field of sports nutrition, sports is the choice and development of a specific area. The modern world is fighting for proper nutrition, taking into account vitamin complexes and microelements. For athletes, the diet and food items are a guarantee of high-quality training and sports form. Sports nutrition has a high potential for business development. This direction is not new, but it has been in great demand among athletes over the past 5-10 years. Analyzing the Western sports nutrition market, there is a dynamic growth in the intake of supplements, during hard training or to keep fit.

More and more athletes understand that proper nutrition allows you to build muscle, increase the body's potential, and replenish the reserves of missing vitamins and elements. People visit gyms, the age group 20–45 years old use supplements in their nutrition, such results give rise to a demand for specialized products.

Projected growth in demand for sports nutrition for 2-3 years:

  • regions in the future 13-15%
  • the capital by 10%.

Differences in percentage indicate the fullness of the capital's sports nutrition market. Regional development of the healthy nutrition, nutritional supplements business is beginning, the prospect of improving the quality of sales is positive.

Companies work on Internet portals, so ordering products will not be difficult, which allows you to work in remote areas of the country.

Range of Sports Nutrition

There are several categories of food additives:

  • Protein supplements are protein preparations designed to increase muscle mass. A separate product - gainers, is a supplement for gaining body weight in a short time. This action is caused by high-quality carbohydrates and proteins that are contained in the product.
  • Amino acid supplementation helps to replenish the balance of micronutrients that was spent during sports.
  • Creatines - activate body resilience during exhausting workouts, intense sports.
  • Vitamin preparations contain a daily dose of the necessary funds to maintain the strength of the body during diets and increased exercise.
  • Fat burning agents act on accumulated fats, help the body convert them into energy.
  • Preparations that increase the elasticity of joints, ligaments.

These areas, drugs and supplements are in demand on the nutritional market, they are regularly used by athletes during preparation for competitions and people who monitor their appearance and health. Unoccupied niches appear on the market for proper nutrition. New names and a range of products are also involved in new products: quick breakfasts with useful elements, food mixtures, sports accessories, educational literature.

  • 1 How much money do you need to start a bike tour business
  • 2 How to start a bike tour business
  • 3 How much can you earn from an organization cycling tours
  • 4 How to choose equipment for organizing cycling tours
  • 5 Which OKVED to indicate during registration
  • 6 What documents are needed for doing business
  • 7 Which taxation system to specify
  • 8 Do I need a business permit
  • 9 Technology of cycling tours
  • 10 Newbies in the business of organizing cycling tours

Cycling is becoming more and more popular. This is a great way of comfortable transportation preferred by residents of large cities.

Cycling eliminates the need to use public transport. Plus, it's a great way to improve your health.

Few people realize that by bike you can travel not only your area, but also neighboring regions.

Bicycle tours are a fashionable trend in the modern tourism business.

However, not all cities have firms that provide such services. Meanwhile, the demand for such travel products is increasing.

Organizing bike tours can be a great business idea and a profitable business at the same time.

How much money do you need to start a bike tour business

The implementation of such a project will not require huge financial investments.

To launch such a tourism business, it is enough to have a start-up capital of 5-15 thousand rubles.

These funds will be enough to buy bicycles and travel equipment.

  • 1 Equipment for the rental of sports equipment
  • 2 Place for the rental of sports equipment
  • 3 Business registration
  • 4 Advertising
  • 5 How much you can earn from sports equipment rental services
  • 6 Business risks and scalability

The state policy aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and family values ​​has led to an increase in the popularity of outdoor activities and sports among all categories of the population.

However, sports equipment is expensive and not everyone can afford to buy it. In addition, some sports accessories are bulky; keeping them at home does not always make sense.

Therefore, the business idea of ​​renting sports equipment is becoming quite relevant.

An ordinary customer is more likely to go to a large store with a flexible discount system than to a small specialized store. At the same time, sports equipment rental is not a very competitive area, and with proper business organization it can bring decent profits.

Equipment for the rental of sports equipment

When choosing an assortment of a rental point, it is important to take into account the seasonality.

To keep the business from idle, it is better to provide for the availability of sports equipment designed for both summer and winter sports.

In the warm season, customers can be offered:

Popular in winter:

A place for a sports equipment rental point

The location of the rental point is a key factor in the success of this business.

It must be walkable and located in close proximity to the place of mass recreation. In summer it can be a beach, and in winter it can be a ski resort or skating rink.

More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle. Statistics show that the number of people involved in various sports in Europe and the United States has reached 40%, and in Russia - 10%, but it continues to develop rapidly. Based on this, this type of activity is very relevant. The main thing is to correctly choose the concept and correctly draw up, independently write a business plan for a sports store from scratch.

Step-by-step opening plan

It should be noted right away that a sports equipment outlet requires a lot of investment.

In order to successfully compete with network firms, you will need:

  • Premises for trading, at least 50 sq. ...
  • A wide range of products or specific qualifications for a specific product (for example, sports nutrition, exercise equipment, everything for cycling).
  • Advantageous placement of a shopping store, in large shopping centers (or nearby), in places of high traffic of real paying customers.
  • The current marketing strategy.
  • Recruiting competent employees.

Starting a sports store from scratch, specializing in a particular type of product, requires less initial investment than trading “absolutely everything”. But, it should be noted that this kind of format will only function in large settlements where a sufficient number of potential customers live (at least 400 thousand people).

In this article, we will briefly analyze an entrepreneurial project to open a sports store from scratch, to sell goods for cycling.

A healthy lifestyle attracts many people

In order to exclude seasonality (in winter this kind of sport is not in demand), it is planned to sell winter sports equipment, inventory, clothing, footwear, etc. in winter. This method will allow a novice businessman to make less investment in a sports store business plan and gain good competitiveness.

Investments for starting a business

First, let's establish the estimated volume of investments in entrepreneurship in order to determine where the main investments will be spent:

  • Leasing of premises for 2 months - 1190 dollars. (700 rubles/sq.).
  • Commercial equipment (shelves, signage, video surveillance, cash register, etc.) - 1500 dollars.
  • Range of products - 14,000 dollars.
  • Marketing budget (facade, posters, creation of an online store website, flyers, PR events, etc.) - 1200 USD.
  • Company registration and other costs - 500 dollars.
  • Reserve asset - 3000 USD

Total: $ 21,390.

Noise and gas pollution in cities creates a demand for recreation centers. Places far from civilization, attracted by nature and an excellent pastime. It is also a great alternative to trips to the sea or to other countries.

General description of the business project

A business project involves the creation of a place where vacationers could improve their health and recuperate. The organization of such establishments is a sphere of domestic tourism, which is in its infancy, but has enormous growth potential.


The demand for quality recreation has been growing lately. Holidays close to home with the opportunity, for example, to fish alone or surrounded by relatives and friends, is much cheaper than trips to distant countries. In addition, it is an ideal option for corporate recreation, active weekends, and boarding houses also "work" to restore the health of their guests.

The target audience of the project is individuals and corporate organizations. The average client of a suburban vacation is a resident of a city with a population of 100,000 people, aged 25–40 years, with average income. Recently, in the border areas and at tourist centers located in historical places, an increase in the number of guests from the foreign segment has been noticeable.

Competitor Analysis

The opening of a private camp site implies the availability of start-up capital from 3 million rubles, the willingness to constantly work outside the city. That is why in such a business, demand still exceeds supply.

Many tourist centers are owned by enterprises, and the service of the rest often leaves much to be desired, so there is no real competition in this area today.

And yet, before starting a business, you should definitely study the state of this market niche in the region, highlight the main competitors, determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Risk Assessment

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