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International tourism salary

The hotel business and tourism are very well developed today and continue to develop further. In this regard, organizations are interested in finding young professionals who know the basics of hotel service and tourism. This is a highly controversial profession, and this article will help you understand if studying for hospitality is worth it.

Specialty Description

The Hospitality Specialist works primarily in the hospitality business, but may be involved in restaurant or tourism activities. Most often, colleges and universities teach in the specialty “Tourism and hotel service”, and the graduate receives the qualification “Manager of tourism and hotel service”. He can independently choose the type of activity that he wants to do.

The specialist is engaged in organizational, managerial, production and technical activities. A graduate of the specialties "Hospitality", "Hotel Service" or "Tourism and Hotel Service" can work in hotels and inns, restaurants, resort complexes, travel agencies.

During their studies, future managers study the basics of service and etiquette, management, organization and management of the hotel business, business planning, hotel animation and other interesting disciplines necessary for further work.




Still, professionals with a degree in Hotel Service are more likely to get a job than those who do not.

On the basis of 9 classes, you can only go to college, the term of study is 3 years. For admission to college, only a certificate is required, since the rating of applicants is formed by the average score of the certificate.

Is it worth studying for hospitality: pros and cons

Every Russian tourist who has visited hospitable Turkish resorts at least once wondered whether it is expensive to live and work in this sunny country with an abundance of fruits and quality food. The average salary in Turkey in 2019 was $ 1200, which is an indicator of the favorable economic situation in the country.

Minimum wages in Turkey

The well-being of people in Turkey has grown significantly in recent years, respectively, unemployment has also decreased. The Turkish authorities have never legally established a minimum wage for working citizens. The minimum wage adopted at the legislative level applies only to the salaries of budget workers.

Statistics say that low-paid work is considered to be service personnel without professional education - watchmen, security guards, maids, waiters. They earn at least $ 430 per month, which corresponds to 2,029.5 Turkish lira or 27,950 rubles excluding tax deductions.

The size of the pension established by law at 58 for women and 60 for men is 645 lira (5730 rubles).

Average salary

The average salary in Turkey in 2018 was $ 1200. After tax deductions, which operate according to a progressive system and range from 15 to 35%, $ 850 remains of this amount - that's 4500 Turkish lira. Since once a year the relevant Ministry revises the size of the minimum wage and increases it by 10%, then in 2019 the average salary may be $ 1,320.

By profession, the average salary in the country is as follows.

Salary, Turkish lira in mesyats1400 - 20002000-30003000 - 5000Svyshe 5000ByudzhetRabotnik agriculture, social rabotnikPolitseyskiyYuristNotariusObrazovanie-teacher prepodavatelRektor, dekanProfessorMeditsinaMassazhistFarmatsevt, medsestraVrach therapist logopedStomatologObschepit, torgovlyaProdavets, waiter uborschikKassirMenedzher on prodazhamRukovoditel predpriyatiyaTurizmAnimator, administrator oteleMenedzher on tourism, guide - Dancer in a nightclubSmall businessRealtor, tanner - Business consultantProgrammerConstructionConstructor (handyman) Electrician, installer - Engineer

Average wages in 2018 by regions in quantitative decrease in Turkish lira look like this:

  • Istanbul - 3828;
  • Ankara - 2744;
  • Burs - 2446;
  • Izmir - 2169;
  • Antalya - 2019;
  • Eskisehir - 1917.

For migrants, there is no particular difference in wages compared to local workers. People with diplomas from foreign prestigious universities receive even more than Turkish graduates. The main professions for migrants from other countries, including from Russia, are:

  • animators and guides in hotels with a salary of $ 300-550;
  • sellers of outerwear, leather in tourist places;
  • textile workers industry.

Is it worth studying for the hospitality industry: pros and cons The hospitality and tourism industry is currently very well developed and continues to develop further. In this regard, the organizations

How to pay travel managers

“Percentage” schemes, traditional for the tourism industry, are ineffective. In this article, we will discuss which financial incentive schemes give the best results.

“How and for what to pay tour managers?” - about this painful (both for TA, and for the tour managers themselves) a lot of copies were broken in due time ...

However, at some point, most agencies switched to the so-called "percentage" scheme, in which the manager receives a small salary and a certain percentage (from 10 to 25) from the profit received by the agency from each sold by this tour manager.

As a first approximation, such a system looks fair and effective - “as he drowned, he did it” - the manager receives a predetermined share of the money he brought to the agency, which means that he will always strive to bring more work 100% ...

... but, unfortunately, in real life everything is not as simple and beautiful as in theory, and now - several years after the "percentage" scheme became the industry standard - we see it all disadvantages - we will talk about them with you in this article ... and, of course, we will show you alternative schemes of financial incentives.

Why are “interest rate” schemes ineffective?

Period. Whether we like it or not, it's time to accept this unpleasant truth. By itself, "%" does not motivate.

On the contrary - it often demotivates! Surely each of you saw how his subordinates openly “hammered” on clients with a small budget, realizing that even if the sale of the tour takes place, the part of the commission that the manager will receive will be ridiculous ...

... and this happens not only “during the season”, when there may be more clients-tourists than managers are physically able to provide high-quality service ... “clogging” happens even when the manager has literally a couple of requests in processing - not everyone is ready to work with problem tourists for a penny.

Highly paid

First, let's talk about high-paying professions for traveling.

  • Tourist liner worker.

The job is seasonal and easy to get hold of. Usually they hire girls and young people with attractive appearance, good knowledge of English and who have undergone special training. To get a job like this, you just have to set a goal.

  • Ship captain, sailor, naval worker.

A truly romantic profession is to surf the seas and oceans. But this job is not for weaklings. To be on the water for several months, you need to have:

  • steel endurance;
  • iron nerves;
  • good health.

As a bonus, you will be able to see the world while mooring in new cities and countries.

BTW! It is impossible to get the post of captain immediately. To start, you will have to get a job as an ordinary cabin boy or sailor.

By doing well in your service, you can grow in ranks, and someday the most diligent will still be able to reach the desired post.

  • Aircraft captain, co-pilot, flight attendant, stewardess.

Jobs and available vacancies for guides abroad. Which countries can you apply to in 2021.

Not always, when working abroad, people work in labor-intensive production or in the fields seven days a week to bring home a decent salary. Working as a guide abroad can promise not only a decent income, but also an interesting pastime, the opportunity to meet people from different countries and not only work, but also have a quality rest.

Tourism is a special area of ​​activity, especially suitable for cultural workers. If you love and know how to tell beautifully, are creative and charismatic, it makes sense to look for a vacancy for a guide. Many choose this path not because of money, but in search of adventure, dreaming of living abroad, seeing the world.

The main thing you need to work in the tourism industry is the ability to love people and accept them as they are. This is important because sometimes you have to endure whims and take care of those who do not deserve it. This is the service industry.

Types of vacancies

Guide is the general name for various types of vacancies, divided into three areas:

  • hotel ;
  • transfer ;
  • excursion.

The task of the former is to work at hotels, meet and inform guests, offer and sell vouchers to them. The second accompany tourists in buses, the third are the most promising and at the same time endowed with the greatest responsibility, excursion guides accompanying guests of the city on excursions through the streets, museums and other places of interest.

If you are interested in working as a guide abroad, vacancies may be different, you should decide what exactly you want and, most importantly, what will be within your power.

How to choose the right country

If you do not have certain preferences, for example, you have dreamed of leading excursions around Paris all your life, you should decide on the choice of the country. The salary, working conditions, and the requirements for the applicant depend on the state in which you will work.

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