Why Transbaikalia is attractive for Chinese tourists

Why Transbaikalia is attractive for Chinese tourists

Success Figures

- Compared to 2013, when about 6 thousand Chinese tourists entered the Trans-Baikal Territory according to visa-free lists, more than 3.7 thousand of them were received by the Trans-Baikal BMT "Sputnik", last year this figure jumped happily up - up to 13 thousand, of which more than 10.5 thousand people received "Sputnik". This result was achieved thanks to the great efforts and hard, intense work of the Sputnik team and its Chinese partners. So, according to the results of the last half of the year, the region ranks 5th in Russia in terms of the entry of Chinese tourists, and this is undoubtedly a decent result, given that only such large cities as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk and the border Amur region are ahead of us. ...

How to attract guests from China?

- Chinese tourists are regular guests in Transbaikalia, so they are attracted by more and more excursions around Chita and the region with a rich cultural program. Our bureau, responding to customer requests, every year improves its work thanks to a creative, non-standard approach, making our excursions more and more original. Especially for this, we, as in 2013, have developed a number of programs and events, we have also conducted several promotional tours for our Chinese partners.

The difficulty of this work is that we have very few display objects. We create new ones ourselves, adapt them for tourists, form stories and legends, and in return we get what we want - enthusiastic exclamations, shining eyes, smiles and a sea of ​​positive emotions and reviews. Originality, creativity, freedom, non-standard vision and love for Transbaikalia - these are our secrets.

Last year we already talked about trips to Dauria, Borzya, Arakhley and excursions around Chita. This year we have new projects and new plans.

Lilya invites you to visit

- This year the project “Lily invites you to visit” has been launched. Its originality allows you to plunge into the real village life. This is a large cozy house with its own farm, cows, chickens, geese and a vegetable garden. Tourists are greeted by the creative team of labor veterans "Snowdrop", and tourists with songs and jokes find themselves at a real Russian table with fresh bread and pastries, cottage cheese and sour cream, delicacies. Festivities, folk style recreation with outdoor games, small towns and bast shoes. We carry out our traditional Russian rituals, so foreigners are completely imbued with the spirit of Russian culture, get to know it, as they say, from the inside.

City of the sun and tall poplars

- We planned to launch excursion tours to Krasnokamensk, which few people perceive as an object of tourist attention, last year, and we can safely say that everything worked out. We have our own comfortable buses, on which the difficult road to this city is overcome in one go. An apiary meets us on the way. Together with the owner-beekeeper, we created a real corner for tourist recreation, where tourists put on white shirts, weave wreaths of wildflowers, celebrate honey and apple spas. Hot tea from a samovar, fragrant honey, freshly baked buns.

Everything happens according to the scenario: tourists learn another interesting story, admire beautiful places, jump over a fire, dance, play, pick flowers, enjoy their rest on the Trans-Baikal meadows. And even though I don't want to leave after such expanse, tired, but satisfied, with jars of amazing honey as a gift, the guests again find themselves on the buses.

Also in Krasnokamensk, during the SCO Student Spring Festival, we hosted a group of students and schoolchildren from Hong Kong. 176 children visited the most interesting excursions around the glorious city, watched a concert organized by a local creative team, talked with peers, visited shops, bought souvenirs, took pictures, were very pleased and took with them new impressions of Russia!

New opportunities for Zabaikalsky

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