100 rules of easy walking

Top 5 orienteering accessories

We somehow got used to the fact that a hike is a heavy or very heavy backpack, tired legs bogged down in moss, lush grass, river silt or sand, a test of endurance and will. And going out into the forest without everything you need is not even serious ... But there is even a direction in tourism - easy walking, where the main condition is the minimum weight of equipment, due to which a high speed of movement is achieved, and together with this an impressive supply of endurance allows you to go oh how far . But it is not easy to be a light walker - you need to compensate for the minimum of equipment with your skills and abilities. In fact, the so-called "survival hike", when in your pocket there is only a knife and a scout's memo - and there is easy walking.

But first things first. To walk light, admire nature and enjoy long routes, you need to know ...

easy walk rules

001. To get started, buy a small digital scale or digital balance. A load capacity of up to 10 kg is quite suitable. Now you can safely take your precision instrument to the store and weigh what you buy. Do not be afraid to scare the sellers, and let them scare you no more, now everything is under control!

002. The safest and most affordable way to lose equipment weight is to reduce your own weight. Losing a few pounds is not at all difficult, and the lightness and endurance that you gain is irreplaceable!

003. Make a thoughtful list of your gear, you can just leave a lot at home!

004. Try to avoid last-minute gatherings - this is the best way to avoid unnecessary and unnecessary items, such as going overboard with clothes.

005. If you are planning to go camping with a companion, consider general equipment such as a tent and utensils.

006. Develop your sewing skills, be more creative, most of the expensive equipment can be made by hand.


007. Try making or purchasing a lightweight backpack. A backpack is just where to start to lighten up. When you start lightening your gear, you will need to reduce the volume and weight of the package. As a result, you can easily get a backpack weighing 1 kg (and less!) - this is almost 4 times lighter than a standard "monster".

008. Try not to purchase a backpack of excessive volume - often a half-empty backpack cannot be tightly packed, and it can cause a lot of inconvenience to carry.

009. Try using your (lightweight) backpack without a waist belt - you might like it.

Orienteering is a sport in which, using a map and a compass, you need to walk a distance with checkpoints at a time.

What can you not do without at the start, as well as in orienteering training? Five accessories in total:

  • Compass
  • Legendary
  • Shields
  • Chip
  • Tablet

Now let's take a closer look at each of the sections. Let's figure out what models exist and what you should pay attention to when choosing.


Orienteering compasses are lightweight and compact. There are several options for compass boards for comfortable use (boards are mounted on the wrist, on the thumb, or hung on the neck). If training takes place on skis and bicycles, then the compass is attached to a special tablet.

Orienteering athletes use magnetic needle compasses. In such compasses, the needle is set as quickly as possible (in 0.5-2 seconds) to the north position and does not move while driving.

The Russian company "Moscow Compass" develops and manufactures professional liquid magnetic compasses for sports and tourism.

The best materials and technologies are used in production: compasses have high impact resistance; super strong magnets do not demagnetize over time under normal conditions; The patented arrow assembly allows it to be instantly set and provides stability when shaking while driving.

"Moscow compasses" are recognized all over the world and operate on all continents. They are used by many national teams and world champions in orienteering and related sports.

In the age of GPS, conventional magnetic compasses do not lose their merits. Using the inexhaustible energy of the Earth's magnetic field, they have autonomy, energy independence and work in any extreme conditions. In addition, the compass data is shockproof, easy to use, and always ready to go. An assortment of compass can be found for both experienced and novice athletes. And also for sports tourists and outdoor enthusiasts who care about their reliable and safe navigation.

MOSKOMPAS Universal Models

Hand setting time: normal Stability on the run: no Magnet: strong Scale: green, graduation 2 degrees. Recommended for hikers and beginner orienteers.

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