Which countries will open borders for tourists from Russia

Which countries will open borders for tourists from Russia

Transitional Europe, as an integral region, occupies a leading place in the world economy in terms of industrial production, export of goods and services, and the development of international tourism.

Foreign Europe on the world map

  • The following factors contribute to its economic development:
  • · favorable economic and geographical position (first of all, we are talking about the coastal position of most states);
  • · provision of highly qualified personnel;
  • · high level of transport provision;
  • · development of integration processes between the countries of the region.

The economic strength of the region is primarily determined by the four countries of the G7 - Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy. But the balance of power between them has changed over the past decades. The role of the leader has long been taken over by the Federal Republic of Germany, whose economy is developing more dynamically.

Of the rest of the countries of foreign Europe, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden have the largest economic weight. Their economy specializes primarily in individual industries that have won, as a rule, European or world recognition.

In recent years, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy have faced great difficulties: their GDP is actually not growing, and unemployment reaches 15-20%.

Industry and services dominate the overall structure of the European economy.

The industry is dominated by mechanical engineering (especially automotive), the chemical industry, the fuel and energy industry and the metallurgical industry. One cannot but say that foreign Europe is the world's largest financial center.

Mechanical engineering is the main industry in the countries of foreign Europe, which is its homeland. This industry accounts for 1/3 of all industrial products in the region and 2/3 of its exports.

The development of the industry is focused on highly qualified labor resources, scientific base and a developed transport network. Most of all gravitates towards large cities and agglomerations, including the capital.

Leading in mechanical engineering: Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands.

The main branch of mechanical engineering is the automotive industry (especially the production of passenger cars). The most famous car manufacturers are Germany (Volkswagen, BMW, Opel), France (Renault, Citroen, Peugeot), Italy (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari) , Sweden (Volvo).

When will Europe be opened? What countries are waiting for tourists from Russia and on what conditions? Let's consider the points: Europe, Turkey, exotic. (Updated 09 February 2021)

First facts

Fall Coronavirus Wave Confirmed:

  • Tourism is one of the factors in the spread of the virus.
  • But stopping tourism is ruining the industry and hitting the economy.
  • There are both supporters and influential opponents of outbound tourism in Russia. The National Project for the Development of Domestic Tourism was approved, which is in line with the general policy of import substitution.

The key to restoring international air travel is the success of mass vaccinations. However, even under the most optimistic scenario, we will not have herd immunity by the summer of 2021.

  • In Russia - and not only - the idea of ​​an immune passport is being discussed.
  • The anti-vaccination movement, no matter how you treat it, will slow down, and in some countries will make it impossible for mass vaccination.
  • New strains and vaccinations are racing in Europe. In Russia, the situation is the opposite: vaccination is slow, but available to everyone, incl. those who are going abroad.
  • The impact of # vaccination on # collective_immunity will be known months later. And about its stability - and even after years.

Vaccination may be a voluntary requirement for service personnel. However, there are no international protocols on this score yet, and it is not known whether they will appear by the season.

When will they open Europe?

The external borders of Europe will open to mass tourism after successful vaccination of the population

For the European tourism industry and, above all, for the southern countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, etc., the main goal will be the resumption of intra-European tourism. The focus of attention is not so much on the United States, Japan, China and Russia as on #internal_tourism.

Europe's openness to international tourism will depend on the speed of vaccination and the effectiveness of vaccines. The entry into Europe of tourists from external countries will be determined not so much by national protocols as by European regulations.

Today there are flights from Russia to major cities in Europe. For example, the article "Is it possible to fly to Italy now" tells whether you have the right to visit the country and what you must do when you arrive in Italy. This is where you understand the difference between a tourist and a passenger.

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