Where is the Dombay ski resort

Where is the Dombay ski resort

So, you will be shocked, but very soon winter and New Year's holidays! Thus, from today we begin to prepare for them diligently and prepare our readers! Let's start with the most popular ski resort - Dombay. Many have known him for a long time and are regular or frequent guests, but today our article has been prepared especially for those who have never been there, but hesitate to ask: “What is Dombay, and why is it needed?”

Dombay is a compact resort village in Karachay-Cherkessia, which is located at an altitude of about 1600 m above sea level. From Moscow to Dombai - 1615 km, and from the capital of the republic (Cherkessk) - 125 km. The border with Abkhazia runs six kilometers from the village right in the mountains.

The resident population of the village is about 650 people. But during the season, this number specifically increases.

Dombay is a modern sports and recreation center and ski, mountaineering and tourist mecca of the greater Caucasus.

When To Go

Dombay is in demand among travelers all year round. However, in order to choose a specific season for a trip, you need to decide on the purpose of the visit. The ski season (high) here lasts from December to April. That is, at this time lovers of winter recreation, both beginners and experienced skiers, come. There are many people. The queue at the lifts is normal. It is necessary to take care of accommodation in advance. Especially if it is a weekend - from Friday to Sunday.

In the low season, the number of people becomes much less, prices are lower. From May to August-early September, people come to Dombai for walking tours and wild recreation in tents, thanks to which you can enjoy the dizzying views of mountains, lakes, etc.

The season lasts a couple of months here - from October to November.


The climate in Dombai is mild, thanks to the abundance of the sun, and the mountain air has healing properties. Therefore, while resting here at any time of the year, a pleasant bonus is that you simultaneously improve your health, without making any effort.

In winter, the weather on the slopes is comfortable: the average temperature is 5 degrees below zero.

Dombay for dummies: everything you need to know if you are driving for the first time

One of the most famous and popular Russian winter resorts is located on the territory of Karachay-Cherkessia. This is how travel companies now characterize Dombay. In the last century, this place gained fame thanks to climbers who climbed the mountain peaks of the North Caucasus. Since the beginning of this century, among Russian lovers of skiing and outdoor recreation, tours to Dombai both in summer and in winter have become increasingly in demand.

Location, climate and nature of the resort and its surroundings

The settlement is located at the place where the channels of three mountain rivers join: Dombai-Ulgen, Amanauz and Alibek. The vast territory of the reserve stretches around. Dombay is surrounded by mountain peaks, towering over three deep and long gorges - Dombay-Ulgen, Amanauz and Alibek, which bear the same names as the rivers flowing through them.

Resort village

In the XX century, Dombay developed as a mountaineering center. The first camp site appeared here in 1921. After 15 years, a mountain climbers' camp was created. In 1965 Dombay received the status of a settlement. The first hotels were built in the 1970s. Now Dombay is a compact resort village with a population of about 650 people. The number of tourists significantly exceeds the number of Dombays. You can get to the resort by road. Distances (in km) to be covered by tourists from Russian cities:

The place where the resort is located is often called the Dombai meadow. The village stretches from south to north for 2 km 800 m, from east to west - from 1 km 30 m to 94 m.In the Dombayskaya glade there is everything that guests of the resort need for a comfortable and varied pastime: a market, 63 hotels, 72 cafes, 5 restaurants, baths and saunas in hotels.

Polyana Dombai ski pass rates for the winter season/

POLYANA DOMBAY SKI PASS RATES FOR THE WINTER SEASON 2019/2020 PRICE LIST CASH OFFICE FIRST FIRST RATE ADULT PREMIUM 1 rise - 1 line 500 300 1 rise - 1 + 2 lines 1000 600 1 rise - 1 + 2 +3 queues 1150 700 CASH OFFICE ON THE SECOND TURN TARIFF ADULT CONVENIENT 1 ascent - 2 phase 500 300 1 ascent - ...

Bus tours to Dombay from Rostov-on-Don

Weekend tour to Dombay Hotel Snezhny Bars

Today our article has been prepared especially for those who have never been there, but hesitate to ask: what is Dombay and why is it needed?

Dombay is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Caucasus. Dombay is located in the Karachay-Cherkess region in the Stavropol Territory. The village is located in the Dombai glade, at an altitude of 1650 m, near the Caucasian Range. The village is surrounded by mountain peaks: Mussa-Achitara, Amanauz, Ertsog, Semenov-Bashi, Sulakhat, Sofrudzhu Belalakaya, Dombay-Ulgen and Peak Ine.

Climate. Dombai's climate is predominantly continental, with a large number of sunny days. In winter, the average temperature is -5 'C, on sunny days the air can warm up to + 15-18' C.

The best skiing area is the spacious southwestern slope on the Mussa-Achitara Ridge (height - 3012 m). The trails for skiers are located at an altitude of about 3000 m, the length of the trails is 20 km, the trails are processed by snow groomers. You will find slopes for all skill levels, both for beginners and experienced skiers. Qualified instructors will offer you their help. There are both unbroken (virgin) mountain areas and quiet skiing trails.

Ropeways: in Dombai, there are five lines of chairlifts, a network of towing and drag lines (length - 200-600 m), a new gondola lift with 2 lines of chairlifts and a pendulum cable car.

Ski equipment rental: Ski equipment can be purchased from shops located everywhere, or rented. There are always snowboards, skates, alpine skis, ski boots and much more in the rentals.

Hotels in the Dombai village are conveniently located in relation to the ski lifts, they are mainly concentrated in the Dombai glade. It takes 20 minutes to get from one end of the village to the other on foot. There are many cafes, bars and barbecue near the ski lifts. In hotels, discos, bars and cafes are open to the attention of guests.

The territory of the Caucasus has an interesting rich history. The history of the Caucasus is associated with the settlement of the Alans. At the beginning of the first millennium of our era, Iranian-speaking tribes settled in the vicinity of Teberda, Dombai, etc.

After the Tatar-Mongol invasion, the "Alan" state came to an end. The Alanian nationality made good, and with the arrival of the Turkic-speaking peoples, soon, the Karachai nationality arose, living in the territory of Dombai to this day.

After several centuries, after the revolutions of 1918, the study of the Dombai region began. A couple of years later, it was recognized as a mountain climatic resort. Initially, tourists were oriented towards Teberda, but the village of Dombay turned out to be the most popular place among travelers.

The first tourist base on Dombai was opened in 1937. Over the years, the base changed its name "Medic". "Lightning".. today its name is "Sun Valley". This is the oldest and most popular recreation center in Dombai.

After the Great Patriotic War, there was a big decline in the resort, which ended in the 60s. Skiers started coming to Dombai again. Great construction began.

“The mountain beauty, richness of glaciers, luxury of forests and vegetation of Dombay and Teberda surpass everything that can be seen in the Alps” - this is how many Swiss climbers and tourists describe our native land. No backpacks - maximum impressions. Overnight in the tent camp.

day Pyatigorsk - Dombay

Meeting in Pyatigorsk, transfer to Dombay.

On the way we will stop at Sentin and Shoanin temples - monuments of ancient Alanian Christian culture - Byzantine temples of the 10th century. A stone mausoleum is located near the Sentin temple - a unique building for the Caucasus, and the temple itself is the largest fresco complex in Alanya.

Alans are tribes of the Sarmatian people living on the territory of the modern republics of Karachay-Cherkessia, North and South Ossetia, Ingushetia and part of the Stavropol Territory. It is believed that the Byzantine Empire spread Christianity here in the 8th century, but it was more firmly established here only in the 10th century.

We are settling in a tent city, which will become our home in the coming days.

day Alibek gorge, Turye lake

We begin our acquaintance with the Caucasus mountains - we will go trekking along the Alibek gorge - we will look at the 25-meter Alibek waterfall and the Turie lake - glacial with bright turquoise water. And along the way there will be an alpine camp and a graveyard of climbers - along it you can trace almost the entire history of Soviet mountaineering, this is one of the places where mountain tourism and mountaineering originated in the Caucasus. There is a famous bardic song Yuri Vizbor "Dombai Waltz" - just about these places. In the evening, return to the village and a delicious dinner of national dishes at a local cafe.

On the way up to 10 km, elevation difference 350 m

Baduk Lakes day

Trekking to Baduk lakes - beautiful mountain lakes at an altitude of 2000 m, an ecological path leads to them in the Teberda reserve. To get to them, you first need to cross the hinged bridge over the Teberda River, and then forward and up into the mountains through a dense spruce forest, along a kurumnik (mounds of large stones) and we will come out to three turquoise lakes. On one of the lakes there is an equipped parking lot where you can have a picnic.

When planning a vacation in ski resorts, most tourists choose trails in the mountainous areas of the Alps, the Caucasus Mountains, Elbrus and Elbrus. Dombay is one of the most popular slopes in the North Caucasus. Some winter sports lovers have no idea where the Dombay ski resort is located, and why it is so attractive to tourists.


The seasonality of a ski resort in most cases depends on the snow cover, temperature and weather in general. In Dombai, the opening of tracks can take place both in November and only in mid-December. A large influx of tourists occurs in January-February. More than 2000 people have a rest on Dombai every year. Snow begins to melt in these areas as early as March, but the resort continues to operate until mid-May.

Where is the Dombai ski resort

The winter complex is located in the mountainous regions of Karachay-Cherkessia in the North Caucasus. The main part of the Dombai glade is located in the Teberda basin. The glade is formed by connecting the gorges of Alibek, Amanauz and Dombay-Elgen. Dombay is considered one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Russia. The trails for skiing and snowboarding border on the snow-covered slopes of the Elbrus region and the Main Caucasian Range.

To get to Dombay, you must first get by plane, train or regular transport to major cities nearby:

  • Mineral Waters;
  • Cherkessk;
  • Nalchik;
  • Nevynomyssk;
  • Karachaevsk.

Directly from these cities to the resort itself can be reached by shuttle bus, taxi or a special transfer from a travel agency. Also, there is an option to get to your destination by your own or rented transport. There are safe and convenient parking lots on the territory of Dombai.

Where is the Dombay ski resort on the map

Pistes and ski slopes

Trails of various difficulty levels are open in Dombai: for beginners, medium and high. The higher the ski slope is, the easier it is. The highest point of the resort is Mount Mussa-Achitara (3200 m). To lift skiers and snowboarders to the beginning of the track, there are 8 chairlifts, 7 drag lifts, pendulum and gondola cable cars. Here you can find both smooth smooth descents and sharp extreme trails for professionals. On the slope from the northern part of the mountain there are several trails that are not included in the route, for free-ride lovers.

Every year Dombai hosts a snowboarder festival, various competitions, championships, world competitions and professional ski training. Also, there is a special school for teaching these types of winter sports from scratch and the rental of the necessary equipment. Qualified teachers and trainers take on not only adults, but also the smallest future athletes.

Resort Infrastructure

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