UNWTO experts spoke about three scenarios for the restoration of tourism in the world

UNWTO experts spoke about three scenarios for the restoration of tourism in the world

Egypt continues to comment on the results of the latest Russian airport inspection. If the forecasts of the Egyptians are skeptical and restrained, the expectations of the Russian travel industry are more optimistic. Almost every second person believes in the return of direct flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh this spring and summer.

The departure of Russian aviation security experts from the Egyptian resorts practically coincided with the reporting speech of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani to the parliament.

Talking about the loss of tourism in Egypt in 2020, he compared the impact of the pandemic to the blow that the country suffered from the plane crash with a Russian airliner at the end of 2015 and the withdrawal of mass Russian tourism.

According to the minister's estimates, due to the pandemic, the tourism sector has lost 90% of income and 75% of foreign tourist flow. According to the minister, the sector's recovery will be gradual. In what time frame it will happen and with what markets it will be connected, Mr. Al-Anani kept silent.


According to the Egyptian media, Russian aviation security specialists were satisfied with what they saw at the airports of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Egyptian publications, citing their sources at the airports, write that the Russians have noted changes for the better compared to the first check carried out in 2016.

In particular, now security cameras at airports store the recorded video not 7 days, as before, but 30. The runways are equipped with infrared cameras to track suspicious activities. Airport staff more closely follow the instructions for checking baggage and passengers.

However, not all the comments of the Russian side were fulfilled. Unresolved (at least in Hurghada) was the issue of providing a separate lounge for Russian passengers in the "clean zone" before boarding the plane.


Egypt refrains from predicting the return of Russian flights. There are more skeptics than optimists.

So, the Association of Investors of the Red Sea believes that, thanks to "good reports from the Russian inspection", tourism from Russia can return this spring, and that this very fact, "no matter how much Russia will agree to resume tourist trips ”will already allow hotels to plan the next winter season.

But there are more pessimistic assessments. For example, as Ali Goneim, a member of the Egyptian Tourism Federation, said, "It is unlikely that flights from Russia will resume in the coming months, especially against the backdrop of the pandemic."

In his opinion, due to international restrictions related to COVID-19, the incoming tourist flow to Egypt in 2021 will remain at a low level.

According to the latest forecast of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the number of international tourist trips in 2020 may decrease in annual terms from 60% to 80% ,. According to experts, the tourism sector in the Asia-Pacific region will be the first to recover, and among the latter will be the countries of North and South America.


According to UNWTO, in the first quarter of 2020, the number of international tourist trips compared to the same period of 2019 decreased by 22%.

In March of this year, due to the widespread introduction of restrictions on foreign travel, the closure of airports and borders, 67 million people traveled around the world less than in the same month last year (-57%). The losses of the world tourism sector during this period are estimated at $ 80 billion.

According to the UNWTO barometer, in the first quarter, the largest decrease in tourist flow to Asian countries (-35%), followed by Europe (-19%) in terms of traffic reduction, and America (-15%) in third place.

The African continent lost 13% of international arrivals compared to the 1st quarter of last year, the Middle East region (-11% of arrivals).


According to UNWTO forecasts, by the end of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of travelers around the world may decrease from 60% to 80%. Experts of the World Tourism Organization have prepared three scenarios for the development of the sector in the current year.

According to the first scenario, if the borders of the countries are gradually opened and travel restrictions are relaxed in early July, the number of international travel by the end of 2020 will fall by 58% compared to 2019.

In the second scenario, if foreign travel begins to recover only from the beginning of September, the number of travel around the world in annual terms will decrease by 70%.

March for recreation is not the most popular month, although all kinds of recreation are available in it: from ski resorts, where it is still snowy, to beaches, where it is already warm. At the same time, in March, you can also save money, because the prices for tickets this month have not yet begun to rise.

For you, we have collected the top 10 places to go in March 2021 - at sea, in Russia, outdoor activities, acquaintance with the culture of another country, as well as economy options.

Where to fly in March at sea


If you are tired of snow and slush, and your soul requires sun and serenity, then it's time to plan a trip to the Maldives. People go to this paradise island, whose calm waters shimmer with all shades of blue and blue, for a beach holiday, and March is a great time for this. The air temperature this month reaches 30 degrees, and the water temperature is from 28 to 29 degrees.

The tourist business in the Maldives is fine-tuned like clockwork, so you can count on the hospitality and helpfulness of the staff of the selected hotel, and choose a tour that is suitable for the price both for a single trip and for a family or romantic getaway.


This country has resumed flights with the Russian Federation, and Cuba's resorts are hospitably open to our tourists. It is worth considering that from December 1, 2020, a sanitary fee was introduced to pay for PCR tests for coronavirus infection, which will cost you $ 30. Plus another 5 days of rest will go to quarantine, which is mandatory for everyone who arrives in Havana.

Cuban weather is unpredictable in March and can be upsetting with strong winds. However, in calm weather, the beaches of Cuba are more than comfortable and warm, both on land and in the water. And for fishermen in general, expanse, if, of course, throw the seine into the sea away from large concentrations of tourists.


In March, the water of the Persian Gulf just warms up to values ​​pleasant for the human body - from 24 °. And the air temperature will be even more comfortable for Russians who are accustomed to harsh weather conditions (only 28 °).

In addition to beaches, there is something to see in the UAE, they like to hold various festivals in this country, as well as arrange grandiose sales. In March 2021, the country will host the world golf championship, the traditional Arab entertainment - horse races, and we recommend that fine art connoisseurs visit the classical music festival.

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