Why exactly Europe has been and remains the main area of ​​international tourism

Why exactly Europe has been and remains the main area of ​​international tourism

answers to the question “Why exactly has Europe been and remains the main region of international tourism?”

Europe and its composition

The reason for the concentration of tourists in Europe

Europe has been and remains the main area of ​​international tourism for several factors: 1. Natural factors: rich and diverse natural and recreational resources, extreme indented coastline and the presence of a large number of bays, bays, inland seas, thousands of kilometers of sea beaches, dense river network, mosaic landscapes and a combination of coastal and mountainous landscapes in the neighborhood. 2. Cultural and historical factors: a wealth of various historical and architectural monuments, a high level of spiritual and material culture, a mosaic of the national and religious composition of the population, a high level of education, long-standing cultural and other ties both within the region and with other large regions of the world. 3. Socio-economic and economic-geographical factors - a high level of general economic development, growing incomes of the population, high urbanization, the availability of the necessary transport and social infrastructure, the close proximity of most countries in the region, as well as their relative (in the conditions of the "transport revolution") their proximity to other major tourist regions of the world. We will also mention here the high level of the tourism industry and the extensive experience in organizing it. 4. Political factors. These include, first of all, a long period of peaceful development of the region, deepening of the processes of not only economic, but, to a certain extent, political integration, simplification or abolition of the border passport regime, the formation of “superstructure” pan-European structures, especially within the EU. Recreational Resources of Europe: Greece. Due to its favorable geographical position, climate and the presence of a large cultural and historical heritage, Greece seems to be created for tourism. The country as a whole is a unique collection of monuments of ancient and ancient culture in the open air. Italy is a classic tourist country. For a long time it has been a stable specialized recreational region, visited mainly by Western tourists. Italy is a country of great art, historic cities, and excellent cuisine. Portugal. From a tourist point of view, Portugal can be characterized as follows: excellent beaches, romantic castles, charming fishing villages, great restaurants and wonderful folklore. Portuguese cities have perfectly preserved their past look and ancient architecture; soft, eye-pleasing landscapes complement the image of the country. The great advantage of Portugal is the wonderful climate of England - eternal fog, fine drizzling rain, cobblestone streets, Tower and Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

1. of which of the following countries the population speaks the languages ​​of the Germanic group of the Indo-European family: Italy, Austria, Greece, Germany, Finland, Great Britain? 2. Which of the following countries is characterized by an influx of immigrants: Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland? 1. When and why did foreign Europe turn into a world center of population immigration? 2. Why is there a sharp preponderance of the capital over other cities in France and Great Britain, while this is not typical for Germany and Italy? 3. Why in the structure of water consumption in Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden 60-80% falls on industry, and in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece - on agriculture? 4. Why do oil monopolies conduct exploration and production of oil in the North Sea, although its cost is many times higher than in the countries of the Near and Middle East? 5. Why does Norway have more income from fishing than from agriculture? 6. Why does the Rhine River surpass all other river systems in the world in terms of cargo turnover? 7. Why exactly has Europe been and remains the main region of international tourism? 8. Why is the state of the environment, as a rule, the most threatening in depressed old industrial areas?

Is a generic word a subject? (Do we emphasize it with a line?) Example: predatory animals are found in the taiga: wolves, lynxes, bears. warehouses, two each with leather names given, coexisting with their direct and figurative meaning, eagle (bird and lyudyna), ocean (water stretch and be-yaky great stretch). it is necessary to indicate the reasons for the population density of the Volga region; the alpha and beta plane intersect in a straight line with. the gamma plane is parallel to the straight line c, intersects alpha and beta along the straight lines a and b, respectively. prove that a is parallel to the beta and parallel to the alpha of the word of the word. oloroviy poloviy i add words to the warehouse for transfer. help solve one blue cornflower plant produces an average of 1500 seeds. Seeds remain viable for up to 10 years. Determine the stocks of seeds of this weed in the soil after 3 years of contamination of crops with it in one field with an average number of 3 plants per 1 m3. Complete the letter. Use: camp, sunny, outdoors, evenings, miss, sped Dear Anton, I haver’t heard from yom for a long time. How are you? I'm at camp now. It's fun to be here. The weather is fine. It's ang hot. I spend a lot of time _____. We ride horses and walk in the fields. We hewe different sport competitions and outdoor gemes. We also make fires, pley the guitar and sing songs it the ______. I____ my perents and friends a little, dut I will be home in a week, Where do you ___ your summer nholideys? Write back soon, Best wishes, Jane Are the following judgments about art true? A. Works of art are perceived by each person in their own way. B. Artistic images are used in works of art. 1) only A is true 2) only B is true 3) both statements are true 4) both statements are false Given four points on the plane, Given four points on the plane, no three of which lie on one straight line. How many segments will turn out if they are connected in pairs by segments. Is it possible to paint a checkered square 2009 * 2009 in two colors - black and white - so that each black square has two white neighbors, and each white square has two black neighbors. Justify the answer.

Tourism hazards * Environmental hazards. First of all, tourism affects the environment by an excessive concentration of production and people in tourist centers, assimilates previously unused natural complexes and enhances the impact of other industries (agriculture, construction, logging, hunting). * Loss of cultural property. The commercialization of life and the development of tourism in certain regions leads to the vulgarization of traditions and a decline in the prestige of national cultures. Sex tourism and the export of works of art by tourists are of particular concern to the world community. * Negative environmental impact. The natural environment constantly threatens people with various natural disasters. The social environment has such problems as epidemics, HIV infections, crime, drug trafficking, violence, terrorism, piracy, and military complications. Every year, about 30 countries are classified as unfavorable for tourism. * Technogenic hazards. Traffic accidents, accidents and disasters remain one of the most serious risks in tourism. Major accidents at nuclear power plants, chemical plants, and military facilities create many problems. Accidents and fires at tourism industry facilities annually lead to injuries and deaths among tourists. * Cultural conflicts are quite widespread in tourism, the difference in cultures and customs of peoples and countries often leads to mutual misunderstanding, sometimes tragic. * Personal factor. Sometimes, having arrived at a resort and plunged into all the delights of a carefree life, we forget about the necessary quality of any vacationer - vigilance. This is used not only by representatives of the "lower social strata of society", but often also by official representatives of travel services, whether they are travel agencies, insurance companies, carrier agents, or employees of hotels, hotels, boarding houses, etc. And what is most frustrating that there are no downward trends in such cases. Source- Wikipedia

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