Your own guide: how to make your own travel itinerary

Europe Self-Guided Tour: Route Example

An adventurer lives in each of us to a greater or lesser extent. The most desperate travelers themselves plan where to go on their next trip. How to create an independent route in Europe for the first time? The fact is that when planning a route, first of all, most are guided by the cost of tickets. If you want to visit several countries at once, then it is more expensive to fly by plane, but also faster.

We offer an example of a route in Europe: Moscow-Budapest-Vienna-Budapest-Barcelona-Paris-Moscow. It is enough to spend 2-3 days in each city. During this time, you can visit the main attractions, taste national dishes, gain strength and move on.

You will have to fly by plane. We will take tickets on one of the many search engine sites. Why is Budapest the starting point? It's simple, ticket prices to Budapest are the lowest.

We plan the route carefully, taking into account all the nuances


The following guidelines will help you plan your route more carefully:

• Open Schengen visa.

An open tourist Schengen visa is required to travel to Europe. Many do not dare to submit documents on their own. However, you should not be afraid of difficulties, you just need to thoughtfully collect the papers and fill out the form correctly. It is better to make a visa in advance a few months before the trip.

• Traveling by car

Traveling by car is convenient. After all, you don't depend on public transport, you visit more interesting places and you always have your things with you. However, this requires a more careful design of the route. It is also worth considering that the travel time will take much more.

Tourists usually book accommodation on designated sites. When choosing an overnight stay, experienced travelers advise you to carefully read the reviews of predecessors. You also need to pay attention to the proximity of shops and attractions. Sometimes the hosts charge a cleaning fee of 20 euros. This is unprofitable if you want to stay in a room or apartment for just a couple of days.

People who first left somewhere without a clear plan of action, it is quite possible, after the first day of being in a new place, to shock each other with a question: "And then what?" Indeed, where to go next? What to see and what not to see? Should I go to the neighboring city, or bypass it along the roundabout path? Where to stay and how many days can you get to the next town? Such questions will not only spoil the mood, but can also significantly embroil companions among themselves. Let's not spoil the trip ourselves and learn how to make a good travel itinerary on our own, otherwise it won't take long to become the heroes of another film in the Eurotrip genre!

Travel itinerary - why is it profitable to compose yourself

The tour operator is not always ready to offer you the route that interests you. Many of the landmarks and beauties will go unseen, and there is no such thing as immersing yourself in the local lifestyle - however, your plan can change that. And in order not to have to remind and get nervous on the way, we decide everything in advance!

Advantages of self-guided travel itinerary

Studying local life, flora and fauna can be much cheaper with a careful approach to the development of the route. Why? Because you can study in advance all the pitfalls on the blogs of experienced travelers, book a hotel through booking, choose a cheap way of travel and not overpay for all services.

Making a trip route by points

So, it's decided to hit the road, but how and where? Let's try now to make a route step by step.

Where are we heading: continent → country → city

Answer to the question "where?" will help to outline the answer to the question "how?" Let us ask ourselves what do we want to see? Livestock in natural conditions? Ancient castles? Life of the Indians? Cultural hikes in historic cities?

Tip to the topic: for the first time, you can plan a trip to those places where you have already been, but with a tour operator or with an experienced guide.

Collecting all useful information about the destination

What can be useful? If we visit another country, then perhaps the most important thing is to study the rules of conduct and the most important laws that can complicate the life of a tourist. Wherever we go, there are rules everywhere, and you cannot break them, remember that "ignorance of the laws ...". At the same time, you need to make inquiries about whether it is safe for a tourist to be here at this time.

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